Did you remember Eddie from 'Good Times'? He is happily married now

Did you remember Eddie from 'Good Times'? He is happily married now

- Briefly just learned from 'I Love Old School Music' that the actor who played high school bully Eddie in the seventies sitcom 'Good Times' is now happily married.

- The role of Eddie was played by none other than Robert Douglas Grant who also featured heavily in 'The Electric Company'.

- Robert Douglas Grant is married to Eileen Grant with whom he shares his love for painting.

Everybody who watched television during the seventies definitely loved to watch the CBS sitcom 'Good Times'.

The sitcom began in 1974 and ran on television screens nationwide until 1979 when it was canceled.

'Good Times' was a groundbreaking series when it first appeared on television as it was the first series to be based on an African American family.

Most 'Good Times' fans would remember the iconic lunch money rip-off episode where the main character Micheal Evans was being constantly berated, walked over and picked on by a bully named Eddie.

Eddie was actually a one-off character in the series as he didn't have any more roles in the sitcom but the character was brought to life by an actor named Robert Douglas Grant.

Robert Douglas Grant's character did stop bullying Michael Evans after spending a weekend with the Evans family and learning a lesson of respect and love but that is a story for another day.

Robert Douglas who wowed our television screens with his performance as Eddie on 'Good Times' in the seventies is now fifty-two-years-old and happily married.

The actor who also appeared in 'The Electric Company' is married to a woman named Eileen who has been described as a painter and educator.

According to reports, the pair met at an art show, before exchanging numbers and going on a date which Eileen previously described as the most magical date of her life.

According to Eileen who described her wedding day with a dreamy look in her eyes, her wedding day was really special as she was given away by her dad and two uncles.

She was quoted as saying:

'They're all very special in my life, so when I came through the chapel doors, my Dad met me and took me down part of the way to one uncle, and then he took me to the second one, who gave me away'.

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