A Magical Love Story series: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, teasers

A Magical Love Story series: cast, plot summary, full story, episodes, teasers

StarLife has another exciting Indian series for your home entertainment. Starting 3rd July 2021, get ready to be taken through Aman and Roshni’s fantasy world on A Magical Love Story series. What is the new serial about? Please keep reading to find out.

A Magical Love Story series
Aman (right) and Roshni (left) from A Magical Love Story on StarLife. Photo: @aditisharmaxlovers
Source: Instagram

A Magical Love Story on StarLife is a fantasy romantic drama series that originally aired on Star Plus from October 2019 to November 2020. The TV serial, which is also called Yehh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka! in Hindi, stars Aditi Sharma and Vikram Singh Chauhan as its main characters. A Magical Love Story’s theme song, Kahaani Humari Fasana Humara, was composed by Sanjeev Shrivastav.

A Magical Love Story: plot summary

A Magical Love Story on StarLife is about Aman and Roshni, whose lives are connected through fate and magic. As a Nawab, Aman has the curse of Djinn’s Dark shadow. On the other hand, Roshni possesses the heart of an angel because she is the daughter of a Tawaif.

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Roshni and Aman’s story begins when Salma, Roshni’s adoptive mother, pretends to fall ill, and she is forced to tie the knot with him for cash. They start their adventure on a sour note since Aman feels Roshni is only after money. They later grow closer and realize how much they love each other despite the numerous forces that try to separate them.

A Magical Love Story: full story

A Magical Love Story series
A Magical Love Story on StarLife. Photo: @diamalhotrasnapscafe
Source: Facebook

Soon after marriage, Aman’s continued dislike hurts Roshni, although she can feel a connection. A misunderstanding makes Aman throw his wife out of the house. Later, Aman’s brother Kavir Khan tries to murder him, but Roshni takes the arrow instead and dies. The incident leaves Aman heartbroken as he realizes his undying love for her.

Kabir reinstates Roshni back to life but places her under his control by erasing her memory to keep her away from Aman. However, Aman manages to stab her using a magical dagger and makes her remember things.

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Meanwhile, Aman’s mother, Parveen, is portrayed as an evil person who will do anything to be the queen of the jinns. She murders her son Kabir but cannot do so to Aman.

Just as Roshni and Aman’s life is getting back on track, Aliya, Aman’s former fiancé, comes back with a baby and wants to break their bond. It is later discovered that Kabir is the baby’s father and Aliya is a Haiwana.

Parveen wants to make Kabir’s son the sacrifice to regain her lost powers, but Roshni and Aman manage to rescue it. Parveen goes into a coma after Aliya’s attack, but Aman believes Roshni is to blame for his mother’s condition and expels her from the house.

A Magical Love Story after one year leap

A Magical Love Story series
A Magical Love Story on StarLife. Photo: @officialaditisharma
Source: Instagram

Roshni runs a bakery while Aman continues to take care of his mother, whose failing health worries him. The two grow close, and Roshni later conceives twins. Kabir returns and makes the couple break the Laal Chand, thus making Laila, the Red Moon Princess, angry.

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Kabir works with Laila to seek revenge against Aman and Roshni, but the couple is assisted by Chandni, Laila’s good twin sister. Roshni manages to stab Laila, and before dying, she curses her by saying Roshni will not be alive by the next full moon. Aman gets a temporary solution for Roshni.

One of Roshni’s unborn babies and Aman die when the red moon soldier attacks her. She manages to reinstate Aman. She later gets assistance from Rehan Khan, Aman’s maternal cousin, who is also a jinn.

The Khans are assisted by Shayari and Rehan when Tabeezi Rubina, Roshni’s aunt, who used to be an Ayaana, returns to reclaim her angelic heart. Thus, with all the troubles gone, the Khans live happily ever after.

A Magical Love Story teasers

Are you eager to know how A Magical Love Story episode 1 starts? Here are the show’s first teasers.

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A Magical Love Story on StarLife cast

The new StarLife series has some of Bollywood’s finest actors and actresses who effortlessly bring the drama to life. The main cast members are:

Vikram Singh as Chauhan Aman Junaid Khan

A Magical Love Story main cast
Vikram Sing plays the role of Aman Khan on A Magical Love Story serial. Photo: @vikramsingh_chauhan
Source: Instagram

He is the main character of the series. Aman is Roshni’s spouse, the son of Junaid and Parveen, brother to Saima, Sara and Kabir, father to Armaan, and half-sibling to Farah.

Aditi Sharma as Roshni Aman Junaid Khan

A Magical Love Story main cast
Aditi Sharma plays the role of Roshni on A Magical Love Story serial. Photo: @officialaditisharma
Source: Instagram

She is the main character of the series. Roshni is the wife of Aman Junaid, adopted daughter to Salma Janesar, and mother to Armaan. She is also Ayaana, the saviour alter-ego of Roshni, who uses shurikens as her major weapon.

Cast with recurring roles

  • Shehzada Dhami – Rehan Ahmed Khan
  • Shruti Sharma – Shayari Choudhary
  • Smita Bansal – Parveen Junaid Khan
  • Sushant Singh – Junaid Khan
  • Garima Vikrannt Singh– Salma Janesaar
  • Jaswinder Gardner – Rubina Khan Tabeezi
  • Arhaan Behll –Kabir Junaid Khan
  • Vaibhavi Kapoor – Sara Junaid Khan
  • Gouri Agarwal – Saima Junaid Khan
  • Saloni Daini – Farah Junaid Khan
  • Richa Bhattacharya – Anjum Khan
  • Seema Azmi – Baby Khan
  • Ayansh Mishra – Mr Chotu
  • Aamir S Khan – Imran
  • Ashita Dhawan – Nasreen Ahmed Khan
  • Prabhat Choudhary – Farhan Ahmed Khan
  • Solanki Sharma – Mahira Ahmed Khan
  • Himani Sahani – Natasha
  • Sanjana Singh – Adaa Rizvi
  • Masshe Uddin Qureshi – Mr Rizvi
  • Anushka Singh – Mrs Rizvi
  • Rupesh Kataria – Sameer
  • Rajshri Rani – Huma
  • Sreejita De – Aliya
  • Krishvi Bhanushali – Aamir Khan
  • Saloni Chauhan – Raakh Jinn
  • Surbhi Jyoti – Laila and Chandni
  • Zubeida Verma – ChunBun Dai
  • Pranav Kumar – Jaadugar Jinn
  • Shefali Mahida – Aman’s sword
  • Shraddha Tiwari – Shola Jinn
  • Shaurya Shah – Young Aman Junaid Khan

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Do you feel like the above A Magical Love Story series is worth watching? Ensure you catch the magic on StarLife every day at 9.00 p.m. starting 3rd July 2021.

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