Gareth Cliff's bio: age, relationship status, show, school, Instagram

Gareth Cliff's bio: age, relationship status, show, school, Instagram

Gareth Cliff is a household name in South Africa, especially among the 702, 5FM, Idols SA and CliffCentral's fans. However, the South African television and radio personality tried to keep his love life private in vain. Although his fans believe they know a lot about his former girlfriends, Gareth keeps them guessing about his marital status. Is he married or single?

Gareth Cliff
Gareth Cliff. Photo: @grcliff
Source: Instagram

Gareth is outspoken and bold. For instance, he wrote a letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa last year advising him against imposing the COVID 19's countrywide lockdown. In addition, the radio host always bounces back on his feet when dragged into controversies that jeopardize his career.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Gareth Rhydal Cliff
  • Date of birth: 26th August 1977
  • Place of birth: Pretoria, South Africa
  • Age: 43 years as of 2020
  • Career: Author and media personality
  • Nationality: South African
  • Height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Hair colour: Blonde
  • Eye colour: Hazel
  • Net worth: $1 million- $5 million
  • Instagram: grcliff
  • Facebook: Gareth Cliff
  • Twitter: @CliffCentralCom
  • Linked In: Gareth Cliff

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Gareth Cliff's biography

How old is Gareth Cliff? He was born on 26th August 197 in Pretoria, South Africa, so Gareth Cliff's age is 43 years as of 2020. The media personality's full birth name is Gareth Rhydal Cliff.

Gareth Cliff
The radio host looking distracted. Photo: @grcliff
Source: Instagram

Gareth Cliff's qualifications

What are Gareth Cliff's schools? He attended Laddsworth Primary School from 1982 to 1990. Rhydal studied at Sutherland High School in Pretoria from 1991 to 1995. He enrolled for a Law degree at the University of Pretoria but dropped out for an International Politics and History degree and then graduated in 1999.

Rhydal's career

Rhydal interned Tuks campus radio in 1996 while still in college. Tuks fired him for comparing the black and white men's private parts' sizes on air. In 2001, Rina Broomberg and the 702's host, John Berks, helped the 23-year-old Rhydal get a job in the 702.

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In 2003, Broomberg tagged Rhydal along with her when she left 702 and joined 5FM. He co-hosted 5FM's morning show called The Hollywood Report with Jen Su with Damon Kalvari, Leigh-Ann Mol, and Mabale Moloi.

Rhydal won the Best Celebrity on Twitter from the Channel24 Awards in 2015. He commands a massive following on social platforms. Gareth Cliff's Instagram page has over 109k followers, while his Facebook page has 594k followers as of June 2021.

Additionally, several established Mzansi newspapers and magazines hired him to write for them. The radio personality has also published two books.

Gareth Cliff
The media star speaking in a microphone. Photo: @grcliff
Source: Instagram

Rhydal left Idols SA

He was an Idols SA judge for eleven seasons and left the show in 2016. Why did Gareth leave Idols? M-Net fired him over racists comments about Penny Sparrow. Rhydal sued the television network and won the case. He resigned after M-Net gave him back his job.

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The radio presenter's podcast

The BCCSA does not regulate the CliffCentral podcast's content. Therefore, the podcast aired live orgasm on its SexTalk show on 31st July 2017 to celebrate National Orgasm Day. The segment upset most of its listeners.

Gareth Cliff
The celebrity walking with confidence in white outfits and a pair of eyeglasses. Photo: @grcliff
Source: Instagram

Gareth Cliff's So What Now show

Rhydal currently hosts the So What Now segment, which airs on both eTV and eNCA. On 22nd April 2021, viewers loved Rabbi David Rosen and Rhydal's interview about Israel's current religious tolerance level.

Rosen's said that youths find their identities in religion and politics because the world is becoming more religious. Therefore, people should accommodate each other's religious beliefs.

Gareth Cliff and Cyril Ramaphosa's letter

Gareth and Jamil Khan met on the Rise Above show to discuss Gareth's letter to the president. Rhydal revealed that the letter informed the president that Mzansi would take years to revive the stagnating economy caused by the lockdown. Some of the words Rhydal penned down in his letter were:

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Many of us aren't afraid of the virus anymore. It's our health, and we'll take our chances, thank you.
Gareth Cliff
The radio star standing in front of an iconic and historic building at Oxford University. Photo: @grcliff
Source: Instagram

Rhydal's love life

The celebrity has never publicly shared his marital status; hence fans wonder, "Is Gareth Cliff single?" The public concluded that he is single because he never wanted to have children. In 2015, he cleared these wrong assumptions fans had about him. Rhydal said;

I reserve the right to change my mind. I have a nephew who I love. I could adopt, yes. But right now, I don't want the responsibility.

Is Gareth Cliff Gay?

Rhydal disputed claims that he is gay. While talking about the media publicizing his love life, the radio host said going on a regular dinner with female friends always attracted the media's attention. Therefore, he was sure the press would claim he was gay if he had dinner with a man.

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Gareth's ex-girlfriends

So, who is Gareth Cliff's girlfriend? Rhydal might be single or dating. He dated Nicole Fox, a 5FM's DJ, for two years. Julianne Moore, an American actress, kissed Rhydal at the Oscars in 2004, but they never got into a romantic relationship.

Gareth Cliff's baby

In 2012, news had it that he dated Dimakatso Miemie Seleka (an IT professional living in Sandton) for two years, and she was expecting his baby. Sources claimed that Miemie and Gareth Cliff's wedding would take place the same year.

Gareth Cliff
The media personality wearing a black tie to match his white outfits. Photo: @grcliff
Source: Instagram

Gareth Cliff's wife

Fans believe they met Rhydal's ex-spouse on 25th September 2020 when he posted a picture of a beautiful woman wearing a wedding ring. Some of the words Gareth used to caption the photo were;

Ex-wife looking really hot. Even miss the kids a bit.

Gareth Cliff's net worth is $1 million- $5 million. If you may ask, how do I contact Gareth Cliff? You can get in touch with the radio host by emailing He posts his contacts in his social media account's bios.

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Gareth Cliff is one of the leading podcasters in Mzansi because his podcast attracts millions of listeners throughout Southern Africa. The world should emulate his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for his job.

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