How to check your MTN number? A simple step-by-step guide

How to check your MTN number? A simple step-by-step guide

Knowing how to check the relevant USSD codes for your cell phone's service provider keeps you in the loop regarding your number and other helpful information that customers should know. What is the code for checking your MTN number? Here, we discuss how to know your number on MTN and details on the relevant USSD codes you need.

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You can check your MTN number by using a USSD code. Photo: MTN official website and Guido Mieth (modified by author)
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Many people do not know their cell phone number on hand, which can be an issue if you need it for reasons such as registering for a product or service or confirming your identity. Knowing your MTN number in moments saves you time and effort in contacting others.

So, what is the code for MTN? Here, we discuss how to get your MTN number via SMS, how to check your MTN balance, and why knowing the MTN USSD codes is vital for MTN customers.

What are MTN USSD codes?

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An MTN number code is a combination of numbers and symbols that, when entered, provide you with relevant information regarding your MTN service provider. USSD codes include checking your cell phone number, how much airtime you have available, and purchasing data and airtime when necessary.

What is the code for the MTN number?
The code to check your MTN number is *123*888#. Photo: Carlos Barquero
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How to check your phone number on MTN South Africa?

First, what is the code for MTN? You can check your MTN number by dialling *123*888#, which will display your number on the screen. If that code is not working, you can dial *123*1*1#.

How do you check your MTN airtime balance?

The other most frequently asked question by MTN customers is, 'How do I check my MTN number balance? MTN mentions that the USSD code for MTN airtime is *136#.

What is the number for MTN airtime?

For a detailed check on balance inquiries, dial *136*1#. You can dial *136*2# and follow the prompts to purchase voice, SMS, data and promotional bundles.

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How to check your data balance on MTN South Africa

MTN data balance checks work the same as checking your airtime balance. You can see your available data through the detailed balance inquiries, *136*1#.

Knowing how to check your MTN number can save you time and effort when you need to check your cellphone number in a timely fashion. Keep these USSD codes on hand whenever you need to obtain vital information regarding your cellphone service.

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