How to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom South Africa in 2024

How to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom South Africa in 2024

It is not uncommon to discover you do not have airtime to call someone. In such situations, Vodacom's Please Call Me option comes in handy. The service requests the person you wish to talk to call you. Learn how to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom South Africa today. The best thing is that the service is free.

How to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom
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Many people want to know how to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom. Vodacom offers this service for free via a simple USSD code. USSD codes often begin with a * and end with a # and can be dialled on any cell phone.

How to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom

Vodacom Group Limited is a South African mobile communications company. It provides voice, messaging, data, and other services to millions of customers across Africa.

The Please Call Me feature was invented by Nkosana Makate in 2001. This service allows subscribers to send free SMS to other Vodacom users, requesting them to call you back.

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How to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom network: steps to follow

Most people send Please Call Me on Vodacom when they are low on mobile airtime. If you have ever wished to know how to send a Please Call Me Back on Vodacom, follow the steps below.

  • Pick your phone and dial *140* recipient's number#
  • The person whose phone number you entered above will receive a Please Call Me message at no charge.

NB: Every subscriber gets ten free Please Call Me messages every day from Vodacom. Subscribers can block Please Call Me services if they wish to. They can also customise the call-back texts.

How to check your airtime balance on Vodacom

To check your airtime balance, dial *100# and press the call button. You will receive a message showing your balance within seconds.

Data balance inquiry

To check your data balance, dial *135#. You will receive a message showing your data balance within seconds. You can also dial the same USSD to access the complete menu of services.

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A woman in a white shirt and black pants making a phone call
A woman in a white shirt and black pants making a phone call. Photo:, @Gustavo Fring
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How to buy data bundles

If you are running low on data bundles, dial *135# on your phone. A list of options will pop up on your screen. Choose the bundle you can afford and follow the prompts to complete the process.

How to transfer airtime

If you wish to share or transfer airtime from one Vodacom line to another, dial *135# and follow the prompts to complete the process.

How to access your voicemails

If someone called you and left a voicemail because you were unavailable, you can listen to the messages by dialling 132 from your mobile phone.

Vodacom customer care number

If you need help and support, use the Vodacom customer care contacts listed below.

  • RSA landlines or cell phones: 082 135
  • Vodacom customer service number from abroad: +27 82 135
  • Vodacom repair call centre: 082 1944
  • Data support: 082 135
  • Cancellations: 082 1958
  • Corporate calls: 082 1930
  • Sales and upgrades: 082 17844
  • Vodacom business: 082 1960
  • Email address:

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A happy man in a blue jacket making a phone call
A happy man in a blue jacket making a phone call. Photo:, @Keira Burton
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What USSD services does Vodacom have?

You can use USSd to check your airtime balance, buy data bundles, check your data balance, send a Please Call Me message, and get airtime advance. To access the list of all USSD services, dial *135#.

How much does USSD cost?

Vodacom's USSD services are free. However, some USSD content and services may attract a cost as determined and charged by the content provider.

How do you get your detailed data usage?

To see your detailed data usage, you can subscribe to the Vodacom data usage register. Alternatively, you can log in to the My Vodacom App. You can also request to receive your data usage via SMS by dialling *135#.

How do you get your data usage via SMS?

To get your data usage, dial *135#, select the Services option, and then the Data Usage option.

How do you check your balance on Vodacom?

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Simply dial *136#, and your balance will be presented to you. Alternatively, you can dial *135# for a detailed balance.

Learning how to send a Please Call Me on Vodacom is important, especially on those days you run out of airtime and need to talk to someone urgently. You can send up to ten Please Call Me messages a day.

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