Jake Paul bio: age, girlfriend, family, guns, FBI raid, racist slurs, George Floyd, wealth

Jake Paul bio: age, girlfriend, family, guns, FBI raid, racist slurs, George Floyd, wealth

Jake Paul, an American Vine Star, is famous for acting as Dirk Mann in two seasons of Bizaardvark, a Disney Channel series. He has also performed in comedy movies named Mono, Dance Camp, and Dugan. The celebrity takes advantage of his bad reputation to build his YouTube career. Jake Paul home raid happened on 5th August 2020. The FBI had a federal search warrant to search his residence, but in-depth details regarding the investigation were not revealed. He never hides the fact that he hates education and black people, yet his video content targets kids and teens.

Jake Paul

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He is a handsome blonde-haired young man. Jake Paul subscribers on YouTube are over a billion. He has inspired thousands of uprising YouyTube influencers since he is one of the highest-paid YouTubers. You can also make money on YouTube. Many people find his Tube Red series addictive despite the poor image he holds in society. Forbes revealed that he is worth $11.5 million. Would you love to know more about his false wedding and other scandals? Read on to find out.

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Jake Paul profiles

  • Full name: Jake Joseph Paul
  • Date of birth: 17th January 1997
  • Age: 23 years
  • Career: YouTuber, Singer and Actor
  • Jake Paul height: 6ft. 2 inches
  • Nationality: American

Jake Paul biography

Jake Paul age is 23 years. The internet personality from Cleveland, Ohio, USA was born on 17th January 1997. Growing up, he took part in football and wrestling. Jake attended Westlake High School in Ohio. He trained as a Navy Seal and also tried his luck in a wrestling career before becoming a YouTube celebrity in 2013.

Jake Paul

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Jake Paul YouTube channel gained popularity from his trending Vine videos. He got millions of followers within the first five months of his YouTube career and also won the Shorty Award in the Videographer category. Aside from his YouTube career and acting, he has released several songs. It's Everyday Bro, is the most popular song among Jake Paul songs. It got over 70 million views in a month.

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Where is Jake Paul family?

Jake Paul and Logan Paul are brothers. Logan is also a Vines social media influencer, and the two collaborate in some of their Vine videos. Their parents, Gregory Allan Paul (father) and Pamela Ann Stepnick (mother), are in the USA.

Jake Paul wife is Tana Mongeau. He has a thing for models because he dated Alissa Violett before being in a relationship with Erika Costell. The two parted ways in 2018, and he announced to marry another model, Tana Mongeau, in 2019 after dating her for two months. They had a lavish wedding in Los Angeles for publicity and divorced shortly afterwards. Currently, he is in a relationship with Julia Rose. Here are Tana and Paul together:

Jake Paul

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Jake Paul scandals

There are many controversies in his life. Here are some of them:

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The neighbours declared him a nuisance

KTLA reported public nuisance lawsuit that had been filed by his neighbours concerning his misconduct. Not only was he noisy but also a party freak who invited a lot of people in his home to party. The news shortly came up after the Disney Channel series announced that Paul had been removed from their show.

He made a pornographic video with his ex-girlfriend

In 2018, the star had to remake and repost a video. Jake Paul girlfriend, Erika Costell and him, posted a disturbing video entitled, I lost my virginity. It was age-restricted by YouTube because it was not appropriate for his younger fans.

Where are Jake Paul guns?

During the FBI search in his mansion, they found a gun in the backyard and seized multiple other firearms from the residence. Why do the cops want him? The investigation is connected to the riot at a shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Jake Paul

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He was accused of planning to mislead children

In 2020, he announced partnering with GenZ Holdings Inc, a Los Angeles-based brand development group, to create The Financial Freedom Movement. The objective of the project was for him to share with children his "personal experience; rituals and secret formula" that will enable them to improve their online presence. Many people criticized him for wanting to build a platform where he was going to share destructive information with the younger generation.

Is Jake Paul a racist?

Jake Paul racist slurs in a TMZ video sparked outrage from masses. He used the "nigga” word several times while free-styling in the song.

Why did Jake Paul trend during the George Floyd protests?

Many social media users questioned his motives for recording alooting incident in a mall during the protests. In his defense, he explained that the video was meant to serve the public in the future.

Meet Jake Paul, the sensational YouTuber
Jake Paul

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He was with his friend having dinner at P.F Changs, outside of Scottsdale Fashion Square in Scottsdale, Arizona, when the protests caught their attention. He was charged for criminal trespass and unlawful assembly.

He broke the lockdown restrictions

There was a party in Jake Paul mansion, in Calabasas, California, amid the COVID 19 lockdown restrictions. The town's mayor, Alicia Weintraub, was outraged by the incident because the people flaunted the social distancing rules.


Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about this celebrity:

Is Jake Paul married?

He pulled a publicity stunt by wedding Tana Mongeau in Los Angeles. Later, Jake and his brother, Logan revealed that it was a fake marriage. He broke up with Tana, and he is currently dating Julia Rose.

Jake Paul

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How much is Jake Paul worth?

Jake Paul net worth is around $11.5 million, while Celebrity Net Worth estimates that he is worth $17 million. Jake Paul cars is a collection of posh machines. He owns a Mercedes-Benz, Dodge Challenger, The 'Cool Bus', Polaris Slingshot, and the Maverick Bugatti Veyron.

Does Jake Paul have a son?

The video of a four-year-old youtube star, Tydus Talbott, went viral. The video was entitled Mini Jake Paul. Jake desires to be a father, but he has no child yet.

How did Jake Paul get rich?

He gets his money from making YouTube videos, and his channel has millions of viewers.

Although the controversial lifestyle of Jake Paul is infuriating, he has opened many people's eyes concerning earning an income online. If his success inspires you to start a YouTube channel, please do not use his success strategies.

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