Top 12 cheapest data deals in South Africa in 2024: prices and bundles

Top 12 cheapest data deals in South Africa in 2024: prices and bundles

Determining the cheapest data bundle and service provider in South Africa can be challenging. The demand for deals continues to increase substantially as more individuals use smartphones, computers, and laptops, among other gadgets that enable them to connect. Network providers typically drop their prices from time to time to attract new customers. This article highlights the best and cheapest data deals in South Africa.

cheapest data deals in South Africa
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Internet users can now enjoy the privilege of cheap data deals. However, finding the cheapest data deals in South Africa in 2024 can be a hustle. One of the major factors promoting how tedious the process has become is the surplus number of options of service providers available in South Africa.

Top 12 cheapest data deals in South Africa

ISPs are measured and evaluated based on speed scores and customer satisfaction. Speed score mainly relies on consumers' speed, good network, and consistency. In no particular order, this list is compiled to help consumers understand the cheapest prepaid data bundles in South Africa in 2024 based on their service provider.

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What are the cheapest data deals in South Africa in 2024?

The list below shows companies that offer very competitive cheapest mobile data in South Africa. Find out which one has the best offer for you below.

1. Vodacom

Vodacom has often been the ISP of scrutiny in public due to its different prices. However, they have some of the most affordable prepaid data deals.

Among the cheapest Vodacom data deals in South Africa are the 30-day one-time packages. Their monthly package starts from R29 for 240 MB, weekly from R17 for 120MB, and daily internet bundle from R5 for 20MB.

What are the cheapest data deals in South Africa for sim-only?

You can also get the Vodacom sim-only deals of 1.2GB data plus a bonus of 100 minutes for only R199 per month.

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2. Telkom

Telkom is among the most renowned network providers with the cheapest unlimited data deals in South Africa in 2024. They have a massive package of hybrid, post-paid, and prepaid subscriptions with exciting bundle offers.

How do you get 60GB of data on Telkom?

Dial *180# to get the cheapest Telkom data deals in South Africa. You can choose your preferred bundle package. You get the 60MB FreeMe bundles for R39, valid for 14 days.

How much is 50GB of data on Telkom?

You can purchase all network time-based 50GB data on Telkom, valid for 6 months for R1574.

3. Rain

Rain was the country's first data-only network before becoming a multi-faceted firm. Fun fact; Vodacom uses Rain's 4G network.

Rain is considered one of the most affordable data bundle packages, with several offers of unlimited data deals in South Africa. For R595 a month, you get unlimited 5G home wifi, free mobile for two phones, and the 101 router free to use.

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4. MTN

cheapest MTN data deals in South Africa
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MTN is the most renowned South African brand outside the nation. Its business is primarily dominant outside South Africa than within its borders. MTN offers some of the cheapest unlimited data plans in South Africa.

Their bundle gives one a set amount of daily minutes or monthly bundles. The daily bundle is valid for a day and expires at 11:59 pm the same day. Their monthly data deals range from 30GB for R299, 60GB for R399, and 90GB for R599. You can enjoy the various cheapest MTN data deals in South Africa.

5. Cell C

Cell C is another alternative for internet providers in SA. It is one of the most popular deals for the younger generation attracted to extended validity and free night data.

Their exciting offers include 10GB for R599, while 30GB is R899; both deals are valid for 365 days. Cell C also recently introduced a new contract, get 50GB anytime data and a free 50GB Nite bundle for six months for just R549.

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6. SmartMobile data deals

SmartMobiles has one of the best deals in South Africa in 2024. It is among the most reliable ISP companies in South Africa. For 1GB, the rate is R89, valid for 30 days.

7. Afrihost

Afrihost is a company that offers uninterrupted internet connections all through South Africa at very affordable prices. The available Afrihost uncapped WIFI without landline deals include 5Mbps for R297, 10Mbps for R397, 20Mbps for R597 and 40Mbps for R697.

8. Webafrica

cheapest Vodacom data deals in South Africa
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Webafrica is an internet provider in South Africa. They have various fibre deal offers that are very affordable. Webafrica has collaborated with numerous underlying infrastructure providers to deliver the greatest internet solutions to as many people as possible.

9. Vox business

Vox business has affordable WIFI data deals for everyone. You can purchase fixed MTN uncapped 10Mbps from R429 per month. This applies for SIM only or SIM router rental or SIM router purchase.

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10. Axxess

Axxess is another ISP in South Africa that offers competitive bundle deals. They provide unlimited internet access. Axxess' uncapped WIFI deals include 5Mbps for R295, 10Mbps for R395, 20Mbps for R595 and 40Mbps for R795.

11. Supersonic

Supersonic is MTN's high-speed internet service. They use fibre optic cables to transmit data as light pulses hence faster speeds and a more stable network. You can get affordable deals such as Vuma 25Mbps plus an additional 25Mbps for R449 per month and Open Serve 50Mbps with an additional 25Mbps for R549.

12. Mweb

Mweb is a South African Internet Service Provider that has been in operation since 1997. It is one of the best South Africa's first internet, providing unlimited internet access. You can get fibre for your home for as low as R299 per month and flexible LTE deals for R105 per month.

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Which network has the cheapest unlimited data?

Vodacom's cheapest unlimited data deals
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Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom offer the cheapest unlimited data plans that everybody can afford. They provide daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

How much are the data prices in South Africa?

The cost of purchasing a specific data bundle varies depending on the company and the length of the bundle. In most cases, various companies offer affordable plans to their customers.

What are the cheapest Telkom data bundles?

Telkom offers a variety of affordable data plans. You can acquire low-cost mobile plans such as 200MB for R19, good for seven days, or 25MB social bundles for R2.50.

What are Vodacom's cheapest unlimited data deals?

Vodacom offers affordable daily, weekly, and monthly prepaid packs. The daily packages are the most economical, starting at R5 for 200MB and going up to R29 for 1GB.

These are some of the top twelve service providers that have the cheapest data deals in South Africa. Find the cheapest data deal that suits your needs.

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