Janice Dyson: What do we know about John McAfee's wife?

Janice Dyson: What do we know about John McAfee's wife?

John McAfee is the British American computer programmer who created the McAfee antivirus and encryption software. On June 23rd 2021, John McAfee's death news went viral hours after a Spanish court approved his extradition to the US to face tax and fraud charges. Several years ago, John McAfee's wife, Janice Dyson, revealed that people who wanted to harm her husband forced her to work with them.

Janice Dyson
Janice Dyson waves during John McAfee's Fireside Chat at the C2SV Technology Conference. Photo: @John Mcafee
Source: Facebook

Janice Dyson's husband was found dead in a Spanish prison outside of Barcelona. Reliable American sources confirmed that he committed suicide. The tycoon is under several legal investigations in the United States. He was arrested in Barcelona in October 2020 because he allegedly evaded tax for four years, and he might have made millions of USDs from an illegal cryptocurrency business. The world believed that John McAfee's death was politically motivated.

Janice Dyson's profile summary

  • Full name: Janice Dyson
  • Famous as: John McAfee's wife
  • Year of birth: 1983
  • Age: 38 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital status: Widowed
  • Children: 3
  • Twitter: @theemrsmcafee

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Janice Dyson's biography

The deceased had two failed marriages before marrying Janice. Janice Dyson's age is approximately 38 years. The public knows nothing about her childhood and education because she is a private person. Janice came to the limelight after marrying the tycoon. Additionally, he protected her from people who made her a sex worker for years.

Janice Dyson
Janice Dyson and her husband strolling with their dog. Photo: @Wake Up America
Source: Facebook

John and Janice Dyson McAfee have a large blended family of more than 50 members. While John McAfee's wife has three children aged 14, 15, and 17, John McAfee's children are 47. Their ages range from 16 and 47. Furthermore, he has 61 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, but he never met most of them.

The net worth of John McAfee

John David McAfee established the McAfee Associates in 1987 and resigned from managing it in 1994. How much is John McAfee worth? John McAfee's net worth is approximately $4 million. However, people presumed he was a billionaire because Intel bought his firm for $7.7 billion in August 2010.

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The tycoon wanted to run for the US presidential seat last year but failed to secure a nomination. The 75-year-old was facing a maximum of 30 years in jail if the US court found him guilty of the tax and fraud allegations.

Janice Dyson
John McAfee speaking at an interview with Bloomberg Television in Miami, Florida, USA. Photo: @Bloomberg
Source: Getty Images

Why did John McAfee flee from Belize?

Belize's government investigated him for operating a meth lab. John denied the allegations claiming it was after him because he hacked into its valuable software and found records proving its corruption operations. The government refuted these claims by stating that the tycoon never hacked any of its computer systems.

When the Belize police wanted to interrogate him regarding Gregory Viant Faull's death, John took a boat and escaped to Guatemala. He was arrested for entering the country illegally but faked a heart attack to avoid being deported to Belize. His lawyers intervened and got him extradited to the US.

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How John McAfee and Janice Dyson met

John McAfee and Janice Dyson met at South Beach, Florida. She approached him outside a lovely café, and they spent the night together. At that time, John McAfee and the Belize government were in a fallout. He claimed it prosecuted him over Gregory Viant Faull's death.

The allegations made Dean Barrow, the country's prime minister at the time, doubt the tycoon's mental health. A court in Florida ordered John to compensate Belize for $25 million for making false death claims.

Janice Dyson
A side view of Janice Dyson smiling during John McAfee's Fireside Chat at the C2SV Technology Conference. Photo: @John Mcafee
Source: Facebook

Janice Dyson and John McAfee's marriage

When did John McAfee get married? McAfee married Janice in 2013, but she left their apartment dues to marital challenges. While staying in Portland, Oregon, Crutchfield visited her. He ordered Janice to work with some people who wanted to kidnap John.

McAfee's wife secretly informed the people about his movements. She tried getting out of the deal after reconciling with John, but they blackmailed her. The people ordered her to leave John McAfee's Tennessee home in Lexington open for them to abduct him.

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On September 4th 2014, the sound of gunshots woke up Alex Handrick, a private security guard at McAfee's home. Since he was sleeping in the basement, he grabbed his rifle and climbed upstairs. Alex found the 71-year-old tycoon naked but heavily armed with ammunition.

John was firing bullets claiming someone trespassed into their home. The tycoon later confronted his 34-year-old wife. She admitted to having cooperated with some influential people who wanted to kidnap him. Janice also revealed that they wanted her to poison his food.

Janice Dyson
Janice Dyson and John McAfee cruising the ocean with rifles. Photo: @Mark Kokkoros
Source: Facebook

The tycoon concluded that Belize and the US government, prostitutes, pimps, and drug cartels wanted him dead. However, he continued to stay with his wife because he loved her. John added more security men on Handrick's team to guard his home because he could not trust the FBI's protection.

Janice McAfee's tweete about her husband's death

On June 20th, Janice McAfee tweeted a Happy Father's Day message to her husband. She also added a long text about how the US government would silence John in jail. Janice claimed that John had evidence about the government's corruption.

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Janice Dyson loved her husband the same way he loved her. He saved her from a violent pimp enslaving her in prostitution. John McAfee's wife betrayed him severally, but he understood that people who were after his life put her in a difficult position.

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