How to spot fake Pokémon cards? Did you purchase counterfeit cards?

How to spot fake Pokémon cards? Did you purchase counterfeit cards?

Fake Pokémon cards are produced in bulk every day. If you have an extensive collection, chances are that a counterfeit product may be present. Sometimes the whole set can contain replicas, especially for the highly valued Pokémon cards. Do you know how to identify fake Pokémon cards? Here are all the details that will help you get an authentic set.

Pokémon fake cards
How do you identify a fake Pokemon card? Photo: @LeonhartYT
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Counterfeit products are not a new thing in Trading Card Games. They are made to look original and, therefore, difficult to spot. If you are not an expert, you can easily purchase replica Pokémon cards.

How to spot fake Pokémon cards

Some fake TCG sets are easy to spot, but others are almost real and will require an expert's eye to discover them. Fake Charizard cards are the most likely to be bought because of their popularity. Here is how to tell if Pokémon cards are fake and the respective real vs. fake Pokémon cards' pictures.

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1. Grammatical errors

Spelling and grammar mistakes are vital aspects to tell if you have a fake TCG set. Ensure you read the text carefully. If the word Pokémon lacks an accent above letter e, it is highly probable that it is not real.

2. Card manufacture detail

Counterfeit TCG sets can be identified by checking edge and border finishes. The presence of white dots and rough edges can signify a counterfeit. You should also look at border thickness and see if all sides are even. Real Pokémon cards should not bend easily.

Counterfeits are likely to have a larger or smaller size when compared with original versions. The printing date should also be visible on the card.

3. Pokémon card’s condition

Sometimes scammers deliberately damage the cards to make them look old and then sell them in second-hand markets. Checking the authenticity of old cards is also recommended to avoid being duped.

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4. Verify the credibility of energy symbols

How to spot fake Pokémon packs
Fake Pokémon sets have distorted energy symbols. Photo: @Breaking_Nate
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If you spot an irregularity in how an energy symbol appears, you may be holding a fake card. The symbol may be irregular, misplaced, smaller, or bigger. Sometimes, counterfeits do not have elemental symbols. It is also easy for scammers to recreate fake Pokémon cards with funny creatures, especially the Birthday Pikachu set that is no longer being produced by the Pokémon franchise.

5. Check the back

What does the back of a fake Pokémon card look like? The color detail in replicas is, in most cases, different from actual Pokémon expansions. Fakes tend to have the same color shade throughout their back, but authentic ones have different saturations of the same color. Scammers will also find it challenging to replicate tiny art details at the back.

However, this may be different when identifying a fake Japanese Pokémon card since the back art differs from the English version. Confirm with an expert to know the expected art detail.

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6. Presence of holographic effects

The official TCG company manufactures some sets with a holographic effect and others without. Scammers are likely to do the opposite and put an effect on a card. They can also make it with the wrong foiling. As a buyer, do some research online or get advice from an expert before making conclusions.

7. Pack seal

How to spot fake TCG sets
You can identify a fake TCG set by looking at the package seal. Photo: @pokemon_revolution_cards
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Sometimes a whole set of TCG cards can be replicas. Before opening a pack, especially from unverified retailers, check if it is appropriately sealed with suitable material quality. Genuine packages are sealed by machines, and if you see any signs of resealing, the pack may have replicas.

Counterfeits have shrink-wrapping that is different from the ones used by the official Pokémon manufacturer. As for booster packs, there is a logo on the shrink-wrap, and it is not packed in any other material. If the package fails to meet this condition, you have a fake Pokémon booster box.

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8. Light test

Real vs. fake Pokémon cards
A fake TCG set allows light (as shown above) while a real Pokémon card does not because official cards have three layers. Photo: @fakepokemoncards
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Counterfeits allow inconsistent streaks of light to pass through. Most official TCG sets do not allow light to pass through because they have three layers. However, some sets allow light, and the amount of light passing through depends on its color and the pack you drew it from. Doing a little research will help you know what to expect with a particular set.

9. Rip test

How to spot fake TCG sets
Real vs. fake Pokémon cards using the rip test. Photo: @supremesalez
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The rip test, which should be the last thing to do, reveals that genuine cards have a black line of ink. Scammers will not bother to put the black film because a buyer is unlikely to rip a TCG set they have bought.

Pokémon card misprints

How to spot fake TCG sets
The official Pokémon manufacturer often documents card misprints. Photo: @John Keeble
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It is also good to note that sometimes the official TCG Franchise releases misprints, also called error cards. However, they make it known, and a quick look at buyers’ reviews online will confirm that you are not the only one with the set. Pokémon company misprints can also turn out to be valuable. Ensure you familiarize yourself with common error sets.

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The demand for Pokémon sets has been increasing tremendously. This means that scammers are also ready to prey on unsuspecting collectors and gamers for a profit. Understanding the above guide on how to spot fake Pokémon cards will help you get an authentic set. Nonetheless, collectors are also after some of the best fake Pokémon cards sold by retailers.

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DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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