Tinah Mnumzana: age, husband, career, P.O.B., The River, net worth

Tinah Mnumzana: age, husband, career, P.O.B., The River, net worth

Tinah Mnumzana is a familiar face in South Africa's entertainment industry. Mzansi loved her when she acted in Saints and Sinners as Mbali. She went on the Scandal! series as Constance and blew away people's minds. The naturally talented actress was Zero Tolerance as Tryphina Moyo and currently performs on SABC1's series The River as Flora.

Tinah Mnumzana
Tinah Mnumzana. Photo: @tinah_mnumzana
Source: Facebook

Tinah's presence on screen always guarantees the viewers refreshing entertainment. The actress is open about her challenges because she wants her story to inspire fans and fellow Mzansi celebrities. Mnumzana helps rape victims because she was in their shoes in her childhood, and she also revealed why losing her marriage, jobs and a house led her into being a pastor.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Tinah Arcia Mnumzana
  • Date of birth: 1967
  • Age: 54 years when 2021 ends
  • Career: Poet, playwriter, and actress
  • Nationality: South African
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Children: 2
  • Net worth: $100, 000
  • Instagram: tinah_mnumzana
  • Facebook: Tinah Mnumzana

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Tinah Mnumzana's biography

Arcia is a multi-talented individual. Besides acting and writing poems, she is a scriptwriter, drama teacher, theatre director, life coach, and motivational speaker. Tinah Mnumzana's Instagram page has 5,275 followers as of June 2021.

Tinah Mnumzana
Tinah Mnumzana. Photo: @Tinah Mnumzana
Source: Facebook

How old is Tinah Mnumzana? Tinah Mnumzana's age will be 54 years when 2021 ends. Meanwhile, fans inquire about Tinah Mnumzana's date of birth in vain because it is private information. She was born in 1967, and fans believe that Tinah Mnumzana's place of birth is in South Africa.

Is Tinah Mnumzana married?

The actress dated her ex-spouse for years before they tied knots in 1992. Tinah Mnumzana's husband quit the marriage three years later. She has two children, Bokang (son) and Nonkululeko (daughter). Both children are above 20 years old.

Tina Mnumzana's house

The actress bought a house for herself and her children in 2003 while still acting in Isidingo. The house was in Xavier Reef, Johannesburg, but creditors repossessed it a few years later. She got back to her feet in 2005 and was able to pay for the house.

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Arcia believed that she lost her marriage and home and experienced more challenges because she ignored a pastor's warning against rejecting her priesthood calling. The actress told Drum Magazine:

Since 1992, I was being told by prophets and pastors I have a calling beyond acting, and I ignored it until things became bad for me. There are things I found out about my marriage from my dreams and my spiritual messages, but they are too personal to share.
Tinah Mnumzana
The television star wearing an African headscarf. Photo: @tinaharcia.mnumzana
Source: Facebook

Tina also said;

A pastor told me to stop running away from my calling because it would create problems for me, and I would lose everything I have. I ignored it and jobs disappeared, the house was gone, the contracts ended, and I was written out of the script. I didn't have money.

The actress became an ordained preacher in May 2016. She got many high-paying jobs that enabled her to clear her debts. One of the jobs Arcia got was acting on the American adventure series called Black Sails. Moreover, she was able to rent a house in Johannesburg.

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Tina Mnumzana is a rape survivor

In a City Press interview, the actress revealed that her close friend, Pamela Nomvete, helped her heal emotionally. She also explained that she was not holding grudges against those who wronged her.

She was ashamed to tell her mother, Kedisaletsi, about a relative who abused her twice when she was 13. A stranger attacked her in a Soweto-based school where she was a drama teacher and tried to rape her. Teachers and students heard her screams and came to her rescue.

Tinah Mnumzana's career

Tinah Mnumzana's net worth is about $100,000, and most of her income comes from acting. She acted in theatres before coming to films and television series. Tina has worked on stage plays of iconic directors such as Martin Koboekae, Jerry Mofokeng, Arthur Molepo, Joyce Levinson, and Walter Chakela. One of Arcia's notable theatre awards was the F.N.B. Vita Award for Best Supporting Actor for playing in Maru.

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Tinah Mnumzana
The celebrity in a traditional costume. Photo: @tinaharcia.mnumzana
Source: Facebook

Tinah Mnumzana's television series

In The River series, the actress' character, Flora, is a domestic worker for Lindiwe and a mother to a gay son. Tinah Mnumzana, The River actress, has also appeared in the following popular local drama series:

  • Easy Money
  • Dit Wat StomMiriam
  • The Docket
  • Ga Re Dumele
  • Generations
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • ER
  • Erfsondes
  • Black Sails
  • Diamond City
  • Jozi-H
  • Mtunzini.com
  • Gold Diggers
  • Ihawu
  • 7de Laan
  • Isidingo
  • Feast of the Uninvited
  • The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Tinah Mnumzana
Most of Tinah's income comes from acting. Photo: @tinaharcia.mnumzana
Source: Facebook

Tinah Mnumzana's movies

The actress has a diverse fan base. Most Mzansi natives know her from television programs. Arcia has acted in multiple globally recognized movies like:

  • Yesterday
  • Dora's Peace
  • Mrs. Mandela
  • Price of Sugar
  • State of Violence
  • The Beat the Drum
  • Life Above All, Greener Grass
  • There Are No Angels Here
  • Machine Gun Preacher

Tinah Mnumzana is among the best actresses ever. Her fans hate distractions whenever she is on their screens. The actress is perfect at switching roles and effortlessly fits all the characters directors assign her.

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