How to buy data on Telkom mobile in 2021: Complete guide

How to buy data on Telkom mobile in 2021: Complete guide

Telkom data is cheaper and lasts longer than data bundles from other networks. The economy is harsh but staying offline for hours to save money sucks because the internet has become fundamental to many people. It is needed for online money transactions and work, entertainment, and other essential activities. So, how can you buy data on Telkom?

How to buy data on Telkom mobile in 2021: Complete guide
Telkom data is Mzansi's most favourite internet bundle. Photo: @morisatwine
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Getting a low internet bundles message alert in the middle of a fun browsing can make anyone go crazy. Your moods instantly switch from happiness to sadness, and you suddenly regret buying expensive internet bundles from other internet and mobile network service providers. You do not have to endure this as long as Telkom mobile internet bundles are still on the market. How do you buy bundles through Telkom Mobile?

How to purchase Telkom data

Almost all South Africans know by now that this is the best option when planning to stay online for hours. As a foreigner, you should also switch to the local's survival mode. Learn how to buy Telkom data and start saving the money you use on the internet. Here is how it is done:

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1. Use a Telkom airtime

Buy an airtime voucher, dial *188*Voucher card number#, then tap on the call dial. Congratulations on recharging your airtime. Now, dial *180* and choose your preferred bundle package. How do I purchase Telkom mobile data directly without topping up airtime?

If someone offers to buy you internet bundles, let the person dial *180#, select the transfer data option, key in phone number and amount, and tap the call button. When it comes to how to convert Telkom airtime to data, you do not need the internet. However, the proceeding options need the internet.

How to buy data on Telkom
Smartphone users save money when they use Telkom bundles to operate their phone's app. Photo: @JESHOOTS-com
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2. Use Telkom self-service portal

The second option of how to buy data with Telkom is by signing up on the self-service portal. The portal's interface is easy to understand. Select the load data option and follow the system's prompts. If you like the long process, buy airtime from the portal and convert it to internet bundles by dialling *180* then selecting a bundle package.

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3. Use a mobile bank app

You can also buy these bundles through your bank's app. Log into your mobile bank app, e.g., Nedbank or Standard Bank, and select buy airtime. Click on Telkom and enter your phone number or any other number you are buying internet bundles for.

Enter the amount of money you wish to spend on internet bundles, your pin, and tap send/buy. Bank apps have different interfaces. If this is not the correct procedure, consult your bank's customer care agents, and they will sort you out. After buying airtime from your bank account, you should convert it to internet bundles.

4. Use Telkom mobile app

Download the mobile app from PlayStore or AppStore. Register then log into the app and click on the load data option. Select a data package, choose the amount of internet bundles and pay. Your line will be credited with data instantly. Some people buy airtime from the app and convert it to data.

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How much is data on Telkom mobile?

The company customizes internet bundles' services to meet the needs of different customers. After learning how to load Telkom data, it would also help if you knew available cheap deals. All bundles' packages have expiry dates. However, extend their validity by buying a bundle of equal or higher validity before the expiry date.

How to buy data on Telkom
Internet users in Mzansi now use the Telkom app to buy data. Photo: @wiseberb
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Telkom data prices in 2021 have been tailored to suit the low, middle, and first-class Mzansi citizens. However, note that your internet bundles' usage behaviour will determine how long your data will last. For instance, movie streaming sites consume more internet bundles than blog sites.

If you are still stuck regarding how to buy data on Telkom mobile while in South Africa, call 180. It is a Telkom customer care toll-free number. Do not call 180 with another company's line because it will take your airtime.

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