Where are the best places to sell Pokemon cards in 2022?

Where are the best places to sell Pokemon cards in 2022?

There are several steps involved in selling your Pokemon cards if you want the best value for money. If you are someone who has considered selling your vintage Pokemon trading card collection but are uncertain where to begin, then follow these simple guidelines to improve your success. One of the most important tasks would be to evaluate your cards based on rarity, condition, and uniqueness. The next step would be to choose the sales method that best suits you.

Where are the best places to sell Pokemon cards?
Where are the best places to sell Pokemon cards? This article includes tips and details! Photo: @maverick
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You may be wondering, what is the most expensive Pokemon card? Well, in June 2021 the famous Youtuber, Paul Logan entered into his fight with the legendary Floyd Mayweather, wearing a Charizard pokemon card valued at $150,000. With that amount, you may be wondering how much yours are worth and where the best places are to sell them. Let's get into it!

Assessing your Pokemon collection's condition

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To ensure that your Pokemon cards stay preserved in the best possible condition, store each card in a plastic sleeve and keep away from direct sunlight. Flaws such as tears, bends or scratches will significantly lower the value of the card. 

The rarity level is indicated on the card by a symbol:

  • Circle: common
  • Diamond: uncommon 
  • Black star: rare
  • white/gold star: ultra rare 
The different symbols of rarity seen on Pokemon cards.
The symbols that indicate the level of rarity on Pokemon cards. Photo: PKMNCards.com
Source: Original


The card’s value also depends on the popularity of the Pokemon or the strength of the card. Other elements and features add to the value of your Pokemon card, such as:

First Edition: Each card is marked to indicate the First Print Run of the original Pokemon card collection.

Holographic: These cards have additional holographic details in the artwork.

Shining Cards: This refers to cards with inverse-holographic details.

Limited Edition: These cards were given away either at official tournaments or as promotional gifts, marked by a star promo stamp in the bottom corner.

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Full Art Cards: These are identifiable by the artwork, which extends over the borders to the edges of the card.

Misprints: Errors in printing, formatting or spelling can make the card a collector’s item.

Shadowless: This refers to all cards from the original print run, and they are without the drop-shadow feature seen around the borders in later prints.

Kalvin Foley's collection of rare Charizard cards.
A peek at Kalvin Foley's prized Charizard collection. Photo: Kalvin Foley
Source: Original

Getting your Pokemon cards graded

You can get your Pokemon cards assessed for free on websites such as PokemonPrices.com by searching the card's name and number, found in the bottom right-hand corner. 

You could also get your cards professionally graded with companies such as Professional Sports Authenticator, Beckett Grading Services, and Sports Card Guarantee. Pokemon cards are graded on a scale of 1-10, a “gem mint” rating being a ten. Authentification of your cards adds value to your potential selling price.

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Where to sell Pokemon cards for a lot of money

You could approach comic book stores or pawn shops and negotiate with them, or even create a listing on Facebook Marketplace. Research your card(s) value thoroughly before attempting to make the sale.  Pokemon cards, on average, trade for higher prices when sold online. 

This "Blastoise Presentation" card sold for a staggering $360000.
“Blastoise Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram” card created by Wizards of the Coast and sold for $360000.Photo CGC Comics
Source: Original

Where to sell Pokemon cards online

For added security and to avoid scammers, online platforms are advised for Pokemon card sales. These platforms charge a small fee, but the safety benefits are well worth it. Imagine losings hundreds or thousands of dollars from a deal gone awry? 

Recommended platforms to sell your cards on include: 

  1. TCGPlayer
  2. TrollAndToad
  3. CardMarket
  4. Card Cavern
  5. CCG Castle
  6. Sell2BBNovelties
  7. Dave & Adams
  8. Alt
  9. Cape Fear Games
  10. Full Grip Games
  11. eBay
  12. CoolStuffInc

Where is the best place to sell my Pokemon cards?

If you want top dollar for your Pokemon merchandise, it is advisable to use a card trading platform. This article includes a list of the top places! Other options include visiting your local comic store, pawnshop, or even on Facebook Marketplace.

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How much can I sell my Pokemon cards for?

Each card holds its own price tag depending on the condition, rarity and uniqueness of the card. To find out your Pokemon card's worth, search the name and number online.

One of the most valuable limited edition Pokemon cards.
Master's Key is one of the most powerful cards in game play. Photo: CardMarvin.com
Source: Original

Are Pokemon cards easy to sell?

To sell your Pokemon cards with ease, follow these guidelines:

  1. Take a clear photograph of the card, ensuring that the card sits on a plain black or white background.
  2. Ensure your description includes the card’s: name, set; edition; number; condition, and (if necessary) the holographic details.
  3. Research the value of your card thoroughly. 
  4. Offer free shipping for more effective sales to provide a more user-friendly sales experience. This shipping cost can be worked into the total price to avoid a loss of profit.
  5. Keep all communications within the channels provided on your sales platform. Avoid Direct Messaging potential customers in a private capacity, as the sales platform adds safety and transparency to your transaction.
  6. Be patient. Cards that are of a higher value generally take longer to sell, but rather stick to your guns than make a loss in potential profit.

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What Pokemon cards are worth selling?

A card of high value in a poor state will not get much interest, so the condition of your cards should be of top priority.

The more unique or rare the card is, the more value it holds. Thus, First Edition and “Shadowless” cards can fetch a higher price, and unique and limited edition cards are even more so. Authenticated cards also sell at a better rate.

Sets of common and uncommon cards also sell, so do not discredit their worth. Just have the patience to find the right buyers, and you will be able to turn a profit on most of your collection.

Where are the best places to sell Pokemon cards in 2021?
Part of the First Edition set sold for $107010. Photo: Goldin Auctions
Source: Original

Are Pokemon cards from the 90’s worth anything?

The original ’90s cards are some of the most valuable Pokemon cards in existence today. The “Shadowless” Charizard and Blastoise cards have broken records with their auction sales, as the First Edition is a coveted set of Pokemon collectors.

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The most valuable Pokemon of 2020 sold for $369k.
The current record holder, “Shadowless Charizard”, sold for $369k in 2020. Photo: Iconic Auctions
Source: Original

The ongoing popularity of Pokemon through the years has increased the demand for Pokemon Trading cards. Companies such as Amazon are listing Pokemon Cards with over 3000 varieties from which to choose. What once was an innocent card game has now become high-priced collector’s items that sell for thousands of dollars.

All the best sites have already been researched for you as to where to sell pokemon cards, and we supply you with an in-depth description of each platform. In this article, you find out more about where it is best to make your sale.

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Briefly.co.za is also here to help you grow your Pokemon collection. Whether you are feeling nostalgic or you want to invest hoping for a potential return, we have got you covered! Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the options.

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