Top 15 best dishwashers in South Africa: Images and a guide for buying one (2024)

Top 15 best dishwashers in South Africa: Images and a guide for buying one (2024)

Investing in a dishwasher will help you save time and effort on the gruelling task of washing dishes, the time you could have spent doing something you enjoy. Skip out on hours of washing dishes by getting one of the best dishwashers in South Africa in 2024.

best dishwashers in South Africa
Quality dishwashers can handle a large number of dishes, utensils, and cookware in a single cycle. Photo:, @Alexey+Vecherin, @Castorly Stock (modified by author)
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The list of top dishwashers in South Africa is based on the reliability of the machines, their energy efficiency, noise levels, and overall performance. The list is also based on the highly rated machines by consumers and reviewers online.

Summary of the best dishwashers in South Africa

1Miele G 5000 SC Active DishwasherR19,999
2Whirlpool Integrated Dishwasher WIC3C26PFSAR10,300
3Siemens SN258I10TZ DishwasherR10,299
4Samsung DW60M5070FS DishwasherR8,499
5Bosch 13 Place Dishwasher Series 4R7,999
6Smeg DW6QWSA-1 DishwasherR6,999
7Midea 14 Place Deluxe DishwasherR6,199
8Bosch 12 Place Dishwasher SMS24AW01ZR5,799
9Toshiba 8 Place Dishwasher R5,767
10Midea 13 Place DishwasherR5,699
11Hisense 13 Place Dishwasher (with LED Display)R5,499
12Defy 13 Place Dishwasher DDW242R5,299.99
13Defy DDW236 13-Place Setting A+ Inox DishwasherR4,599
14Midea 6 Place Countertop DishwasherR4,299
15Swan Countertop Dishwasher SDW6SR3,599

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Top 15 best dishwashers in South Africa

The best dishwashers you can purchase on the market offer value for money through a quality machine that does not break the bank. Looking at aspects like how many dishes a dishwasher can hold and any other valuable benefits is a good guide for what you should consider.

Purchasing a dishwasher from a reputable brand is also something to prioritise. Doing that will ensure you have a reliable warranty on your chosen appliance and that it is authentic. Here are some of the best dishwashers in South Africa, according to reviews.

15. Swan Countertop Dishwasher SDW6S - R3,599

Those with minimal space and fewer dishes to wash can take advantage of the Swan Countertop Dishwasher SDW6S model. It has countertop installation, six place settings and cleaning programmes, electronic controls, and a concealed heating element. You can pick one of these up for around R3,599.

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14. Midea 6 Place Countertop Dishwasher - R4,299

The Midea 6 Place Countertop Dishwasher is a compact and portable dishwasher that is perfect for small kitchens or apartments. It is a good option for those looking for a small, affordable, and easy-to-use dishwasher. The Midea 6 goes for R4,299.

13. Defy DDW236 13-Place Setting A+ Inox Dishwasher - R4,599

The Defy DDW236 functions like a high-performance appliance with minimal noise. With a self-cleaning filter, this make is also considered energy-efficient, so you spend less time on maintenance. With a 13-place setting and five advanced washing modes, it costs around R4,599.

12. Defy 13 Place Dishwasher DDW242 - R5,299.99

The Defy 13 Place Dishwasher is a full-size dishwasher with a capacity of 13 place settings. It has a delay start timer which allows you to set the dishwasher to start at a later time, so you can have clean dishes waiting for you when you need them. You can purchase it for R5,299.99.

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11. Hisense 13 Place Dishwasher (with LED Display) - R5,499

The Hisense 13 Place Dishwasher mixes practicality and affordability to create a helpful machine you can depend on. Complete with an LED display, adjustable racks, a half-load function and a cutlery tray to save space on the rack, you will be satisfied with your purchase. It retails for around R5,499.

10. Midea 13 Place Dishwasher - R5,699

Dishwashing machine with open drawer next to refrigerator covered in childrens' fridge magnets
Modern dishwashers are designed to be more water-efficient than hand washing. Photo: Donald Iain Smith
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The Midea 13 Place Dishwasher is one of the top 10 best dishwashers in South Africa. It comes in two finishes: white and stainless steel. It has a self-cleaning mechanism and antibacterial filter system, which ensures a hygienic and efficient cleaning experience. The Midea 13 Place Dishwasher goes for R5,699.

9. Toshiba 8 Place Dishwasher - R5,767

The Toshiba 8 Place model is ideal for those wanting a high-quality appliance that offers extra features for the hygiene-conscious. Enjoy a three-stage hygiene combination which gives washing power at 70 degrees Celsius, sterilisation through UV and gets rid of 99.99% of bacteria with its antibacterial filter. The model is regarded as one of the best dishwashers in 2024 and can cost around R5,767.

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8. Bosch 12 Place Dishwasher SMS24AW01Z - R5,799

The Bosch 12 Place Dishwasher is a quiet and efficient dishwasher with a sleek stainless steel design. It has a capacity of 12 place settings and features several cycles to clean your dishes thoroughly.

This dishwasher offers a variety of wash cycles to choose from, including a delicate cycle for glasses, a heavy-duty cycle for pots and pans, and an eco cycle that saves water and energy. The price for this dishwasher is R5,799. Bosch dishwashers with an a+++ energy rating offer the highest energy savings.

7. Midea 14 Place Deluxe Dishwasher - R6,199

The Midea 14 Place Deluxe provides you with excellent value for money. With 14 place settings, eight programmes and low noise, it is easy to see why it makes the list. The machine usually costs around R9,699.00, but at the time of writing, it is on sale for R6,199 at AC Direct.

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6. Smeg DW6QWSA-1 Dishwasher - R6,999

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use machine, look no further than the Smeg DW6QWSA-1 model. The 13-place setting allows you to wash plenty of dishes at once, with an option that cleans half a regular load, saving electricity and water. It also has a quick wash option. The model retails for about R6,999.

5. Bosch 13 Place Dishwasher Series 4 - R7,999

Woman arranging utensils in dishwasher at home
Energy-efficient dishwashers use less electricity, contributing to lower utility bills. Photo: The Good Brigade
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The Bosch 13 Place Dishwasher Series 4 is among the top 5 best dishwashers in South Africa. It is a freestanding, stainless steel machine that offers many benefits at an affordable price. The 13-place appliance has multiple features like water protection, hygiene plus option, and a 10-year warranty. The machine retails for around R7,999.

4. Samsung DW60M5070FS Dishwasher - R8,499

Samsung is a reputable brand, often coming out on top regarding appliances. Their Samsung DW60M5070FS model is no exception. With 14 place settings, a comprehensive LED display, a moveable third rack and an express wash option, you truly get your money's worth. It costs around R8,499.

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3. Siemens SN258I10TZ Dishwasher - R10,299

The Siemens SN258I10TZ Dishwasher is another high-end option that offers excellent cleaning performance and a range of features. It has a capacity of 14 place settings, an A+++ energy rating, and a quiet operation. It also features a variety of wash cycles to choose from.

2. Whirlpool Integrated Dishwasher WIC3C26PFSA - R10,300

The Whirlpool Integrated Dishwasher model has 14 place settings, five different wash cycle settings, and a third rack, giving users up to 35% more basket space. There is also minimal noise and fan-drying technology to avoid extra work after cleaning the dishes. The appliance costs around R10,300.

1. Miele G 5000 SC Active Dishwasher - R19,999

The G 5000 SC Active model is considered an entry-level option but will still cost you a hefty price. Miele is regarded as a high-end brand of dishwashers but has a cult following thanks to its high quality. The water supply design decreases power usage and water and has 14 place settings. A Miele dishwasher in South Africa can cost around R19,999.

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How do you choose a dishwasher in South Africa?

Teenage girl putting dishes in dishwasher, low section
Many modern dishwashers come with features such as delay start, adjustable racks, and multiple wash cycles. Photo: Andersen Ross
Source: Getty Images

The best dishwasher in South Africa would require the abovementioned benefits of affordability, functionality, and warranty. The machine's capacity and cost are key factors you should always consider, along with checking out your choice's reviews.

Is LG dishwasher better than Bosch?

Both LG and Bosch are reputable dishwasher brands with their own strengths and weaknesses. It ultimately depends on your individual priorities and needs.

Which company is the best for dishwashers?

As per The New York Times, Bosch stands out as the top choice for dishwashers, offering reliability, efficiency, and remarkably quiet performance.

What is the best brand of dishwasher to buy?

The best dishwasher brand depends entirely on your preference. Some prefer high-end items that offer state-of-the-art displays and various functions. Others consider a great brand one that does its job and is affordable. Generally, Bosch, LG, Smeg, Samsung, and Miele are always highly-rated.

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What is the longest-lasting dishwasher brand?

Bosch and Miele stand out as some of the most reliable among the available dishwasher brands in South Africa.

Which is the best dishwasher, Bosch or Siemens?

Bosch dishwashers in South Africa are hugely popular. Siemens is also highly rated, with consistently positive reviews. According to a study, although Bosch has more general reviews, Siemens scored higher, with an average rating of around 4.7. This study is specifically related to the Bosch Series 4 and Siemens iQ300.

How much is a Bosch 300 Series dishwasher in South Africa?

A Bosch 300 Series can cost you around R82,399. These dishwashers are known for their cleaning performance, quiet operation, and durability.

How much is a Bosch Series 6 dishwasher in South Africa?

Bosch Serie 6 Stainless Steel Dishwasher can cost around R13,499. This dishwasher offers a variety of wash cycles to choose from, so you can select the right cycle for your needs.

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Does a dishwasher use a lot of electricity in South Africa?

Using a dishwasher does cause a significant increase in your electricity usage. However, some brands are eco-conscious and are designed to use less electricity where possible.

If you want the best dishwashers in South Africa, choosing these brands will ensure you have one of the best dishwashing appliances available. From high-end options to more budget-friendly ones, there is something for everyone.

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