Postgraduate University Student to Food Delivery Driver: South African Man Shares Story

Postgraduate University Student to Food Delivery Driver: South African Man Shares Story

  • A young man with a postgraduate degree has become a food delivery driver in Pretoria
  • Hangwelani Nzwobi shared a side-by-side picture of the graduate and the food delivery driver him
  • The man shared how he hoped for bigger things, but right now, he is focusing on what he has

This young man bagged a postgraduate degree from the University of Venda and ended up delivering food for SpazaEats. His story shed light on the pressing issue in South Africa of unemployed graduates.

A young man with a postgraduate degree has become a food delivery driver in Pretoria
Hangwelani Nzwobi is currently studying towards a master's degree while he works on his influencer dreams, delivering food around Pretoria. Image: Hangwelani Nzwobi
Source: Twitter

Getting a university degree in SA does not mean you will find a job; if you do, it is often not in your field of study.

Man has hope in an unexpected journey

Twitter user @Ndi_Muvenda_, Hangwelani Nzwobi, shared a side-by-side picture of him in graduation attire and his food delivery uniform.

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The man captioned the post with positivity, explaining that he is trusting his journey:

“How it started vs how it is going. Official SpazaEats delivery guy and influencer ❤️Congratulations to myself one day, it will make sense

Postgraduate delivery driver shares story

Briefly, News spoke to the young man to find out what he had studied and how he had ended up where he is today. He is pursuing a master's at the University of the Western Cape. He has a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies and Honours in Public Health.

He said, "I always wished to get a job after graduating and become one of the top educational influencers". However, life had other plans.

Being a struggling graduate, he decided to do promotions for SpazaEats. Asking how he ended up as one of their delivery drivers, the young man shared:

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“I ordered Food Via SpazaEats, and Mr Banks, the owner of SpazaEats, delivered my food. I then took the content and posted it on social media, which the team of SpazaEats loved to the point that they asked me to join their team as an influencer.
“As someone who loves influencing through what I am doing, I decided to also become a driver to show fellow graduates that they should grab an opportunity while they wait for what they studied for.”

Hangwelani is slowly growing his brand as an influencer and hopes to one day fulfil his dream of being a top educational influencer.

“I am someone who inspires many through my spirit of hustle, and I've seen my content influence many people, some into starting their own business and some into accepting any job offer.”

Sharing some advice for graduates out there who are sitting unemployed, Hangwelani said:

“Going to tertiary doesn't guarantee you Employment. Think outside your qualifications; take Any Job; your dream job will find you on your way to the top.”

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Briefly News reported that Twitter user Thandeka shared her struggles with getting her job despite having qualifications. The intelligent young woman has a Bachelor's in Education, focusing on mathematics.

Thandeka, based in Durban, shared all the relevant information, hoping the tweeps would perform a miracle. Thandeka's plea for employment was not brushed aside as it spread across the timeline.

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Source: Briefly News

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