Best mobile data deals in South Africa 2024 (plus the worst)

Best mobile data deals in South Africa 2024 (plus the worst)

Heavy internet users have every reason to smile since more pocket-friendly data deals continue to hit the market. It is time for the online community to enjoy full-blown internet access after spending restless months pushing for the #datamustfall campaign. ISPs continue to shed off expensive plans even as the market opens for a price war competition. So, what are the best mobile data deals in South Africa?

Best and worst mobile data deals South Africa
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Hunting for the cheapest data bundles in South Africa is still challenging, one of the reasons being the numerous options available. The problem is a cause of concern, given that regular data users are not yet aware of emergent and more affordable ISPs. Similarly, some customers are not informed about the newest data plans rolled out by established ISP companies.

Best mobile data deals in South Africa (plus the worst)

The inception of LTE-A significantly stirred the internet provision markets, making them highly competitive. As a result, consumers are now experiencing full-time internet connections with faster download rates and browsing speeds.

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Since worst and best are subjective terms, what you consider the best data bundle or ISP might not be the same for another person. People not only compare prices to the amount of data but also consider the speed, how long the data will be valid, and other factors.

Since it is becoming almost impossible to avoid data-hungry applications, consider using these cheapest data bundles in South Africa. Test several packages and ISPs to find the most suitable one:

1. Vodacom data deals

Vodacom has some of the cheapest prepaid mobile data in South Africa. The 30-day once-off data bundles are among their most affordable packages. Here are their prices:

50MBR1230 days
150MBR2930 days
325MBR5530 days
500MBR7930 days
1GBR9930 days
3GBR29930 days
4GB (REDHOTOFFER)R29930 days
5GBR34930 days
10GB + 10GB FreeR46930 days
20GBR69930 days

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2. Cell C data bundles

This is a cost cost-friendly communication company. Cell C tariff plans and airtime prices are highly affordable and competitive. Here are the costs for Cell C data bundles valid for 30 days:

40MB AnytimeR1230 days
65MB AnytimeR2030 days
200MB AnytimeR2930 days
600MB AnytimeR4930 days
1.5GB Anytime + 1GB NiteR8030 days
2GB Anytime + 2GB NiteR10030 days
3GB Anytime + 3GB NiteR14930 days
4GB Anytime + 4GB NiteR19930 days
6GB Anytime + 5GB NiteR24930 days
12GB Anytime + 7GB NiteR29930 days
7GB Anytime + 10GB NiteR39930 days

3. MTN data deals

MTN offers cutting-edge monthly data plans for as little as R20. Improve your internet experience by subscribing to these MTN prepaid data bundles in South Africa in 2024:

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100MBR2030 days
150MBR2930 days
200MBR3930 days
350MBR6030 days
500MBR7530 days
750MBR8930 days
1GBR9930 days

4. Telkom data deals

Telkom mobile data bundles provide reliable internet connection and enable fast downloads and browsing speeds. Provided below are Telkom Anytime data prices in South Africa.

25MBR7.3030 days
50MBR14.6530 days
100MBR29.2530 days
250MBR39.5030 days
500MBR69.6030 days
1GBR10030 days

How to buy data on Telkom

Dial *180# and select Telkom data specials. Alternatively, make your purchase through the self-service portal accessible on the company portal, visit a Telkom shop or even a mobile-based application. Prepaid plans come with minimal to no Telkom data contracts.

5. SmartMobile mobile data deals

SmartMobile has some of the best mobile data deals in South Africa. It is also among the most reliable South African ISP companies. Here are SmartMobile's prices for the 30-day data bundles:

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25MBR830 days
50MBR1230 days
100MBR2030 days
250MBR3530 days
500MBR4930 days
1GBR8930 days

Which network has the cheapest data in South Africa?

Here is a comparison of the 1GB data packages from five leading ISPs in South Africa:

SmartMobile1GB Anytime R89
Vodacom1GB Anytime R99
MTN1GB Anytime R99
Cell C1GB Anytime or 2GB Nite dataR100
Telkom1GB Anytime or 1GB Nite dataR100

Please note that the Cell C Nite Data is valid between 01:00 and 07:00, while Telkom's Night Surfer Data is valid between 00:00 and 07:00.

Which network has the best data deals in South Africa?

Please note that all mobile data deals in South Africa are bound to change from time to time. Here is a comparison of the 10GB data packages valid for a month from the top 5 ISPs in Mzansi:

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Vodacom 10GBR605 30 days
Telkom 10GBR505 30 days
Rain 10GBR500 30 days
MTN 10GBR49930 days
Cell C10GBR49930 days

Can you get unlimited data?

Several ISPs in South Africa offer unlimited data. These bundles help heavy internet consumers sustain their online presence without digging deeper into their wallets.

Which network has the cheapest unlimited data?

The cheapest unlimited data packages in South Africa are the 1MB per second WIFI deals. Most Mzansi ISPs had divided this service into three different deals, personal, premium, and business/office. Here is a price comparison from three leading companies:

Afrihost 1MB per secondR45 R205R316
Web Africa1MB per secondR46R69 R209
Vox Africa1MB per secondR99R99R99

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Vox Africa's 1MB per second WIFI service does not have different personal, premium, and business/office packages. Meanwhile, the second cheapest unlimited data packages in Mzansi are the 2MB per second WIFI deals:

Axess2MB per secondR84R285R416
Afrihost2MB per secondR87R317R417
Web Africa2MB per secondR59R89R309
Vox Africa2MB per secondR149R149R149
Cybersmart2MB per secondR195-R329
Mweb2MB per secondR99R99R99

Which mobile network is best in SA?

Vodacom and MTN are two of the best cell phone network in South Africa, with a long history of offering internet-enabling services.

First-time subscribers often find it hectic to identify the worst and best mobile data deals in South Africa due to the overwhelming choices in the market. Therefore, it would help if you refer them to our guide on the cheapest data plans for them to make informed buying decisions.

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