Hells Angels: All you need to know about the one-percenter motorcycle club

Hells Angels: All you need to know about the one-percenter motorcycle club

Clubs, societies, and movements have existed from time immemorial. While some may be good, others are considered outlaws. In relation to motorcycle clubs, the oldest clubs date back to 1936. Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is among the most famous outlaw clubs in the world, and it dates back to the late 1940s.

Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club
Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club. Photo: hellsangels_mc
Source: Instagram

Hells Angels mottos are: Angels Forever, Forever Angels, which is the traditional one and When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets, which is a one-percenter saying. So, what is the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club? Who are they? Stick around to find out.

Who are Hells Angels?

The first club was established on 17th March 1948 in Fontana, California United States of America. In the 1950s, there was the continuous establishment of charters which initially had no relation to each other. Later on, the charters united with the first club, and Hells Angels became international in 1961. On 30th July 1969, the organization got its first charter in Europe in London, England. Today, in Europe there are over 275 charters.

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The association continued to grow internationally, and in the late 1970s, the Australian Clubs started. In 1984, the first charter in South America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was formed. The Hells Angels South Africa, which was the first charter in Africa, was established. Aside from the one percenter motorcycle club South Africa, other countries in Africa have received charters, which are Namibia (2018) and Egypt (2020).

Hells Angels rules

The association has a strict set of rules that must be adhered to no matter where your charter is located. Some of the rules of the association include:

  • Women are not allowed to join.
  • There are dire consequences for breaking the rules.
  • Once an Angel, always an Angel, you do not retire unless you are kicked out.
  • When the police pull over one member, all the members also pullover.
  • You can never tell on a member.
  • You should not talk to the media about matters to do with the organization.
  • No law enforcement officers are allowed to join since there will be a conflict of interest.
  • The vests are sacred.
  • There is an order when riding.

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Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club
Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club. Photo: hellsangels_mc
Source: Instagram

The 81 Hells Angels is actually a metonym. The number 8 represents the eighth letter in the alphabets which is H and the 1 stands for the first letter which A. The initials form the club's name Hells Angels. Hells Angels logo is comprised of the name of the organization, at the centre is the death head and the squares with the letters MC, which stand for Motorcycle Club.

What are the Hells Angels membership requirements?

The process of becoming a member of the association is lengthy and strict. When a candidate successfully goes through the first phase, they become a hang-around. During this phase, the individual can meet the members at designated places and take part in some association activities or events. If the hang-around is still interested, he can continue on to become an associate. The level of an associate lasts for a year or two after which the individual is recognized as a prospect.

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As a prospect, the individual still does not have the privileges of voting but can take part in some club events as his evaluation process continues. The last phase is Full Patch or Full Membership. In this stage, the individual is unanimously voted for by the rest of the full club members. Before the voting takes place, the prospect goes to the charters in the geographic jurisdiction of the charter he has applied in. While there, the full members get familiar with the prospect and ask questions related to the individual. It is also a period when he vows allegiance to the association and the members. During the Hells Angels initiation ceremony, the individual is endowed with the final logo patch.

Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club
Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club. Photo: hellsangels_mc
Source: Instagram

Hells Angels members are over 2500 as of 2013. It is expected that since then the numbers have increased. Prospective candidates are required to have the following before they join:

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  • A valid driver’s license
  • A motorcycle with over 750cc
  • Good personal qualities are also looked at. It is believed that people who were previously prison officers, policemen, or child molesters are not considered in the patching process.

MACS vs Hells angels

The MACs motorcycle club set the record straight in a post on the club’s Facebook page in 2018. The post stated that the two associations had a long-overdue conflict, and they had been having meetings to try and sort out their dispute. The conflict came about after a member affiliated with Hells Angels, shot and murdered one of the MACs members. They also stated that most of the members of Angels wanted to settle that conflict, but some individuals in the organisation and members from other clubs were still not as cooperative.

Hells Angels allies are numerous in different countries all over the world. Some of the allies include the Red Devils, the Iron Horsemen, Galloping Goose, the Warlocks, the Head Hunters in New Zealand, and Sons of Silence.

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Frequently asked questions

The motorcycle club has been existent for decades now and still not everything about the association is known by the rest of the public. However, there is still a lot of information that is open to the public. Here are some of the things that you might be wondering about:

Hells Angels one-percenter motorcycle club
The Bandidos. Photo: pe_ppee
Source: Instagram

Who are the enemies of Hells Angels?

Bandidos has been a long time enemy to Hells Angels. The association was established in 1966 by Donald Chambers. Hells Angels alongside Bandidos are considered to be among the one percenter that is dominanting worldwide.

Are Hells Angels dangerous?

There have been numerous Hells Angels news of charges brought against the association both in the USA and its charters internationally. Hells Angels, being linked to crimes such as gang violence, drug trafficking, arms dealing, and other illegal activities, has led it to be considered by the public and law enforcement as dangerous.

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Do Hells Angels still exist?

Yes, the organization still exists. It was formed in the late 1940s and has been successfully functioning for over seven decades now. It was founded in Fontana, California, USA.

What are the Hells Angels known for?

The organization is considered among the most famous outlaw motorcycle gangs. It has been linked to criminal activities, such as the manufacturing and distributing of illegal drugs. In the National Gang Report carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the association is taken as an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Hells Angels has been lying low for a while now, especially in the USA. If you were not familiar with the motorcycle club, now you know a thing or two about them.

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