Mugg & Bean menu and prices in South Africa (2024)

Mugg & Bean menu and prices in South Africa (2024)

Mugg & Bean is a renowned restaurant chain that has served South Africans with coffee-themed cuisines since 1996. With branches all over the country, this full-service eatery offers everything from salads to baked foods, soups, sandwiches, and tasty desserts. So, grab your favourite mug and explore what the Mugg & Bean menu offers!

Mugg & Bean menu options
The Mugg & Bean Eggs Benedict (L). A cup of the Mugg & Bean coffee (R). Photo: @mugg_and_bean on Instagram (modified by author)
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Founded by Ben Filmalter, Mugg & Bean offers the perfect brew if you are a coffee connoisseur and a hearty meal if you are a food lover.

The restaurants feature cosy and inviting ambiences, perfect for patrons to savour the delectable dishes inspired by South African flavours. If you want a stellar dining experience, look no further than Mugg & Bean.

Mugg & Bean menu

At Mugg & Bean, the menu featured a vibrant tapestry of flavours carefully crafted to cater to every taste bud. This menu is divided into five basic categories: Baked goods, coffee, all-day breakfast, drinks, and lunch. Here is a glimpse of each category and the foods offered.

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Mugg & Bean breakfast menu

Mugg & Bean breakfast and drinks options
The Mugg & Bean breakfast speciality (L). Friends enjoying Mugg & Bean milkshakes (R). Photo: @mugg_and_bean on Instagram (modified by author)
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Are you looking to kick start your day on a high note? This menu provides various options to fuel your day and leave you replenished.

Menu itemPrice
The Classic Eggs BenedictR78.90
The Famous OneR82.90
California EggsR96.90
Eggs on ToastR33.90
M&B On-The-GoR52.90
The Benedict BowlR102.90
Power OatsR56.90
The Big BenR102.90
Rancheros OmeletteR98.90
The M&B ClassicR70.90
Salmon Trout Eggs R116.90
South African FarmR110.90
Bacon & Egg ToastR48.90
Chicken Liver CroissantR64.90
Tropical BreakfastR71.90
Egg on ToastR48.90
Rainbow Slaw ToastR50.90
The Country Style R100.90
Mighty Morning Croissant R77.90

Mugg & Bean coffee menu

Mugg & Bean menu prices are affordable. So whether you are meeting friends for a catch-up or a solo dinner date, their menu favours your craving and budget.

Menu itemsPrice
Espresso DoppioR30.90
Café Crème R31.90
Dirty Chai CappuccinoR35.90
Caffe LatteR36.90
Flat White Cappuccino R33.90
Caffe MochaR38.90

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Mugg & Bean lunch menu

Mugg & Bean coffee (L). Their tasty burger (R)
The Mugg & Bean latte served in a take-away cup (L). The restaurant's delicious burger (R). Photo: @mugg_and_bean on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

This menu contains a variety of foods. From Mexican-inspired foods to classic steaks, there is something for everyone.

Menu ItemsPrice
Cubano SandwichR96.90
Chicken Mayo Toasted SandwichR63.90
Thai Rainbow Beef Salad BowlR73.90
Alabama Chicken Panini SandwichR91.90
Reuben SandwichR115.90
Tomato & Basil SoupR64.90
Muffuletta SandwichR101.90
Mac & CheeseR84.90
Moroccan Butternut & Chickpea Salad BowlR45.90
Back Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Toasted SandwichR66.90
Tomato & Basil SoupR64.90
Grilled Rump SteakR175.90
Chicken Mayo & Mozzarella Toasted SandwichR73.90
Pit Boss BBQ GrillR161.90
Chicken QuesadillaR45.90
Crispy Sesame Chicken Noodle BowlR63.90
Tangled Thai Vegetable Noodle BowlR62.90
Sweet Spicy WingsR183.90
Hasselback PotatoesR43.90
Buttermilk Fried ChickenR53.90
Halloumi FriesR63.90
Back Bacon & Egg Toasted SandwichR70.90
Jalapeno, Bacon & Cheese Toasted SandwichR87.90
Mexican Chicken & Charred Corn Salad BowlR68.90
Welsh Rarebit Crumbed ChickenR118.90
Mexican Street Corn FrittersR43.90
Cheeky Chickpea Gourmet BurgerR95.90
Southern Deep-Fried Onion RingsR34.90
Chipotle Chicken LiversR53.90

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Baked Foods menu

Mugg & Bean breakfast specialty (L). Their Caribbean Mocha Freezo (R)
The Mugg & Bean Eggs Benedict, topped with boerewors patty & corn chakalaka (L). The Caribbean Mocha Freezo (R). Photo: @mugg_and_bean on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Mugg & Bean has plenty of food options for people with unique dietary options. Their baked foods menu features tasty and healthy items.

Menu itemsPrice
Butter CroissantR50.90
Pie & Tart SliceR57.90
Cheesecake or Decadent Cake SliceR56.90
Rich Chocolate Decadent Cake SliceR56.90
New Orleans French ToastR66.90
Lemon Meringue SliceR56.90
M&B Famous Giant MuffinR43.90
M&B Giant Choc Chip CookieR34.90

Mugg & Bean Drinks menu

While Mugg & Bean meals are undoubtedly a highlight, their drink menu is equally impressive. The eatery's commitment to quality is evident in every sip.

Menu itemsPrice
Mocha MuggachinoR45.90
Chocolate MuggachinoR47.90
Chino MuggachinoR45.90
Green Matcha LatteR36.90
Classic Caffe MochaR35.90
Caribbean Caffe MochaR43.90
Classic ChaiR38.90
Double Thick Milkshake (small)R31.90
Double Thick Milkshake (medium)R40.90
Double Thick Milkshake (tall)R43.90
Mineral WaterR25.90
Orange SmoothieR40.90
Mixed Berry SmoothieR50.90
Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie R48.90
Spinach, Chia & Mint SmoothieR38.90
Red EspressoR23.90
Red CappuccinoR33.90
Serious Red CappuccinoR35.90
Decadent LatteR48.90
Red LatteR40.90
Frozen Mocha CoffeeR47.90
American Iced CoffeeR47.90
Brewed Leaf TeaR32.90
Berry & MangoR40.90
Bottomless Wildberry FizzR43.90
Bottomless House Blend CoffeeR34.90
Bottomless Blood Orange GingeradeR45.90
Bottomless Iced-Brewed CoffeeR41.90
Bottomless Refreshing Berry Iced TeaR43.90

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What are Mugg & Bean specials?

Mugg & Bean often introduces seasonal specials to their baked foods menu to keep it interesting for their customers. So, make sure to keep an eye out for these exciting additions!

The Mugg & Bean breakfast and lunch menu options
The Mugg & Bean breakfast option (L). Their lunch menu options (R). Photo: @mugg_and_bean on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Does Mugg & Bean offer delivery services?

Mugg & Bean allows you to order food in the comfort of your home. Delivery options and charges may vary based on the location. Therefore, check with the branch near you for specific directions on placing your order.

Does Mugg & Bean have a loyalty program?

Mugg & Bean’s loyalty app program for their regular clients. By signing up for it, customers stand to enjoy benefits such as special offers and discounts.

Mugg & Bean's menu reflects the rich tapestry of South African cuisine. It pays homage to classic dishes and introduces contemporary twists that appeal to a modern and diverse audience. This makes the restaurant a perfect culinary destination that appeals to local and international visitors.

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