Made For Each Other Teasers: May 2020

Made For Each Other Teasers: May 2020

Made For Each Other Teasers for May 2020 came early for the lovers of Indian soap operas. Indian shows are known for catching the attention of viewers, and this one is no different. You should expect to see a lot of drama in May 2020 episodes. Read on to find out more.

Made For Each Other Teasers

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A lot of action will be going down, as numerous things happen to different characters. Will Prerna and Anurag finally get married? Does Kamolika's plan work out? Find out from the following teasers!

Made for each other teasers for May 2020

What do you wish should happen to your favourite characters in the May 2020 episodes? Read the following teasers for more information.

Will Anurag find answers?

Anurag is determined to get answers from Mr Bajaj, who is also planning to eliminate him.

1st May 2020 (Friday Episode)

Roshni and Aman reach the Basu estate. Komolika cannot accept the condition of her face regarding the transformation that has happened. Anurag wants Mr Bajaj to give him answers.

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Made For Each Other Teasers

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4th May 2020 (Monday Episode)

Anurag rescues Tanvi from goons that want to molest her. Komolika wants to go back to Mr Bajaj's life even as she collects evidence against him.

5th May 2020 (Tuesday Episode)

Mr Bajaj is planning to eliminate Anurag as he binds Moloy to his wheelchair. Prerna and Anupam cannot get out of their rooms as they have been locked inside.

6th May 2020 (Wednesday Episode)

Moloy and Cookie are taken to a medical facility where they are admitted. Mohini does not want Prerna to donate blood to Cookie as she blames Anurag for the state Moloy is in.

7th May 2020 (Thursday Episode)

Moloy can talk, a situation that makes the Basus family happy. Cookie avoids talking to Mr Bajaj. Prerna is shocked to learn about what Mr Bajaj did.

8th May 2020 (Friday Episode)

Anurag and Prerna reunite after Mr Bajaj reveals shocking details. Prerna wants Komolika to know the whole truth even as she wants to get back into the life of Anurag.

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Will the wedding take place?

After Anurag and Prerna reunite, the Basus and Bajaj families are happy to start making wedding preparations. Komolika is against the wedding and plans to sabotage the occasion.

11th May 2020 (Monday Episode)

The Bajaj and Basus families are happy to plan the wedding of Anurag and Prerna. Komolika does not want the wedding to happen, and she intends to obstruct the occasion.

12th May 2020 (Tuesday Episode)

Mr Bajaj gives Prerna a letter as he gets out of the house. Anurag is happy after getting news regarding the pregnancy of Prerna.

13th May 2020 (Wednesday Episode)

Anurag disappears after being involved in an accident that was planned by Komolika. After one month, the Basus are about to get a shocker.

14th May 2020 (Thursday Episode)

Komolika hides her identity as she tells Basus that her name is Sonalika. She also reveals to them that Anurag is not in his right senses. Prerna is amazed by Anurag's shocking announcement.

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15th May 2020 (Friday Episode)

Komolika manages to deceive the Basus. Mohini wants Prerna out of the house. Could this be the end of Anurag and Prerna relationship?

Made For Each Other Teasers

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A win for Komolika?

Komolika is ecstatic that her plan has worked, and Prerna has been chased away from the Basus mansion. What is her next move?

18th May 2020 (Monday Episode)

Komolika is happy as her plan works out, and Prerna is chased out of the Basu Mansion. Komolika is not done yet as she thinks of a plan to murder Prerna.

19th May 2020 (Tuesday Episode)

Shivani is angry as he scolds Mohini and Moloy for chasing Prerna out of the house. Shivani also lets Anurag know details about the death of Rajesh.

20th May 2020 (Wednesday Episode)

Komolika and Anurag go to the Kuldevi Temple together without realizing that Prerna is watching them. Anurag is willing to assist Prerna after she gets involved in an accident.

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26th May 2020 (Tuesday Episode)

Anurag asks Veena to have confidence in him, for he will find a lasting solution. Nivedita overhears surprising truth. Anurag seeks Prerna's help to rescue Veena.

27th May 2020 (Wednesday Episode)

Anurag is determined to solve everything. Will Anurag save Veena? What will Nivedita do now that the truth is out?

Made For Each Other Teasers

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28th May 2020 (Thursday Episode)

Sharda requests Prerna to lie against Veena before the court. Everyone will be taken aback by the person they will meet. Anurag is about to be startled.

29th May 2020 (Friday Episode)

Nivedita cannot believe how distressed Anurag is. Prerna runs to Mr Bajaj, but Tanvi schemes to tear them apart.

30th May 2020 (Saturday Episode)

Anurag attempts suicide. Mr Bajaj holds a party to celebrate the good news. Nivedita is upset by Prerna's action.

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31st May 2020 (Sunday Episode)

Anurag sees Prerna doing the unexpected. Mr Bajaj attempts to get close to her, and Anurag forgives her.

What happens to the main characters?

Made For Each Other Teasers

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A lot of drama will be witnessed in the May 2020 episodes of Made For Each Other episodes. You should expect to see the following happening to the main characters.


He wants Mr Bajaj to give him answers, who is also planning to murder him. He later reunites with Prerna, and their wedding plans are underway. He disappears after getting involved in an accident before their wedding.


She finds the truth that shocks her. Her wedding to Anurag does not happen as she is chased out of the Basus mansion.


Her facial transformation does not impress her. She is not happy when Anurag and Prerna reunite. She plans to interfere with the AnuPre wedding as she makes Anurag disappear because of the accident she planned.

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Expect a lot of drama from your favourite Indian soapie in May 2020 because the Made For Each Other Teasers above have only highlighted the juicy parts of the episodes that will be aired. Do not miss the action; hence tune your television to Starlife at 19h30.


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