Joel Michael Singer: age, height, family, charged, scandal

Joel Michael Singer: age, height, family, charged, scandal

Joel Michael Singer is the man who was caught on camera forcefully assaulting the staff of the Yolo restaurant in Florida.

Joel Michael Singer
Joel Michael Singer. Photo: Mike Bougie
Source: Facebook

Joel Michael Singer profile

  • Name: Joel Michael Singer
  • Age: in his 30s
  • State of origin: Florida, the USA
  • Height: around 1.77 m
  • Weight: around 85 kgs
  • Education: University of Florida
  • Profession: ex-employee of Coastal Wealth Financial Planners

What happened to Joel Michael Singer?

The video shows Singer having an altercation with two men, of which the details are unclear. He walks away for a split second, turns around, and then forcefully assaults the waiter. A 60-year old Redditor (a registered user of the website Reddit), Steven Heflin, jumps in and then wrestles Singer (in his 30s as of 2021) to the ground for 15 minutes before the police arrive and escort him out of the building to the nearest police station.

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Who is Joel Michael Singers?

Joel Singer identified himself as the man in the video through numerous copyright claims against Vimeo and Google. The copyright claims were successful, and the videos were removed from streaming sites on multiple platforms and occasions. The first copyright claim that Joel made concerning the leaked video was in September 2019.

In April 2020, Joel alleged that the video's upload was an enticing threat against him. Singer further complained about the Reddit thread's comments that remain public despite the video being deleted from the platform.

The court records in Broward County did not reveal any cases involving Joel Michael Singer Florida and the incident. The man who apprehended Joel, Steven Heflin, told that he has had no interactions with Joel since the incident. A website dedicated to the video accused Singer of buying his way out of trouble with his father's money.

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Joel Michael Singer video

The video resurfaced on YouTube in May 2020. At the same time, a website named appeared dedicated to bringing awareness to the video. The website was also the first to identify Joel Singer Coastal Wealth Financial Planners employee. has reached out to Coastal Wealth to confirm his employment, but Joel did not have a profile on its website.

Furthermore, Steven Heflin told that the people at Yolo said he was from a wealthy family and 'would come after me.' Reddit removed the original post about the video in September 2019. It was then uploaded to Reddit’s popular Bully Backfire thread. The disclaimer at the top reads:

‘Content removed in response to a copyright claim by a third party.’

Steven identifies himself on Reddit as Steve3000, and in the thread, he was asked if he had been excessive. He responded that excessive is subjective, ‘I certainly did not have time to consider how not to hurt him when he swung at me after he just assaulted two other people." He further stated that the police took fifteen minutes to arrive and that he had his arm in the headlock the whole time to protect the rest of the people.

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‘You can ‘what if’ this to death, but in that moment and a bar filled mostly with women and a very hostile Larry, I did what needed to be done.'

Many people are speculating that Steven Heflin knows jiujitsu or MMA. He has no former martial arts training but was in the National Army Guard for seven years. He also attended wrestling classes in high school before that.

Joel Michael Singer has already succeeded in taking down numerous videos by paying the uploaders. He cuts the 'headbang' part of the video, thus only showing the part where Steven tackled him and named it, 'I got attacked by Steven Heflin.'

Who is Joel Michael Singer's father?

Joel Michael Singer father is unknown at the time of writing this article, but many sources are saying that Joel Michael Singer family is extremely wealthy. They certainly have many wondering. Where is Joel Singer now? And how much is Michael Singer worth? Not much information is provided about this.

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Although these people are usually banned from the establishment (or arrested), there is just no telling when Karen and Larry or Joel Michael Singer may come to visit again.

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