Starlife Prayers of Love: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

Starlife Prayers of Love: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

Prayers of Love, also called Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee, is an Indian drama set to premiere soon on StarLife. The Indian serial stars Tina Ann Philip and Kanwar Dhillon in the lead roles and originally aired on StarPlus in 2017. What is the Prayers of Love storyline? Keep reading to find out.

Starlife Prayers of Love: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers
Prayers of Love on StarLife is based on the topic of religion and atheism. Photo: @Ajithspeaks
Source: Twitter

The subject of religion and God’s existence remains a sensitive matter across the world, especially in India. Prayers of Love soap opera delves into atheism and how following religious beliefs blindly does not necessarily mean that you are a good human.

Prayers of Love's plot summary

The Indian serial narrates the tale of Aastha, an atheist girl who gets married into a household of believers. She does not believe in hiding evil behind religion and embarks on a mission to save Siv and the family from Guru Maa and Radhika’s sinister ploys. She ultimately changes the way the family views God and religious beliefs.

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Starlife Prayers of Love
Aastha manages to change the Agarwal's perception of religion and character after getting married into the family. Photo: @StarPlus
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Prayers of Love full story

Guru Maa, a respectable servant of God, meets Aastha, a simple atheist girl. She suggests to Agarwal’s family from Kolkata that she has found an ideal bride for their son Shiv. Lakshmi asks her son to go to Manali, where he meets Aastha, and they learn that their marriage is being arranged.

Shiv and Aastha fall in love but cannot tell each other. Meanwhile, Shiv’s former fiancé Radhika and her mother Guru Maa come to create misunderstandings in their relationship. The two conspire to obtain money from the Agarwal family.

During Radhika and Shiv’s engagement, Astha exposes Radhika’s plan against the family. After Radhika’s deeds are known, Guru Maa suggests that she wants to perform arti before going. The family is against the idea but accepts after Aastha persuades them.

During the ritual, Radhika attacks Aastha with a knife while Lakshmi’s family and Guru Maa engage in an argument. Shiv decides to marry Radhika to save Aastha. Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee has a happy ending as the show reveals to viewers that an individual’s religious beliefs do not reflect their character.

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Prayers of Love cast

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee’s cast and production team managed to address the sensitive issue of religion and morality in the most entertaining manner. The serial’s main cast consists of the following actors and actresses.

Tina Ann Philip as Aastha Shiv

Starlife Prayers of Love
Tina Ann Philip plays the role of Aastha on StarLife's Prayers of Love. Photo: @tinaintinseltown
Source: Instagram

Aastha is the main character in the Indian drama. She is an atheist from Manali and gets married to Shiv, who comes from the God-fearing Agarwal family in Kolkata. She manages to change the household’s view on religious beliefs and character.

Kanwar Dhillon as Shiv Govind Agarwal

Starlife Prayers of Love actors images
Kanwar Dhillon stars as Shiv and Om in the Indian serial. Photo: @kanwardhillon
Source: Instagram

Shiv comes from a religious household in Kolkata but marries Aastha, who does not believe in religion. Kanwar also starred as Shiv’s twin sibling Om Govind Agarwal.

Sharanpreet Kaur as Guru Maa

Guru Maa, also called Sandhya, is a revered servant of God. However, she hides evil motives against the Agarwal family behind her faith. She collaborates with her daughter Radhika to plan against the family, but their scheme fails when Aastha finds out their motive.

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Palak Pusarwani as Radhika

Radhika is the main antagonist in the Indian show. She is the daughter of Guru Maa and Shiv’s former fiancé. She intends to get married to Shiv for financial gain, but Aastha discovers her motive and exposes her to the family.

Prayers of Love cast with recurring roles include:

  • Manasi Salvi as Lakshmi Govind Agarwal, the mother of Shiv and Govind’s spouse
  • Vivek Mushran as Govind Agarwal, the mother of Shiv
  • Hemant Choudhary as Nandalal Agarwal, uncle to Shiv and younger brother to Govind
  • Manisha Dave as Jaya Nandalal Agarwal, aunt to Shiv and wife to Nandalal
  • Mayank Sharma as Angad Nandalal Agarwal, the son of Jaya and Nandalal
  • Sameeka Sud as Janki Angad Agarwal, the wife of Angad
  • Anita Kulkarni as Sharda, the mother of Aastha
  • Nikhil Sharma as Ashok, brother to Aastha
  • Vaani Sharma as Gayatri Govind Agarwal
  • Abhinav Kapoor as Balwan Agarwal, foster brother to Shiv, Agarwal family’s adopted son
  • Ambika Soni as Runjhun Balwan Agarwal, sister to Aastha, the wife of Balwan

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Prayers of Love is indeed a fascinating Indian telenovela with a captivating storyline. Are you eager to follow the upcoming soap opera? Prayers of Love teasers will be made available as soon as they are out.

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