Kealeboga Masango: age, boyfriend, pictures career, Instagram

Kealeboga Masango: age, boyfriend, pictures career, Instagram

Kealeboga Masango is the new actress taking South African entertainment by storm. Young as she looks, she seems to have a bright future ahead of her. While her fans have been vibing to her talent and how well she plays her role on the screen, others have been curious to unpack details about Kealeboga Masango's real life. These details of her biography purpose to do that. Therefore, you ought to read on for more.

Is Kealeboga Masango Zimbabwean?
How old is Kealeboga? Photo: @officialkeamasango
Source: Instagram

Where does Kealeboga Masango come from? The young and bubbly girl hails from KwaZulu Natal and is a student at the University of South Africa. At her age, she has earned a legion of fans from Rhythm City. She plays the role of Zinhle Ngobese, a control freak and spoilt brat.

Kealeboga Masango's profile summary

  • Full name: Kealeboga Masango
  • Date of birth: 21st October 2003
  • Age: 18 years
  • Place of birth: Umlazi
  • State of origin: KwaZulu Natal
  • Nationality: South African
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Professional actress and TV personality
  • Shows: Rhythm City
  • Popular role: Zinhle Ngobese
  • Education: Mduku high school Rocks, University of South Africa
  • Instagram: officialkeamasango
  • Twitter: @Iamkeamasango

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Kealeboga Masango's biography

Who is Kealeboga Masango? As a young and promising figure in the entertainment industry, most people have been curious to know more about her. However, while most of her fans are inspired by her talent, others are appalled by how well a young and vivacious girl can be that skilled.

While details of Kealeboga Masango's real parents are currently irretrievable, these are some of the mind-boggling details about her biography. They will help you paint a better picture of who she is.

Kealeboga Masango's age

How old is Kealeboga Masango? She was born on 21st October 2003 in Umlazi in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Therefore, as of June 2021, she is seventeen years old.

Kealeboga Masango's school

Is Kealeboga Masango still in high school? Although very little is known about her early life, she attended Mduku High School ROCKS. After sitting and passing her matric exam, she joined the University of South Africa for her tertiary education. Her dream is to become a successful entertainer in the future.

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Kealeboga Masango's career

Her first significant debut in acting sees her feature in Rhythm City, an award-winning soap opera, as Zinhle Ngobese. The show airs on eTV from Mondays to Fridays at 7 pm. In Rhythm City, Zinhle is a spoilt brat who insists on having things done her way. But, unfortunately, she gets hard-hit by her brother's death; hence, she resorts to taking drugs and slowly slips into depression. She even attempted to commit suicide.

Zinhle in Rhythm City also faces a couple of challenges since the dynamics of her family are complicated. First, she gets into a relationship with her late brother without knowing since her aunt hides the secret about them being family. Later, she learns that she is pregnant and wants to terminate the pregnancy. She believes that it is an abomination for brothers and sisters to have children.

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Zinhle in Rhythm City attributes her success in the competitive acting industry to starting small. She encourages upcoming actors to take advantage of the slightest opportunities to grow their confidence and love for the skill.

Kealeboga Masango's boyfriend

Who is kealeboga Masango dating? Being a beauty with an admirable personality, many are interested in knowing more about her relationship status. Unfortunately, Kealeboga has not openly claimed to be in a relationship, neither has she hinted the same on her social media platforms.

Kealeboga Masango's Instagram

Does Kealeboga Masango have an Instagram account? Her beauty and personality are the charms that have drawn people's attention towards her. As a result, most fans have been dying to know Kealeboga Masango's Instagram name. Luckily, she has an account where she shares snippets of her beauty and life. She has a following of more than 42,0000 Instagram users.

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Kealeboga Masango's pictures

It does not matter whether she is, Kealeboga leaves fans stunned by her beauty. Most people refer to her as a masterpiece. Therefore, these pictures are a testament to the claims.

Kealeboga Masango in a black dress

Zinhle on Rhythm City
Kealeboga Masango. Photo: @Unofficial: Best friends
Source: Facebook

Most people find it difficult to believe that she is seventeen years old because of how talented she is. However, her body is enough proof. It is interesting how she effortlessly looks younger on set.

A bubble of beauty

Zinhle on Rhythm City
Zinhle on Rhythm City. Photo: @For the love of fashion
Source: Facebook

It is undeniable how much beautiful she is. Her beautiful face, well-laid baby hair, perfectly-curved nose and gorgeous smile are the perfect combos for beauty.

Kealeboga Masango on Rhythm City

Kealeboga Masango on Rhythm City
Kealeboga Masango on Rhythm City. Photo: @Official Rhythm City
Source: Facebook

Apart from her beauty, Kealeboga has an unbeatable talent while on set. On Rhythm City, she plays her role so well that her fans believe she is the young school-going but problematic kid. She was born to be on the screens!

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A fashionista

Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm City
Zinhle Ngobese on Rhythm City. Photo: @officialkeamasango
Source: Instagram

Can we stop and appreciate her creative fashion sense? Apart from having the perfect body, she knows how to dress it. If you wish to get more inspiration from her style, you might want to follow her on social media.

Kealeboga Masango is a teenage sensation who attained attention and fame through her role as Zinhle on Rhythm City. Her acting skills are unmatched, and so is her beauty. At a young age, she has depicted a promising future in acting.

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