Telkom data prices in 2023: An overview of available plans and packages in Mzansi

Telkom data prices in 2023: An overview of available plans and packages in Mzansi

Telkom, a prominent telecommunications company, provides internet services to millions of individuals across the country. With the internet being an integral part of daily life, the company offers a wide range of data bundles to cater to the needs of different users. Telkom data prices are known to be among the most affordable in South Africa, making it a popular choice for many.

Telkom prepaid data deals
The new Telkom logo. Photo: @telkom_za
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Several Telkom internet packages exist for prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Usually, these internet bundle prices vary based on several factors, including cost, speed, and validity.

Telkom data prices in 2023

Telkom data prices have played a critical role in connecting South Africans to the internet regardless of their social classes and income level. The different prices, validity periods, and caps make it possible for every person to choose a data bundle that works for them. Dial *180# to purchase the bundle of your choice.

Mobile plans

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Telkom offers a variety of mobile plans to suit different needs and budgets. Here is a look at the different Telkom prepaid data prices in 2023.

FreeMe bundles

FreeMe bundles have voice call minutes and SMS bundled in to allow you to send messages and make calls via WhatsApp, play video games, and stream videos on YouTube. These bundles last for 24 or 36 months. Here is a look at the available FreeMe bundles and their respective prices.

PackageAll network data WhatsApp dataStreaming dataOn-net callsOff-net callsSMS bundlePrice
1.5 GB1 GB250 MB250 MB500100100R99
3 GB2 GB500 MB500 MB1000150200R139
6 GB4 GB1 GB1 GB1000200400R189
11.5 GB7.5 GB2 GB2 GB1000300800R389
28 GB20 GB4 GB4 GB300010002000R689
UnlimitedUnlimited5 GB5 GB300030003000R1189

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Determining the amount of time you spend online helps you minimize data wastage. FlexOn bundles offer users affordable and flexible options for their mobile data needs in South Africa. The flexible validity period is 24 months and 36 months.

TypeAll network dataTelkom-to-Telkom minutesAll network minutesSMS bundlePrice
FlexOn 22 GB50075500R99
FlexOn 66 GB10001501000R199


These bundles are designed for heavy data users who require unlimited data for browsing, downloading, and streaming without worrying about running out of data or incurring additional charges.

PackageAll network dataTelkom-to-Telkom minutesAll network minuteSMS bundleDurationPrice
30 GB30 GB6000500600024 monthsR399
30 GB30 GB6000500600036 monthsR399

Mobile data

These Telkom data deals last for 24 months. They include:

PackageNight surfer dataData per monthAnytime dataPrice
1 GB1 GB-1 GBR40
2 GB2 GB2 GB-R60
4 GB4 GB4 GB-R100
6 GB6 GB6 GB-R129
10 GB10 GB10 GB-R200
14 GB-14 GB14 GBR259
20 GB20 GB20 GB-R355

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All network data

Telkom data prices
Telkom data prices. Photo:, @August de Richelieu
Source: UGC

All network data provides users with data that can be used across all networks in South Africa, including Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C. They are valid for 31 days.

35 MBR7
75 MBR14
150 MBR29
300 MBR49
500 MBR69
1 GBR79
1.5 GBR99
2 GBR139
3 GBR199

LTE home internet plans

Home internet plans provide users with reliable, high-speed internet connectivity in their homes or offices. They are available in various pricing options to suit different budgets and usage requirements. Below are the available Telkom LTE data bundles prices.

LTE data contracts

Telkom LTE deals come with several lucrative options that cater to all users' needs, including Telkom night surfers.

10 GBR59
20 GBR99
40 GBR149
80 GBR199
120 GBR249
180 GBR349
220 GBR1119

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Data prepaid

These SmartBoardband wireless prepaid data allow one to use as much data as possible without worrying about data limits. You can buy any of these alternatives.

3 GB + 3 GBR49
7.5 GB + 7.5 GBR99
10 GBR149
20 GBR249
40 GBR359
60 GBR459
80 GBR559
120 GBR759
220 GBR1059

LTE wireless unlimited

These deals are perfect for any internet user who feels restricted when working with a capped data bundle. If you seek the freedom to browse, download, or stream without worrying about hitting your limit, choose one of these bundles.

BundlePrice Validity
250 GB @10MbpsR129Off-peak hours
250 GB @10MbpsR299All hours
250 GB @10MbpsR34912/24/36 months
500 GB @10MbpsR44912/24/36 months
20 MbpsR59912/24/36 months
Smart spaces 1R77924 months
Smart spaces 2R86924 months
Smart spaces 3R97924 months

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Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) bundles

Telkom prepaid data prices in 2023
Telkom prepaid data prices in 2023. Photo:, @Roberto Hund
Source: UGC

Does Telkom have Fiber-To-The-Home? Yes, it does. A fibre-to-the-home service provides an end-to-end fibre-optic cable connection resulting in faster speeds and reliable coverage. Here is a look at Telkom's monthly pre-order packages.

Core fibre 25/10MbpsR499
Classic 25/25MbpsR579
Core fibre 50/25MbpsR649
Essential 50/50MbpsR735
Optimum 100/100MbpsR995
Ultra 250/125MbpsR1199
Ultra max 500/250MbpsR1345

DSL bundles

Telkom's DSL service allows subscribers to have their phone lines split so that data and calls work on separate frequencies. This prevents interruptions to a data connection when a call comes in. Here is a look at the available DSL unlimited bundles currently being promoted.

Lite 5MbpsR209
Lite 10MbpsR315
Lite 20MbpsR415
Premium 5MbpsR415
Lite 40MbpsR525
Premium 10MbpsR535
Premium 20MbpsR625
Premium 40MbpsR735

Telkom emergency top-up data

These emergency data are available in the following denominations:

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FrequencyData and price
Hourly 75 MB for R5
Daily 30 MB for R5150 MB for R10.00
Weekly 50 MB for R5100 MB for R15250 MB for R30500 MB for R501 GB for R752 GB for R100
Weekend 100 MB for R10200 MB for R19500 MB for R291 GB for R49
Daily social bundle100 MB for R5250 MB for R10500 MB for R15
Weekly social bundle 100 MB for R8250 MB for R10500 MB for R18
FreeMe300 MB for R29500 MB for R39

What is LTE?

LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution, a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile devices and data terminals. It is a 4G (fourth-generation) wireless technology that offers faster download and upload speeds, improved network capacity, and reduced latency compared to previous mobile network technologies.

Can I use FlexOn and Infinite plans in a data device like a router?

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Telkom prepaid data prices
Telkom data bundles in 2023. Photo: @TelkomZA
Source: Facebook

No, FlexOn and Infinite plans are intended solely for individual or personal usage on a mobile phone (smartphone).

How do I purchase additional data bundles?

You can purchase data bundles through the following options:

How much data can I transfer to other users on the Telkom mobile network?

Customers subscribed to the mobile postpaid, and top-up plans can transfer data in 25 MB, 50 MB, 100 MB, 250 MB, 500MB, and 1 GB. Data transfer is limited to a maximum daily transfer allowance of 1GB and a maximum monthly transfer allowance of 10 GB.

The Telkom data prices for various bundles offer numerous options for customers. The company has data packages to cater for light, medium, and heavy internet users. Additionally, the numerous packages allow one to choose whatever suits them in terms of validity, data limits, and price.

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