Pilot salary in South Africa (2024): Is it a good career?

Pilot salary in South Africa (2024): Is it a good career?

South Africa is among the top African countries with the most developed aviation industries. It is home to major airlines that are constantly recruiting pilots and other aviation experts to meet the increasing demand for air travel. Professionals in the industry are well-remunerated for their services. Discover the average pilot salary in South Africa today.

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SA has thousands of young people who aspire to become pilots. Pilots in the country receive handsome compensation packages. This only happens after they go through rigorous training. If this is your dream, it is important to know the average pilot salary in South Africa today.

Average pilot salary in South Africa today.

A pilot's salary per month in South Africa depends on their ranking, employer, experience, time spent flying, and type of aircraft flown. Similar to other professions, juniors earn less than their more seasoned counterparts.

Average airline pilot salary in South Africa

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According to Salary Explorer, a pilot's salary per month in SA is around R57,700, on average. This translates to about R692,400 annually.

Junior or beginner pilots earn about R28,300 per month. Experienced professionals can earn up to R90,000 per month before deductions. The median pay is about R58,800.

As mentioned earlier, the monthly pay varies depending on various factors. The table below gives an idea of how years of experience affect the monthly compensation package.

Years of experienceAverage salaryIncrease
0 - 2 yearsR33,500 -
2 - 5 yearsR43,10029%
5 to 10 yearsR59,50038%
10 to 15 yearsR73,70024%
15 to 20 yearsR78,9007%
Over 20 yearsR84,2007%

It is important to note that different pilots fly different types of aircraft. The type flown tends to affect the monthly wages. Below is a look at the average monthly payments for various types of aircraft.

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Helicopter pilot salary in South Africa

The average salary for flying a helicopter is about R360,939. This is about R30,078 per month. The amount may go higher, especially if the professional is entitled to other bonuses.

Emirates pilot salary in South Africa

Emirates is a leading airline in Garhoud, Dubai. It is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which is owned by the government of Dubai's Investment Corporation of Dubai.

The airline flies across the world and employs professionals from different nationalities. The average Emirates pilot salary in South Africa ranges from R196k - R531k per year, with an average of R340,667.

Private pilot salary in South Africa

The average salary for private pilots in South Africa is R57,000 per month. They have the potential for raises with the right training and experience.

Military pilot salary in South Africa (jet pilot)

The average salary for a military pilot in SA is R540,212. Military pilots fly various types of specialised aircraft to transport troops and equipment to execute combat missions.

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Captain's salary in South Africa per month

An aircraft must have a nominated senior pilot who is in charge of the aircraft. This pilot is the Captain. In South Africa, a Captain earns between R60,000 and R80,000 per month.

A military jet
A military jet in the skies. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
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What does a pilot earn in South Africa?

Pilots earn competitive salaries with a monthly average of R57,700. The compensation packages vary depending on the years of experience, ranking, and type of aircraft flow, among other factors.

Is being a pilot worth it in South Africa?

Yes, it is. Note that this career is suitable for people who are passionate about flying.

Which airline pays the most in South Africa?

SA has multiple airlines varying in size. Their salaries vary widely. While it is challenging to pinpoint a specific airline, bigger airlines tend to have better remuneration packages than smaller ones.

How much does a pilot earn?

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A pilot's earnings depend on the years of experience, level of training, type of aircraft flown, and ranking, among other factors.

Is piloting a good career in South Africa?

Yes, it is. Becoming a pilot is one of the best jobs in the country, with enticing rewards. On the flip side, it comes with unique challenges, such as being away from your loved ones for long periods.

The average pilot salary in South Africa is quite impressive. People dreaming about flying different types of aircraft for a living should work hard to make this dream come true.

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