Lorraine Guyo bio: age, husband, occupation, pictures, profiles, latest video

Lorraine Guyo bio: age, husband, occupation, pictures, profiles, latest video

Who is Lorraine Guyo? She is a Zimbabwean social media comedian who rose to the top after posting a video that went viral. Lorraine gained her popularity partly due to her relatable skits, which she posts on her social media pages, and due to controversies surrounding her personal and lifestyle choices.

Lorraine Guyo bio
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

Lorraine Guyo is famous for the video Ndinyengeiwo, in which she was asking men to approach her ahead of the 2019 Valentine’s Day celebrations. The video led to a backlash from netizens but also led to several brand collaborations that have contributed to her massive growth. How well do you know Lorraine Guyo?

Lorraine Guyo Profile summary

  • Full name: Lorraine Guyo
  • Other names: Chihera Lolo
  • Lorraine Guyo date of birth: 23rd February 1994
  • Place of birth: Zimbabwe
  • Lorraine Guyo age: 26 years old
  • Marital status: Single
  • Nationality: Zimbabwean
  • Occupation: Actor, Comedian
  • Years active: 2019-present

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Lorraine Guyo was born 26 years ago in Zimbabwe to Elias Guyo. She went to school at St Antony’s Musiso High School.


Her popularity started unexpectedly after posting the Lorraine Guyo video YouTube that catapulted her to an overnight internet sensation. The Ndinyengeiwo girl, as she is fondly known, was soon a sought-after influencer with several brands approaching her for collaborations.

Lorraine has worked with brands such as the retail clothing store Jan Jam, Steward Bank, and fast-food chain Mambos, among others.

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Soon after her viral Video, Guyo was a guest at Acie Lumumba's internet show, The Lumumba Files, to clarify issues surrounding the release of the video. Guyo told Lumumba she had recorded the video as a joke for Valentine's Day, but people did not understand the joke.

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She further said she had received 7,000 messages on her WhatsApp from men who wanted to be her date on that day.

I don’t know who put my number on social media. I received 7,000 messages on Whats App and actually had to block my Econet line as my phone was now crashing. These messages were from men who had liked what they had seen and wanted to be my valentine dates.

Another Lorraine Guyo Stonyeni video that garnered over 52,000 views had followers asking her not to mind negative comments. They further told her that she was going in the right direction.

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Lorraine Guyo has taken advantage of her status and collaborated with top comedians in the country. She has worked with Madam boss, Mai Tt, Peter Moyo, and Mai Bibi.

Lorraine Guyo age
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

Lorraine Guyo productions

Shortly after gaining her newfound celebrity status, the young comedian founded her production company in September 2019. The actor took advantage of her popularity and now makes professional skits and short series that keep her followers entertained.

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Her productions include Not My Son, a series with one season and twenty episodes. She posts them on her YouTube channel together with lifestyle videos for her followers.

Personal life

Lorraine Guyo's career has been marred by various scandals when it comes to her love life, which has been an open book to her fans since she posts every aspect of her life on social media.

Her manager turned boyfriend, Thomas Chizhanje, has been a subject of interest for her followers since they started going out.

However, their very nasty breakup and screenshots of their conversation have put her in awkward positions in which she had to defend her choices in public.

Lorraine Guyo and Thomas Chizhanje exchanged bitter words through their social media pages. The comedian accused her ex-boyfriend of stealing her money and her virginity in August 2019.

Lorraine Guyo husband
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

The star said she would never give a second chance to Chizhanje. Guyo went ahead and warned her ex-boyfriend to stop posting their pictures online.

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Many fans are eager to know if she is married after her very public break up. Details of Lorraine Guyo husband are not known.

In Lorraine Guyo latest news, the actor involved herself in yet another scandal after celebrating her 26th birthday. The internet sensation found herself with unpaid bills after her birthday party at the Rainbow Towers Hotel flopped.

The party did not have the attendance she had anticipated, and some service providers went home empty-handed. Lorraine eventually confirmed having paid the affected parties.

Lorraine Guyo Pictures

As young as she is in the entertainment industry, Lorraine has kept her fans entertained through her posts on social media handles.

Lorraine Guyo Instagram page is very active and has over one hundred and fifty thousand followers. Apart from Instagram, the comedian has an active Lorraine Guyo Facebook page, where she interacts with her followers.

Below are some of the actor's pictures taken on various occasions.

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1. As bright as the sun

Lorraine Guyo profile
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

2. African queen

Lorraine Guyo bio
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

3. Enjoying the weather

Lorraine Guyo bio
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

4. Looking glamorous

Lorraine Guyo latest video
Image: instagram.com, @lorraine_guyo
Source: Instagram

Going by the stir she has caused in just one year, Lorraine Guyo is a force to reckon with in the arts and entertainment industry. The actor has proven that any publicity, good or bad, is enough to shape one's future. We cannot wait to see what the queen of comedy will deliver in the coming years.

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