The most expensive Crocs in the market (2024): Top 10 list

The most expensive Crocs in the market (2024): Top 10 list

Crocs are one of the most popular footwear brands, making a strong comeback in recent years after celebrities like Post Malone and Kendall Jenner were seen sporting a pair. Depending on the type, these humble shoes may also have a heavy price tag. So, what is the best Crocs brand? And which are the most expensive Crocs in the market right now?

rare Jibbitz
These shoes can become costly, depending on a variety of factors. Photo: Al Bello
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High-end Crocs are a common theme for fashion-forward individuals within society and celebrities alike, which make the demand more exclusive. Besides, the original brand has some pricier items than others, and specific brand collaborations elevate the price even more.

Balenciaga is one of the major brands that have teamed up with them, creating some of the most expensive versions of the shoes on the market. Unique Crocs are especially popular too, and add-ons like rare Jibbitz elevate the look. Here is everything about the most valuable versions and which brand creates them.

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What is the most expensive Crocs charm?

The charms used on the shoe are called Jibbitz, a trademarked name for the official charms designed especially for the shoe brand. These options range from standard shoes to versions that can clip, tie and be pinned to items like shoe lashes, bags and jackets.

Regarding the charms designed to adorn Crocs, the most expensive ones available are the limited edition Dreamville X Crocs 13 Pack Jibbitz collection, costing $49.99. In contrast, the cheapest charm available is the Fly Money charm, on sale at the time of writing at $2.00.

Why are Crocs so expensive?

Since the shoes are not traditionally stylish, many wonder why they are more expensive than other casual-looking footwear. The biggest reason is believed to be the material it is made of.

Their trademark Croslite™ material is odour-resistant, non-toxic and does not deteriorate quickly. These aspects make it the perfect practical shoe, ideal for any situation.

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How much are Balenciaga Crocs?

The shoe's price may vary, depending on any collaborations with artists or how recently the design was released. But, the value may range anywhere from around $495 to over $1,000 a pair, significantly more expensive than the originals.

What are the most expensive Crocs?

Here are the priciest options on the market, from artist collaborations with the original brand to rare Crocs collaborating with high-end fashion brands which may break the bank:

10. SZA x Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs with zipper pouch
The SZA collaboration offers bright colours and stunning patterns. Photo: @snkr_twitr and @SneakerDropWW on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $250

SZA, a significant artist, has collaborated with the brand to create a design that may be costlier than others in the brand but is still the cheapest option on this list, retailing at $250. The shoe has her professional moniker on the top, with brightly-coloured options and flowing patterns.

9. KFC x Crocs Classic Clogs

How much are the new Balenciaga Crocs?
The KFC line was sold-out shortly after it was released. Photo: @MyCoolBin and @itsmydayru on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $300

Perhaps one of the most distinctive designs on the list, Kentucky Fried Chicken partnered up with the brand to create a unique shoe that KFC lovers can indulge in. The now sold-out design has imagery of fried chicken all over it, with charms that look like drumsticks finishing the look off. These would have set you back $300 when they were available.

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8. Karol G x Crocs Mega Crush Clogs

most expensive Crocs Balenciaga
Colombian singer Karol G’s range is well sought-after. Photo: @nicekicks on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $339

The Karol G x collaboration sees the brand joining forces with another famous singer, Colombian superstar Karol G, to create a visually appealing and comfortable design. The shoe costs $339 and has an enhanced rubber tread, updated detailing on the outsole and extra platform height to elevate the look.

7. MCM x Crocs Belt Bag Clogs

Crocs shoes
The MCM design has a small zip pouch attached. Photo:@SneakerShouts and @snkr_twitr on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $395

Coming in at number seven is the MCM x collection, this design will set you back $395. This collaboration with MCM, a high-end designer bag brand, sees the clog fitted with a dainty zip pouch, modelled after the iconic Fursten belt bag.

6. Balenciaga Pool Crocs Slide Sandals

Cost: $565

The massive fashion-house brand takes up most of the top spots within this list, with varying designs that are more elaborate and pricy than the next. This design, in particular, is a simple, sleek slide sandal that is open-toe, with a 5-mm arch and a tone-on-tone colour concept.

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5. Balenciaga Stiletto Clogs

Pollex Crocs
The design offers a discrete stiletto style. Photo: @SexyProvataki and @nbcchicago on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $625

Another more simple yet distinctive design is the Balenciaga Stiletto Clogs, which have a standard design as the other footwear versions, with one standout feature. The shoe has a slim, dainty black heel at the back, adding a more formal look. It retails for $625.

4. Balenciaga Platform Crocs

Lightning McQueen Crocs
The platform style has become one of the most expensive versions of the shoe. Photo: @thefader and @ScottGShore on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $850

The platform design combines a well-loved modern footwear brand with an iconic 90s trend that slowly crept back, the platform shoe. These designs cost $850 and have an unmissable chunky sole that gives you a height advantage and an edge above other standard designs.

3. Post Malone x Crocs Barbed Wire Clogs

rare Jibbitz
The design has the rapper’s distinctive barbed wire forehead tattoo on it. Photo: @stackerdecks and @VR_WatchX on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Cost: $858

It may come as no surprise that the Post Malone Crocs are among some of the highest-valued designs, as he is a well-loved artist that appeals to a wide range of music lovers, especially within the fashion world. The design has his iconic barbed wire forehead tattoo sprawled across it, a clear nod to the star's unique look. Although initially retailing at $60 a couple of years ago, its resell price can be above $858.

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2. Balenciaga Crocs Boots

most expensive Crocs charm
Many celebrities have been pictured wearing these boots. Photo: Hollywood To You
Source: Getty Images

Cost: $895

These boots have become hugely popular, with major celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kanye (Ye) West wearing them frequently. Valued at $895, these boots offer a mostly matte look with a slightly elevated sole.

1. Balenciaga HardCrocs Sandals

What is the best Crocs brand?
These studded designs are the most expensive ones on the market. Photo: Edward Berthelot
Source: Getty Images

Cost: $1,050

Coming in as number one of the priciest designer Crocs, the HardCrocs Sandals can cost you up to a whopping $1,050. The design has a chunky, edgy look, complete with a platform sole and metallic studs that add edginess and give your look an alternative edge.

The most expensive Crocs all share various factors in common: brand collaborations, artist collaborations, or a limited distinctive design. Each option is highly sought-after and will cost you a pretty penny.

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