Cheapest uncapped WIFI without landline in south Africa 2022

Cheapest uncapped WIFI without landline in south Africa 2022

Internet costs in South Africa keep dropping whenever new ISP companies enter the market. Additionally, high competition has seen these companies roll out affordable internet access plans. Check out the cheapest uncapped WIFI without landline below.

uncapped WIFI without landline
Logos of well-known South African ISPs that have uncapped WIFI services. Photo: @TelkomZA, @RSAWEB, @Vox Customer Service, @MTN South Africa (modified by author)
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Capped data plans are neither reliable nor effective in this era of e-commerce and increased online presence. Luckily, more internet service providers (ISPs) are now offering competitive uncapped WIFI deals. Hence, heavy online network consumers no longer worry about running out of data.

Cheapest uncapped WIFI without landline in South Africa

Having numerous unlimited internet packages in the market makes fast internet more accessible and affordable for home use and business applications. Compare the following uncapped WIFI deals for 2022 and select whichever suits your needs.

1. Afrihost

uncapped WIFI without landline
A log of Afrihost. Photo: @Afrihost
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Afrihost is one of the most honest ISPs in South Africa. The company clearly states what customers should expect from their services. Afrihost's pure DSL packages are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. Since there are no usage thresholds, you can use as much data as you like and whenever you like.

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The company relies on Openserve to maintain its data coverage accuracy but sometimes experiences inaccuracies. However, they are working on this and more challenges they experience in the South African market to improve their services.

The advertised line speeds represent the maximum possible throughput on that package. Choose any of these Afrihost's uncapped WIFI without landline deals:

  • 5Mbps - R297 per month
  • 10Mbps - R397 per month
  • 20Mbps - R597 per month
  • 40Mbps - R697 per month

2. Axxess

uncapped WIFI without landline
A logo of Axxess. Photo: @axxess
Source: Facebook

Axxess is one of the largest privately owned ISP's in the country and offers the best uncapped WIFI without landline in Port Elizabeth. Franco Barbalich established it in his one-bedroom flat in 1997 and offered internet access services to four cafés in Port Elizabeth.

The company had over 600 WIFI hotspots countrywide by 2008. Axxess has three Internet Service Provider of the Year awards, three Best ISP in South Africa, and was voted SA's Most Respected Telecoms Company on MyBroadband in 2016. Axxess' uncapped WIFI deals include:

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  • Just DSL Uncapped - 5Mbps @R295, 10Mbps @R395, 20Mbps @R595, and 10Mbps @R745
  • 5Mbps DSL Uncapped - R154 per month (R139 (Pro-rata discount applied))
  • MTN data Uncapped - R299 per month (R270 (Pro-rata discount applied))
  • Telkom Uncapped Business LTE - R595 per month (R536 (Pro-rata discount applied))
  • Telkom LTE Uncapped - R999 per month
  • MTN Uncapped - R299 per month (R270 (Pro-rata discount applied))


uncapped WIFI without landline
An ITNT logo. Photo: @inthenettechnologies
Source: Facebook

ITNT offers a comprehensive range of uncapped ADSL solutions for home, premium and business-level services. Its uncapped WIFI deals include:

  • 5Mbps - R325 per month
  • 10Mbps - R435 per month
  • 20Mbps - R655 per month

Besides internet connectivity services, ITNT also offers web development, hosting, and security services. They research and register domains, provide search engine optimization, have VoIP services, etc. You will also find quality dashcams, dashcam mirrors, fibre routers, and more products at ITNT's online shop.

4. Vox Telkom

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uncapped WIFI without landline
A Vox Telkom logo. Photo: @Vox Customer Service
Source: Facebook

Upon ordering VOX LTE, your RICA documents (a copy of your ID and proof of address not older than 3 months) will be required. An approved router is also needed. You can use yours or purchase/rent it from Vox. Their uncapped WIFI deals include:

  • Vox Telkom LTE Business hours (0000hrs to 1900hrs) - R460
  • Vox Telkom LTE All hours - R860

The Vox Uncapped LTE Business package operates daily between 7 pm to 11.59 pm. Upgrades and downgrades are permitted but note that downgrades are subject to an R465 fee, including VAT.

5. MTN

uncapped WIFI without landline
An MTN logo. Photo: @MTN South Africa
Source: Facebook

MTN launched uncapped WIFI without landline deals in October 2021. The fixed-LTE internet packages are available on SIM, and using a router costs an additional R100 per month. Here are MTN's deals:

  • Up to 10Mbps with 400GB FUP - R499
  • Up to 20Mbps with 600GB FUP -R699
  • Up to 30Mbps with 700GB FUP - R799
  • Up to 50Mbps with 1000GB FUP - R999
  • Up to 100Mbps with 2000GB FUP - R1,099

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uncapped WIFI without landline
An MWEB poster. Photo: @MWEB
Source: Facebook

MWEB has the best uncapped WIFI deals without landline. Its ADSL products provide the same service as traditional ADSL products but no longer require a landline/voice line from Telkom and a separate ADSL line.

Call their agents to sign into MWEB's online DSL services to conduct a coverage search and service check needs. The company collects payments within five days of activating a Mweb ADSL product. Here are their uncapped internet deals:

  • 5Mbps - R299 per month
  • 10Mbps - R399 per month
  • 20Mbps - R599 per month
  • 40Mbps - R699 per month

7. OpenWeb

uncapped WIFI without landline
An OpenWeb logo with multiple colours in the background. Photo: @OpenWebHQ
Source: Facebook

You can use OpenWeb's LTE-A Mobile WIFI product anywhere in South Africa where there is coverage. The company will supply you with a router, or you can use a router you bought elsewhere. OpenWeb has the following deals:

  • 8Mbps - R499 per month
  • 10Mbps - R599 per month
  • 25Mbps - R749 per month
  • 20Mbps - R949 per month
  • Prepaid Uncapped up to 5Mbps LTE - R789 per month

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However, you are not guaranteed your speed because this relies on many factors, including your location and which router you use. Additionally, although there is no specific FUP, OpenWeb reserves the right to manage the top 5% of users by either slowing down their speed to a minimum of 1.5Mbps for the rest of the month or notifying them to reduce their usage.

8. Openview Connect

uncapped WIFI without landline
A logo of Openview. Photo: @openviewHD
Source: Facebook

Openview Connect offers customers 2.4GHz home WIFI hotspot services. You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Get the latest Openview decoders, NA9200, KSTB2143 and KSTB2184, installed in your house and enjoy up to 150 Mbps speed on 4G LTE for R699 or less.

Buy Openview Connect's unlimited data by dialling dial *135#. Next, select Buy, choose Video Bundles, and select Openview Bundles.


uncapped WIFI without landline
RAIN's website is written on a tennis ball. Photo: @RainSouthAfrica
Source: Facebook

Upgrade to rain's 5G to enjoy South Africa's first commercial 5G network. The 5th generation of cellular technology allows you to do more with data than ever before. RAIN has these exciting uncapped WIFI without landline packages for you:

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  • Unlimited 5G home basic - R499
  • Unlimited 5G home standard - R699
  • Unlimited 5G home premium - R999


uncapped WIFI without landline
RSAWEB's logo. Photo: @RSAWEB
Source: Facebook

RSAWEB's Uncapped DSL packages give you 24/7 access to the internet without worrying about how much bandwidth you use. Their services are ideal for high internet usage and downloading but not recommended for business use.

Upon payment, you get instant activation or log-in details and immediately start using your data package. You can also monitor how much bandwidth you are using via the online control panel, and your account will have no bandwidth limits. RSAWEB's packages are:

  • 1Mbps - R100 per month
  • 2Mbps - R175 per month
  • 4Mbps - R255 per month
  • 10Mbps - R365 per month
  • 20Mbps - R605 per month
  • 40Mbps - R985 per month

11. Telkom

uncapped WIFI without landline
Telkom's logo. Photo: @TelkomZA
Source: Facebook

Telkom fibre deals for uncapped LTE come with a wireless voice service. You will not need a fixed-line/landline, and you have 300 on-net minutes (Calls to Telkom fixed line or Telkom mobile) are also included. There are only two Telkom WIFI deals for uncapped WIFI at the moment;

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  • 10Mbps - R449 per month
  • 20Mbps - R449 per month

The out-of-bundle voice calls are billed at 70c per minute with per-second billing to all networks. Plug in a telephone handset into the voice port at the back of the router to easily make and receive calls. You will pay R50 more if you add a WIFI router to your SIM-only deal.

12. WIRUlink

uncapped WIFI without landline
WIRUlink's logo. Photo: @WIRUlink
Source: Facebook

WIRUlink stays up to date with the latest technologies to develop and offer the best products available in the industry. Their uncapped WIFI services are fast, accurate and personalized to meet the need of customers in different categories.

  • 5Mbps - R519 (Express) and R1,099 (Professional)
  • 10Mbps - R199 (Unreal), R749 (Express), and R1,399 (Professional)
  • 15Mbps - R919 (Express) and R1,699 (Professional)
  • 20Mbps - R269 (Unreal), R1,149 (Express), and R1,999 (Professional)
  • 35Mbps - R349 (Unreal), R1,729 (Express), and R2,699 (Professional)
  • 50Mbps - R2,299 (Express) and R3,499 (Professional)

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Since WIRUlink does not resell another network provider's services, it has complete control over the quality and user experience for all services offered.

Additionally, the network dynamically routes all traffic via alternative links without negatively impacting customer services if there are problems or maintenance on any core backhaul links.

​​Can I have WIFI without a phone line?

You can get internet with fixed-wireless, mobile wireless internet (LTE), or satellite internet. If your home is wired for landline phone service, get DSL internet instead of using the landline phone service.

How much does uncapped WIFI cost in South Africa?

If you have been wondering," how much does unlimited WIFI cost in South Africa?" Prices for uncapped WIFI without landline packages range from R100 to R3,500. These prices vary with your preferred ISP, your WIFI packages' speed, number of connected devices, etc.

Who is the cheapest WIFI provider in South Africa?

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From the details above, uncapped WIFI packages from RSA WEB, MWEB, and Afrihost seem more affordable than their competitor's packages.

What is the cheapest uncapped ADSL in South Africa?

Since cheap is a relative term, it is ideal to choose an uncapped WIFI package that matches your pocket and meets your needs. Moreover, consider the quality of customer care services the ISP provides. You would not like an ISP that does not quickly respond to your technical hitches and other issues.

The advertised prices of the cheapest uncapped WIFI without landline in South Africa may be subject to CPI related price increases as per terms and conditions. The ongoing price wars among different subscriber companies are shedding hope for consumers who are on the watch out for even cheaper uncapped WiFi without landline deals.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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The company has been in operation for more than 20 years and aims at expanding into other countries within and outside Africa. It has offices in Kenya, Mozambique, Ghana, the UK, and Nigeria.

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