Coastal College application, useful documents, courses and fees

Coastal College application, useful documents, courses and fees

As one of the TVET colleges in South Africa, Coastal College is a perfect destination for anyone seeking to get wholesome education, especially if they are looking for useful skills. The trick is to figure out what is required for you to qualify and get in.

Coastal College
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Coastal College is a perfect institution when it comes to getting the necessary skills. The school has 8 campuses spread throughout KwaZulu Natal. The school's mission is to provide quality pioneering education while focussing on the uplifting of the community.

Coastal College application and registration

All continuing and future students intending to register for NC(V) courses should be equipped with certain information. Apart from keeping time and submitting their admission before stipulated deadlines, the following information comes in handy.

Admission criteria for new enrolments- NCV

Coastal College
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Students desiring to enrol for the NCV Level 2 Business as well as the General Studies programs need to have completed as well as passed Grade 10-11 and Grade 12 with Mathematics for the Information & Technology. The same also applies to Finance, Economics & Accounting programs.

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Students that plan to enrol for the NCV Level 2- all Engineering Studies need to have completed and qualified with a minimum of Grade 10-11 Mathematics; however, this does not mean Mathematical Literacy.

Criteria for progression

This applies to students that want to enrol for the NCV Level 3. They must have already passed a minimum of 5 NCV Level 2 subjects. Those intending to enrol for NCV Level 4 also need to have successfully gone through all 7 Level 2 subjects and a minimum of 5 NCV Level 3 subjects.

Coastal KZN TVET College has eight Campuses which include Durban, Umlazi BB, Umlazi V, Ubuhle Bogu, Swinton, Aa salaam as well as the Appelsbosch campus. Coastal KZN TVET College was formed after the merging of the former Durban Technical College, Umlazi Technical College and Swinton Road Technical College.

Registration and qualifications

Not all students can register at the college's database. Those that can register must have met the necessary qualifications.

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Coastal College courses

Coastal College
Coastal College. Photo: @coastalkzntvetcollege
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The courses offered at the school depend on the category you will be enrolling for.

National Certificate Vocational (NCV)

This is a new and modern qualification that is geared towards responding directly to the direct needs of the workplace. It involves high-quality training and placement of students at the relevant stations. Some of the courses offered under these are:

Business Studies

  • NCV: Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • NCV: Marketing
  • NCV: Management
  • NCV: Office Administration
  • NCV: Information Technology and Computer Science

Engineering Studies

  • NCV: Civil Engineering & Building Construction (Masonry/Plumbing/Carpentry)
  • NCV: Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • NCV: Engineering and Related Design (Automotive/Fabrication/Fitter and Turner)

General Studies

  • NCV: Education and Development
  • NCV: Hospitality
  • NCV: Primary Agriculture
  • NCV: Tourism

Nated (Report 191)

Apart from the NCV, we also have courses offered under the Nated Report. These are majorly engineering and business courses that are offered under the National Higher education department. They include:

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Business Studies N4 - N6

  • Nated: Financial Management
  • Nated: Human Resource Management
  • Nated: Management Assistant
  • Nated: Marketing Management
  • Nated: Public Management
  • Nated: Tourism

Engineering Studies N1 - N6

  • Nated: Civil Engineering
  • Nated: Electrical Engineering
  • Nated: Mechanical Engineering
  • Nated: Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice/Draughting

Fees and bursaries

To know the exact amount required, students must find out from the organization. It helps if the students would contact the school for further explanations on the exact fees as this varies depending on the school's plans.

Contact details

Coastal College
Coastal College application. Photo: @coastalkzntvetcollege
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To reach out to the various campuses, you need the right contact details as described below.

1. Central Administration Office

  • Physical location: 50051 Mfundi Mngadi Dr, KwaMakhutha
  • Telephone number: +27 31 905 7000/1

2. Appelsbosch Campus

  • Physical location: 1621 Appelsbosch Hospital Road, Ozwatini
  • Telephone number: +27 31 905 7000/1,
  • 3. Durban Campus
  • Physical location: 1 Jameson Crescent, Umbilo
  • Telephone: +27 31 206 0616/7/8

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4. As-salaam Satellite Campus

  • Physical location: Road D691 off Ixopo Main Road, Braemer
  • Telephone number: +27 31 003 3470

5. Swinton Campus

  • Physical location: 20 Swinton Road, Mobeni
  • Telephone: +27 31 462 2333

6. UMlazi-BB Campus

  • Physical location: BB1258 Nandi Road, Umlazi
  • Telephone: +27 31 909 3800/3811

7. UMbumbulu Campus

  • Physical location: 50051 Mfundi Mngadi Dr, KwaMakhutha
  • Telephone: +27 31 905 7200

8. UMlazi-V Campus

  • Physical location: 200 Prince Mcwayizeni Dr
  • Telephone: +27 31 907 2666 / 2672

9. Tooling Centre of Excellence

  • Physical location: 1 Jameson Crescent, Umbilo
  • Telephone: +27 31 274 8441

10. Ubuhle Bogu Campus (kwaQiko)

  • Physical location: P77 Mkhunya Road, KwaQiko
  • Telephone: +27 31 905 7000/1

11. CKZN Occupational Skills Training & Testing Centre

  • Physical location: G32 Buthelezi Road, Mpumalanga Township, Hammarsdale
  • Telephone: +27 31 771 1370

12. Enterprise Development Unit

  • Physical location20 Swinton Road, Mobeni
  • Telephone: +27 31 462 8772/6

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13. The Training Academy

  • Physical location: 50051 Mfundi Mngadi Dr, KwaMakhutha
  • Telephone: +27 31 905 7063

Coastal College is one of the best institutions to apply to, especially if you are around KwaZulu Natal. Make sure you meet the requirements and apply for a course of your choice.

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