Top 5 cheapest medical aid quotes in South Africa in 2022

Top 5 cheapest medical aid quotes in South Africa in 2022

Health cover has become a basic necessity for anyone living in South Africa. This necessity has triggered the rise of numerous healthcare schemes. Therefore, regardless of your income level, there is always a hospital cover that suits you. So, if you have not subscribed for a health cover, we have a piece of good news for you. This article has all that you need to know about medical aid quotes and schemes in South Africa, medical aid comparisons in 2022, and other useful information.

Medical aid quotes
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Irrespective of what part of South Africa you live in, whether you are young or old, employed or retired, you need to think of a healthcare scheme. You never know when you will find yourself in an accident or even sick. If you have no medicare aid, this can be disastrous. Worse enough, you may turn out to be treated in a sub-standard clinical facility or end up with debts that will take you a long time to repay. By paying a small amount each month, you may put off some of this stress. You will be capable of efficaciously financing your hospital costs, and also you will worry less about how much it will cost you when you fall sick. In a world filled with stress, you will get on along with your life knowing that you are covered. Read on to know more about medical aid quotes in 2022.

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5 cheapest medical aid quotes that you should never miss in 2022

From physiotherapy to dialysis, health costs can be crippling, more so in emergency situations. When you lack health quotes, you deny yourself access to important funds for you and your family. In this regard, these costs often lead to unnecessary financial stresses. Luckily, there are lots of affordable medical aid schemes that suit the low-income class. This means that medicare aid does not have to cost a fortune. You can subscribe to medical aid for less than R500 or less per member in a month. Most of these schemes offer excellent value, with a solid cover in time of need and an attractive range of benefits. Notably, in the case of salary-based schemes, membership costs are directly proportional to income. On the same note, some cheap hospital quotes are unavailable to high-income earners. Below is a list of some of the cheapest medical aid covers in 2022.

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1. Fedhealth – Maxima Exec

Fedhealth maxima exec benefit bundle gives you peace of mind as an established family member. This comprehensive plan leaves not a single thing to chance, especially for senior adult members. This cheap health aid will also cover you for chronic diseases. As a member, you will get access to:

  • Unlimited hospital cover in all private hospitals
  • 7 days of take-home medication
  • Female contraceptives such as rings, patches, and oral pills
  • Post-hospitalisation care for up to 30 days after discharge
  • Trauma treatment at a casualty ward regardless of whether you are admitted to a hospital or not. However, an R570 co-payment per visit applies to non-PMBs if not admitted to a hospital direct from the casualty.
  • Unlimited visits to Fedhealth Network GPs
  • Contracted fixed rates by Fedhealth Network Specialists

You can also read more about their monthly contributions and unique bonus benefits. You can also download the Maxima EXEC member guide.

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2. Resolution Health – Foundation

Are you looking for the best medical aid in South Africa? Then, Foundation is a number one healthcare plan for simple daily cover and in-health center advantages designed for low to medium earners. The foundation option is ideal for employers willing to offer premium quality healthcare coverage for their low-income workers. The option entails in-hospital plans and sufficient day to day covers for GPs and Specialists. The health insurance also provides extensive preventative care benefits, optometry, dental and Unlimited in-hospital HIV benefit to all members. Need a brochure, get it here.

The foundation scheme offers both child and student dependent options. According to them, a child is defined as a dependent below 21 years. This definition excludes spouses and partners. On the other hand, a student dependent is anyone aged between 21 and 25 who is schooling at an accredited institution. Such a dependent must provide proof of his/her student status annually. You can read more about their monthly contributions and highlights.

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3. Momentum Health – Ingwe Option

The ingwe plan has a fixed annual limit per family. The most advantageous part of this scheme is that you can choose to visit any hospital for health services. Nevertheless, there is a hook, only private hospitals in the Ingwe network. For the lowest monthly contribution, you can use state hospitals.

Ingwe option is affordable, entry-level cover for hospitalization with a set annual restriction per family. You can pick out to use any clinic, non-public hospitals within the Ingwe network community, or, for the least monthly contribution, get services from the best state hospitals. Further, momentum medical aid ranks 3rd among the largest medical aid schemes in the country, and 5th largest overall; below the police health scheme (POLMED). Momentum health group has 284, 400 beneficiaries. This figure translates to 5.8% of the open sector, and 3.2% of the total market. The scheme offers:

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  • Unlimited overall annual hospitalization
  • 33 plans across 6 schemes categories
  • Covers 26 to 62 chronic health conditions
  • Health platform benefit for screening and preventive care
  • Works hand in hand with the Momentum Multiply rewards programme
  • Offers additional products like HealthSaver to ease medical savings

4. Momentum – Ingwe student plan

Ingwe student plan is the cheapest hospital plan in South Africa. This plan is ideal for students who have no-income but need a Visa and health insurance. For as low as R407 per month, you will get unlimited doctor visits, eye care, dentistry, and specialist visits. In addition to these benefits, you will get a free chest x-ray for your visa requirements.

Local students can also benefit from this scheme by getting services from designated health providers. Ingwe student plan offers limited in-hospital benefits at 100% of the healthcare scheme rate. The rate goes up to a limit of R1,19 million and limited cover for PMBs at designate service providers. The chronic cover goes for 26 PMBs. Since the merge with Ingwe, this plan has been under Momentum Health. More details are in their bronchure.

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5. Discovery Health – KeyCare Start

Discovery Healthcare Keycare Start provides vast clinical benefits and day-to-day cover at network providers and state-owned facilities only. This plan is a cheap, income-based total answer that is perfect for entry-level clients.

As a member, you will get unlimited hospital aid for medically appropriate GP consultants, X-rays, blood tests, basic dentistry and eye care for KeyCare networks. If you use a state facility, you are entitled to full cover for chronic medicine for all chronic diseases. If you are expectant and wonder if you can get medical aid, this KeyCare Start has you and your child covered. You will get a comprehensive cover for prenatal and postnatal services for your maternity and early childhood.

Discovery Health is so far the largest open health scheme in the country. Discovery accounts for 56% of consumers in the country and 31% of the overall in the market. According to the CMS report, the discovery has currently 2.8 million beneficiaries. This plan offers the following services:

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  • 27 plans across 7 schemes categories
  • Access to screening and prevention benefits covering tests early signs of deadly illnesses
  • Limitless hospital cover on all the Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan. This means you can get healthcare services from any private hospital on most plans.
  • Collaborates with the vitality programme and the Discovery Bank
  • Daily Extender Benefit (DEB) for essential healthcare services in its network upon exhaustion of medical savings
  • Above Threshold Benefit (ATB) that offers daily cover after reaching the annual threshold

Other medical aid quotes

South Africa is one of the leading African countries with robust healthcare covers. Citizens have a choice to make from approximately 40 open health insurance schemes that offer affordable plans, disease management programs, as well as lifestyle rewards. The plans include traditional, savings, and hospital plans. This is not an exhaustive review of all the plans. So, before subscribing, you may need to do medical aid comparisons by reading about other hospital insurance plans such as:

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Top 5 medical aid schemes in South Africa

Medical aid for pregnant women

It is evident that numerous medical aid quotes exist in South Africa. Some are open while others are restrictive. Nevertheless, there are always cheap medical aid quotes that suit your pocket. Since prevention is better than cure, you should think of subscribing to a medical scheme. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you got the right health cover in the case of an emergency.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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