TOP-10 best places to buy Pokemon cards in 2022: where and prices

TOP-10 best places to buy Pokemon cards in 2022: where and prices

Are you looking for the best place to buy Pokemon cards in 2021? Some cards are quite cheap but rare Pokemons can make you a millionaire overnight when you auction them. There is a global market for Pokemon cards because of the popularity of the franchise. In this article, we show you the best places to buy Pokemon cards to add to your collection.

best place to buy pokemon cards
Playing Pokemon has become an increasingly popular activity. Photo: @John Keeble
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Is Pokemon Haram? The game is popular in Muslim countries too. Saudi Arabia's government declared this game Haram but lifted the 2001 ban in 2016. The government prohibited the game because cards had Christian crosses and Jewish stars. Today, you can play Pokemon in Saudi Arabia but not in public areas like mosques and shopping centres. So, where can I still buy Pokemon cards?

Best place to buy Pokemon cards in 2022

What is the cheapest way to buy Pokemon cards? Both online and walk-in gaming shops have different prices. Window shop for prices and check multiple sites before you make your decision. What is the best place to buy Pokemon cards? Get advice about the best place to buy Pokemon cards on Reddit. Players engage in meaningful discussions that will point you to the best seller and help you pick the best ones. Here is a list of the best sellers to buy from:

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1. AmazonUK

The platform is the best place to buy Pokemon cards online. It is a global platform for everyone across the world. Moreover, players from Europe admit that it is also the best place to buy Pokemon cards in the UK. Prices do not hike inconsistently. Amazon's collections cost below 15 Euros (R253) and above 200 Euros (R3370).

2. Ananzi

best place to buy pokemon cards
A Dragonite Holo trophy. Photo: @Legenday Poke Network
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Buy them on Anazi for R15 to R2500. For instance, one seller offers R15 Torracat and Arcanine, while another sells an R89 Japanese legendary heartbeat s3a booster pack with free delivery services. The platform does not restrict buyers to specific items.

3. Bidorbuy

For less than R50, you can buy a Wizards of the Coast on Bidorbuy. However, you might spend more than R1000 on some items. Second-hand collections are also available. The seller allows you to buy and auction them on the same platform.

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4. eBay

eBay is the best place to buy Pokemon cards in Canada. Although there are good deals on Walmart and other sites, people still prefer eBay. Buyers admit that Walmart has fair prices. Depending on your financial capability, you will spend between $0.99 (R14) to more than $700 (R9940). You can also auction yours here.


Those sold on the Levelupstore cost more than R2500, while others are less than R100. You do not have to buy an expensive one if you are new to the game. Buy whatever you can afford, auction it at a higher price, keep the profit, and reinvest your money. The more items you have, the more winning chances you make for yourself.

6. Loot

10 best place to buy pokemon cards
A Blain Charizard trophy. Photo: @Photo: @Legenday Poke Network
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The website's name is quite interesting if you understand its English meaning. However, Loot is more than a gaming items' online store. This store has almost everything you can find on Alibaba, Amazon, and other online stores you know. There are many rare Pokemon on Loot; therefore, be among the first people to grab them. Their prices range from below R100 to R2500.

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7. Pokemon TCG

This website is the safest and best place to buy Pokemon cards in the US. Most of the rare collections are sold out because they are in demand. Therefore, you have to be on the lookout. They cost as low as $7.99 (R113) and more than $59 (R838). Make an urgent order now, and you will receive it on time wherever you are.

8. PriceCheck

Get good deals like an R15 Master Ball Card Holder, an R562 America TCG, and other affordable collections here. PriceCheck has hundreds of items waiting for you to buy and make millions within a few months. Click on the price range button when you get to the website and choose a pocket-friendly category.

9. TCGPlayer

Another best online shop for buying the packs is TCGPlayer. It is also the cheapest online store for wholesale buyers. Most collections and boosters range from $0.02 (R0.28) to $0.10 (R.42). The gaming store sells and ships them all over the world. Unlike other platforms that items go out of stock quickly, you do not have to compete for items here because there is enough stock.

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10. UBuy

best place to buy pokemon cards
A Pikachu Promo Holo trophy. Photo: @Legendary Poke Network
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The platform is a little more expensive than other Pokemon online stores because they sell scarce ones. Since rare collections have the highest auctions value, UBuy’s incredible offers stand while the stocks last. Their price range begins with R1700 and under to R17000 and more.

After choosing the best place to buy Pokemon cards in 2022, ensure that you check the card's value before you buy it. Check the rarity symbol in its bottom right corner, and its number should have diamond marks. A card's number with a circle means it is a common and worthless card.

READ ALSO: What are secret rare Pokemon cards? Where to buy them? recently shared insights about secret rare Pokemon collections and a list of sellers. Do you know how to spot a fake one? You need to know that counterfeit versions have inconsistent reverse art. Fraudulent collections often have a lighter shade of blue at the back.

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A genuine card has a unique light blue pattern and darker blue spots at the back. When looking for Pokemon, go for the rare collections. The rare collections are not as expensive are most people assume. Buy and keep it for future auctioning when its price hikes.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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