Gym membership prices: Top 10 cheapest gyms in South Africa

Gym membership prices: Top 10 cheapest gyms in South Africa

Investing in a gym membership does not need to break the bank, with various cost-efficient options available. What are some cheap gym memberships near you? Here, we discuss the average Gym membership prices and the top 10 cheapest gyms as of 2024.

gym membership prices in South Africa
Gym membership prices in South Africa vary depending on the company and whether it is a high-end gym franchise. Photo: John Giustina and Mike Harrington (modified by author)
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Costly gym membership prices are a significant part of why many hesitate to sign up, with some only having limited funds to invest in their health. However, a gym membership does not always have to break the bank.

Which gym has the cheapest membership?

Various cheap gyms in South Africa offer functional gym equipment and classes at an affordable rate. What are the cheapest gym membership prices near you? Before detailing the list, we strive to provide our readers with valuable insights and information through our various rankings and lists. The information gathered was through News 24, The South African, and the mentioned gyms' websites and associated social media profiles.

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Gym companyMonthly fees
Roark GymsBetween R850 and R1,050
Gold's GymBetween R795 and R2,900
Virgin ActiveFrom R250 (limited areas) and R810 upwards
Viva GymR389
Ignite FitnessR300
Gym CompanyR299
Zone FitnessR250
Planet FitnessR199

10. Roark Gyms

Gym membership prices near Johannesburg
Roark Gyms is a high-end gym franchise. Photo: Mike Harrington
Source: Getty Images

Roark Gyms is a gym brand that offers personal training, group classes, and nutrition coaching. The company also provides women's-only classes. In 2019, News 24 reported that the prices ranged anywhere from R850 per month to R1,050 per month depending on location, but the prices may have increased.

9. Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym in South Africa
Gold's Gym prices range between R795 and R2,900 per month. Photo: JadeThaiCatwalk
Source: UGC

The world-renowned Gold's Gym is a high-end gym that offers premium machines, classes and trainers at varying prices. Prices range from R795 to R2,900 monthly, depending on your membership option.

8. Virgin Active

Virgin Active membership fees for students
Virgin Active student membership fees are free for those between 13 and 17. Photo: Westend61
Source: Getty Images

Virgin Active Gym membership prices vary depending on the area. How much is Virgin Active per month? The same 2019 News 24 article mentioned earlier reported that Virgin Active prices begin from R810 in Cape Town and R250 in Johannesburg, but they are running a limited special for a discounted R199.

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7. Viva Gym

cheap gym memberships near you
Viva Gym prices vary slightly but begin from R389 per month. Photo: John Fedele
Source: Getty Images

Viva Gym prices vary slightly depending on the area, but most branches are reported to charge R389 per month. Viva Gym is offering a limited offer of a R99 joining fee, and the first payment of your membership is due on March 1, 2024, with the terms and conditions being applied.

6. Ignite Fitness

Ignite Fitness fees in South Africa
Ignite Fitness fees start from R300 monthly. Photo: Eternity in an Instant
Source: Getty Images

Ignite Fitness fees vary depending on the options you take. There is a membership fee freeze option where you pay R300 monthly for two years and save R1,200 on fees. The three-year membership fee freeze option sees you paying R400 monthly and saving R2,400 on membership fees.

5. Gym Company

Gym Company prices in South Africa
Gym Company prices currently start from R299 per month. Photo: PeopleImages
Source: Getty Images

The Gym Company is a gym that offers various memberships, equipment, and unique exercise classes like their high-energy martial arts-inspired workout BODYCOMBAT™. Gym Company's monthly fees are currently on special, running for R299 monthly, with access to 21 gyms nationwide.

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4. Fit24

Fit24 gym membership prices
Fit24 gym membership prices were last reported as starting from R299. Photo: Peathegee Inc
Source: Getty Images

Fit24 is a privately owned gym company that offers adequate equipment for various exercise classes, including spin classes and Zumba. According to their Facebook page, the last confirmed Fit24 gym membership prices begin at R299 monthly. It is still being determined what the fees are as of 2024, but they are believed to be the same, if not slightly more.

3. Bodyflo

Gym membership prices near Kempton Park
Bodyflo gym is located in the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. Photo: Jacobs Stock Photography Ltd
Source: Getty Images

Bodyflo is an East Rand, Gauteng-based gym franchise that offers a relaxed yet professional atmosphere and practical gym equipment at affordable rates. Their website mentions the monthly fees are R259 monthly.

2. Zone Fitness

Cheapest gym membership prices
Zone Fitness memberships begin from R250 for a 24-month contract. Photo: Maskot
Source: Getty Images

Zone Fitness offers varying prices, depending on your benefits. The memberships begin from R250 for a 24-month contract with single-club access, R299 for a 24-month contract with super club access, and R550 for a month-to-month contract with single-club access. Old Mutual gym membership prices decrease Zone Fitness' fees, offering a discounted 12-month contract at R199 for those signing up for the gym for the first time.

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1. Planet Fitness

Gym Company prices in South Africa
Planet Fitness lets you sign up for as little as R199 monthly. Photo: Westend61
Source: Getty Images

What is the cheapest gym to join? Planet Fitness prices begin from R199 with varying membership levels, making it the cheapest nationwide choice. The prices may vary depending on whether you are a member of their affiliate companies, which include Discovery Health, Sanlam Reality, Momentum Multiply, Universal 360° and Medihelp.

How much does a gym membership cost?

Gym prices in South Africa drastically vary from one company to another. Aspects that affect a gym's fees include the exercise classes offered, the operating hours (a 24-hour gym may cost more), and whether the company is a well-known international brand.

What is the cheapest way to join a gym?

If you want the cheapest gym option, you can sign up for the most basic plan they have without extra fitness classes or other benefits. Discounted prices are also available for members of affiliate brands linked to the company.

A month-to-month gym membership in South Africa can offer you an affordable way to get to the gym in terms of upfront payments, especially if you travel frequently or are reluctant to sign a year-long contract.

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Finding the cheapest gym near you is about more than just a low-cost membership option. The best gym choice for you is one that offers all of the utilities you require from a gym, along with prices that suit your budget.

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