SASSA payment dates 2024/2025: social grants calendar

SASSA payment dates 2024/2025: social grants calendar

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a part of the country’s Department of Social Development. It is mandated to provide social assistance to deserving groups such as the old, disabled, financially constrained, war veterans, and those caring for children. SASSA releases these grants every month. Discover the SASSA payment dates for 2024/2025 today.

The SASSA logo and a hand holding a SASSA card
The SASSA logo and a hand holding a SASSA card. Photo: @SASSA News (modified by author)
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Numerous South Africans receiving social grants are eager to know the SASSA payment dates for 2024/2025. Luckily for them, SASSA has released the payment schedule for the 2024/2025 financial year.

SASSA payment dates for 2024/2025

The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is administered according to app-section 32 of the Social Assistance Act, 2004 (Act No. 13 of 2004). It is implemented with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance.

The table below gives the SASSA SRD payment dates for 2024/2025. Note that the dates are different for different categories; for example, the SASSA old age grant payment date is different from the disability grant date.

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MonthOlder persons grantDisability grantChildren's grant
April 202403/04/202404/04/202405/04/2024
May 202403/05/202406/05/202407/05/2024
June 202404/06/202405/06/202406/06/2024
July 202402/07/202403/07/202404/07/2024
August 202402/08/202405/08/202406/08/2024
September 202403/09/202404/09/202405/09/2024
October 202402/10/202403/10/202404/10/2024
November 202405/11/202406/11/202407/11/2024
December 202403/12/202404/12/202405/12/2024
January 202503/01/202506/01/202507/01/2025
February 202504/02/202505/02/202506/02/2025
March 202504/03/202505/03/202506/03/2025

Overview of the different SASSA grants

Here is a look at the different social assistance grants under SASSA.

R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant

The Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) is given to deserving special permit holders, asylum seekers, refugees, and South African citizens aged between 18 and 60 years. To qualify, they must meet certain requirements, including not receiving another grant and having insufficient means.

If you recently applied for the SRD grant, you can do a SASSA status check for R350 payment dates. The relevant authorities have created a checking portal that is easy to use.

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Disability grant

This is a social relief fund meant for people with disabilities. To qualify for the disability grant, one must meet all the stated requirements and undergo a medical examination by a qualified medical officer.

The officer will then report whether the applicant should receive the grant or not. The SASSA disability grant payment dates follow the SASSA pension dates, usually by a day.

Old age grant

This grant is meant for people aged 60 and above and who meet the government’s criteria for social relief. Besides the age requirement, applicants must be South African citizens, refugees, or permanent residents.

Under the new payment programme, the SASSA old age grant payment date takes precedence over all other grant dates, meaning it is issued first. The SASSA pension payout dates are at the beginning of every month(refer to the table above).

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Child support grant (Children's grant)

Children's grants are given to people raising children who are experiencing severe financial constraints. Here are the requirements to qualify for the child support grant.

  • Both the applicant and the child must reside in South Africa.
  • The applicant and spouse must meet the requirements of the means test.
  • The applicant must be the primary caregiver of the child/ children concerned.
  • The child/children must have been born after 31 December 1993.
  • The primary caregiver must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.
A person holding a collection of mixed denomination South African rand banknotes in Johannesburg
A person holding a collection of mixed denomination South African rand banknotes in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg
Source: Getty Images

How to check your SASSA balance

It is important to check your balance regularly if you are a recent SASSA grant recipient or an existing grant holder. Follow the steps below to check your balance.

Checking via USSD

  • Dial *120*69277# using your phone.
  • Follow the prompts. You will be asked to provide your details, including your ID and phone number.
  • You will receive your current balance details via SMS.

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Checking via WhatsApp

  • Save the SASSA WhatsApp number, i.e., +27820468553, on your phone.
  • Type SASSA and send it to the WhatsApp number.
  • Reply with Status to the response you receive.
  • You will receive another response. Reply with Yes if you have a reference number.
  • Enter the mobile number associated with your grant in the next response you get.
  • Send your reference number in the last response.
  • You will receive a response with your current SASSA status and balance report.

Checking your balance at the ATM

  • Insert your SASSA card into the ATM.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN code to access your account.
  • Select the option Account Balance.
  • You can view your account balance on the screen or print a receipt.
A black person holding a brown wallet with South African Rand notes
A black person holding a brown wallet with South African Rand notes. Photo: Richard Darko
Source: Getty Images

How are SASSA grant dates determined?

The SASSA payments and SASSA dates are determined by the Department of Social Development. Major changes to these figures and dates are often communicated by the minister in charge of the docket.

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What are the SASSA payment dates for 2024?

The 2024 SASSA payment dates are at the beginning of each month. Refer to the table above for the exact dates.

How can you check the R350 pay date?

The easiest way is to visit the SASSA SRD website. Enter your ID number and phone number used during your application to check the date.

What date is the next SASSA payout?

Check the next SASSA payout dates in the table above.

How do you know if your R350 is approved?

You can visit the SASSA status check portal to check the status of your application. Use it to confirm if you have been approved or rejected for the grant.

The official SASSA payment dates were released to the public earlier in the year. Knowing the dates makes it easy for the social relief beneficiaries to anticipate and plan for their monies.

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