Lebanese Family Emotionally Begs Viral Kenyan Nanny to Return, Take Her Kids Along

Lebanese Family Emotionally Begs Viral Kenyan Nanny to Return, Take Her Kids Along

  • Lebanese employer Maria Cataleya has pleaded with the viral Kenyan nanny Rosie to reconsider her decision and return to work
  • This is after the diligent nanny left the family in tears at the airport when she was leaving for her home
  • They caused a commotion at the airport as the kids clutched onto Rosie, hoping to make her stay, a video that went viral online

Lebanese employer Maria Cataleya has shared an emotional plea on TikTok, begging her Kenyan nanny, Rosie, to return after a tearful departure.

Maria stated that she needed six nannies to do Rosie's job while at her house. Screengrabs from Maria Cataleya.
Source: UGC

It all started last week at the international airport in Lebanon when Maria, her husband, and their children dropped their beloved caregiver off on her flight home.

A heart-wrenching scene unfolded as Maria's children burst into tears and pleaded with Rosie to reconsider her decision.

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A video captured the employers and their children looking hopeless as the nanny left, drawing sympathy from viewers across the globe.

Despite the scene drawing the attention of other travellers at the airport, Rosie's decision to leave remained unchanged as she wheeled her trolley away, leaving the family devastated.

Rosie needs 6 replacements

In the latest development, Rosie's employer, Maria, has come on social media to plead with Kenyans to convince the diligent worker to return.

She expressed her deep longing for the nanny's return, tearfully adding that Rosie had become an integral part of the family.

"Try to appreciate Rosie when you see her on the streets. Tell her to come back to us, please. Mummy misses her, the kids miss her," she pleaded.

Maria added that since Rosie's departure, she and her husband have been unable to go out alone or travel like they used to.

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According to her, she needs six people to replace the void left by Rosie, which is why she offered her an incentive; that she can relocate to Lebanon with her children.

Mixed reactions

The plea was received with mixed reactions from social media users, with many congratulating the diligent nanny for representing Kenya well.

On one hand, some appealed to Rosie to reconsider her decision and return to the family that cherished her.

Others, however, proposed that she take a break from work to reconnect with the family she had left behind for a long while.

Patricia Muregi Mbogo:

"Rosie needs to have time with her family now. Congratulations Rosie, you did your best."

Rachael Barongo:

"She made the whole world shed tears. She knew her assignment. Congratulations to the parents who raised this wonderful soul."

Omwange Junior:

"Rosie will come back after getting a rest. Another thing, increase her salary so that she becomes part of your family in terms of life to make her family in Kenya enjoy."

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Eric Bwanzo

"Thanks for connecting well with Rosie as a family. This made her give back by loving and taking care of your children. Rosie, please go back and be loyal to that wonderful family."

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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