How to port to Telkom in 2023? Full guide on how to do it

How to port to Telkom in 2023? Full guide on how to do it

Your phone number is like an identity card. No one wants to keep on memorizing new phone digits every time they switch service providers. Are you currently an MTN or any other mobile network subscriber and wish to switch to Telkom? Here is how to port to Telkom easily.

How to port to Telkom
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What is a porting number, and what is the process of porting a mobile number? Porting means switching from one service provider to another while keeping or retaining the digits of your initial mobile phone service provider. The only thing that changes is the prefix for the service provider. Simply put, as a mobile user, you can retain your telephone number when changing from one mobile company to another.

How to port a prepaid number to Telkom

Before porting, you need to make sure that you have your ID card number and the Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID) number. What is ICCIC? Used in place of ICCID, ICCIC Telkom refers to a 20-digit number that is located at the back of the SIM card, and it usually starts with 89.

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Once you have these details, send an SMS to 0811607678 in the format PORTME#IdNumber#ICCID number. This process does not require you to make any payment to the company, although the usual rates for sending an SMS will be applicable for utilizing the SMS porting functionality. This method is only applicable to prepaid subscribers.

The procedure for postpaid users is slightly different since it will require the user to visit a Telkom shop and fill out a relevant application form.

Example of how to port to Telkom - prepaid numbers

How to port to Telkom?
How to port to Telkom. Photo: @TelkomZA
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Here is an example of the steps to port from MTN to Telkom, or from any service provider to this mobile network.

  • Say your ID card number is 1234567 and your ICCID number is something like 89XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (they are 20 digits).
  • Your message to 0811607678 would look like PORTME#1234567#89XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Simple, right?

How long does a number take to port?

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Particularly, how long does it take to port to Telkom? According to the company, this process will take you a maximum of two days. Usually, though, it usually takes a day for the process to be finalized so you should be up and running in no time. The moment that happens, you can then choose any of the company’s plans for your use and enjoyment. Obviously, the terms and conditions apply.

how to port to telkom
How to port to Telkom. Photo:, @TelkomZA
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Some things to keep in mind

  • Once you port successfully to Telkom, you can still use your old handset. If the handset is network locked, then you need to unlock it for use with your new mobile operator. You will also not be able to access the services of your old service provider.
  • To port your number to Telkom, you will need to get a new SIM card from any of the company's stores. You will then use that SIM card to port to this desired mobile network.
  • Before porting, you may have an active subscription with your previous service provider. In this case, you can still port your number, but that will require you to cancel the plan manually with the previous provider. On a related note, you will also lose any free benefits from your previous provider once you port. If you are not comfortable losing the benefits, just go ahead and exhaust them first.

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There you go! By following the above steps, your concern about how to port to Telkom will be easily resolved. So, next time your friend, family member, or colleague wishes to port to Telkom, you should simply guide them using this procedure. Enjoy Telkom services!

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