How to transfer data on Vodacom: Quick and easy steps

How to transfer data on Vodacom: Quick and easy steps

The Vodacom data transfer service makes it effortless to share data with family and friends or to manage multiple devices. Customers can optimize their data usage by sending a selected bundle free of charge to another user who has run out of airtime, ensuring they stay connected. This article highlights a simple step-by-step guide on how to transfer data on Vodacom prepaid, postpaid, and Hybrid.

How to transfer data on Vodacom
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Data sharing services by telecommunication companies like Vodacom have revolutionized how individuals manage their mobile data usage. It ensures greater flexibility and connectivity at a reduced cost.

How to transfer data on Vodacom

There are two major ways to transfer data on Vodacom: USSD and the My Vodacom App. The methods apply to prepaid, hybrid, and postpaid subscribers.

How to transfer data on the Vodacom app

My Vodacom App users can transfer data using the highlighted steps;

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  • Download and install the official My Vodacom App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • Open the application and log in. If you do not have a registered account, click Register Now and follow the prompts to create one.
  • Proceed to the 'Buy Bundles' button.
  • Type in the Vodacom number you want to buy a bundle for, then select the bundle type.
  • Ensure all the details are correct, then click 'Proceed.'

How to transfer data on Vodacom using USSD

To make the transfer via USSD, follow these four simple steps;

  • Dial *135# and select 'Data'
  • Select 'For another number'
  • Enter the Vodacom number of the receiver
  • Select the data bundle you want to transfer
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You can transfer data via the My Vodacom App or using USSD. Photo: Rafael Henrique
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Terms and conditions of Vodacom data transfer

Vodacom has a set of key rules governing the transfer of data between customers, including the following;

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  • Prepaid or Top-Up customers can only transfer bundles worth up to 80% of their airtime balance.
  • The transfer applies to all once-off and recurring data bundles.
  • Post-paid subscribers can only transfer to post-paid and Hybrid users.
  • Hybrid subscribers can only transfer to Hybrid and post-paid users.
  • Prepaid subscribers can only transfer to Prepaid users.
  • Subscribers of Mobile Broadband data price plans can only transfer to subscribers of Mobile Broadband data price plans.
  • You cannot transfer all free data bundles.
  • You can only make the transfer on certain days before the bundle expiry date. Those with a validity of less than 1 day can be shared immediately, while those with a validity of up to 29 days can only be transferred 3 days or less before they expire. Bundles with validities of more than 29 days can be shared 5 days or less before expiry.
  • The allocated bundle given to the receiving MSISDN/s cannot be further transferred to another person.
  • A bundle transferred to MSISDN(s) cannot be rolled over.
  • The validity of transferred bundles varies with the type of data sent, i.e. allocated hourly bundles have a 1-hour validity; daily bundles will be valid for one day; weekend bundles are valid for one weekend, while allocated bundles with a validity of more than 24 hours will be valid for 7 days.

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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Vodacom data transfer service and their answers;

Can you share your Vodacom data with another number?

You can share your Vodacom data with another number. You can do so via the My Vodacom App or USSD code *135#.

How do you transfer data from Vodacom to Vodacom?

You can transfer data from one Vodacom line to another in two ways. You can log into the My Vodacom App to purchase the bundle type or dial *135# and then follow the prompts.

Are you charged to transfer data on Vodacom?

The data transfer service is free of charge. However, the cost of the data bundle will be deducted from your airtime if you are a prepaid subscriber or charged to your bill for post-paid users. The bundles can be shared in pre-defined sizes, including 50MB, 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, and 1 GB.

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Does Vodacom allow data sharing?

Vodacom has a data-sharing service that allows its customers to share a data bundle between multiple devices. To get the service, visit any of their stores near you with your national ID or call 082 135.

What is the USSD that Vodacom customers can use to purchase a data bundle for another Vodacom user?

The USSD you can use to purchase a bundle for another Vodacom user is *135#. It is one of the quickest methods to transfer data.

How do you activate the Vodacom data transfer service?

Data bundle transfer is already active for prepaid subscribers. Contract and Top-Up customers need to call 082 135 or visit the nearest Vodacom shop to get the service activated.

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The data transfer service is available to prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid customers. Photo: Waldo Swiegers
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Learn how to transfer data on Vodacom to ensure all your friends and family stay connected even when they have no airtime. Whether you share through the My Vodacom App or USSD methods, the process is straightforward and enhances the overall digital experience on the network.

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