Glow TV A Touch of Love: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

Glow TV A Touch of Love: cast, plot summary, full story, teasers

A Touch of Love's Indian name is Thapki Pyar Ki, while its full name in English is A Light Touch of Love. It airs on Glow TV on Mondays and Tuesdays at 18h00. The series premiered on Tuesday, 14th September 2021.

A Touch of Love
Scriptwriters Ved Raj Shrivastava and Dheeraj Sarna did a commendable job on Thapki Pyar Ki's storyline. Photo: @sudhic212000
Source: Twitter

Thapki Pyar Ki season 1 has 698 episodes and was aired for the first time on Colours TV on 25th May 2015. When will season 2 of Thapki Pyar Ki be out? Thapki Pyar Ki season 2 will be out on 4th October 2021.

A Touch of Love's plot summary

Thapki Pyar Ki's storyline is about Vaani Chaturvedi. Her town's residents know her as Thapki Bihaan Pandey. She faces rejection from society because she stammers. Dhruv Pandey, the man who owns the TV station she works for, plans to marry her. However, Thapki ends up marrying his younger brother.

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A Touch of Love Indian series' cast

A Touch of Love's cast comprises veteran actors and upcoming Indian stars. The actors perfectly fit into their roles and dedicate themselves to giving viewers the best entertainment. Below is a list of the cast of Thapki Pyar Ki:

1. Jigyasa Singh

A Touch of Love
Jigyasa Singh as Thapki Bihaan Pandey / Vaani Chaturvedi. Photo: @jigyasa_07
Source: Instagram

Thapki's mother-in-law dupes her into marrying her suitor's younger brother. Dhruv Pandey almost kills his brother when he sees their marriage thriving.

2. Manish Goplani

A Touch of Love
Manish Goplani as Bihaan Balvinder Pandey. Photo: @Manish Goplani
Source: Facebook

Bihaan meets his birth mother, Kosi, after many years of believing Vasundhara was his mum. Kosi knows Bihaan was born with one kidney but wants him to donate it to her other son.

3. Monica Khanna

A Touch of Love
Monica Khanna as Shraddha Dhruv Pandey. Photo: @ilovexromance
Source: Twitter

Dhruv's mother convinces him to marry Shraddha instead of Thapki. He divorces her later and marries Thapki's sister Aditi. Shraddha kills Aditi and steals her son.

4. Jaya Bhattacharya

A Touch of Love
Jaya Bhattacharya as Vasundhara Pandey. Photo: @officialmetronome
Source: Facebook

Vasundhara and Thapki's sister, Neha, help Thapki show the family Sankar's true colours.

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5. Ankit Bathla

A Touch of Love
Ankit Bathla as Dhruv Balvinder Pandey. Photo: @ankitbathla10
Source: Instagram

Dhruv and Bihaan throw Kosi out of the house when they find out her intentions. He later assumes Thapki killed his second wife, Aditi.

Some of the Thapki Pyar Ki's cast team's additional members include:

  • Alisha Panwar/ Sheena Bajaj as Aditi Diwakar Mishra
  • Hardik Sangani as Diwakar Mishra
  • Ankit Bhardwaj as Sanjay Pandey
  • Resham Thakkar as Preeti Pandey
  • Sharan Kaur as Sheena
  • Pooja Sahu as Suman Pandey
  • Sabina Jat as Kiran Pandey
  • Jairoop Jeevan as Balvinder Pandey
  • Shakti Singh as Krishnakanth Chaturvedi
  • Prateeksha Lonkar as Poonam Chaturvedi

Thapki Pyar Ki season 1's full story

Men in the Pandey Niwas community do not want to marry Thapki because of her speech impairment. She accepts a marriage proposal from her boss, but the groom's mum, Vasundhara, opposes the marriage because she stutters.

A Touch of Love
Shoonya Square Productions and SOL Productions shot the series in Mumbai and Agra. Photo: @TellyReviews1
Source: Twitter

Vasundhara instructs Dhruv Pandey's brother, Bihaan, to help her stop the wedding. Unfortunately, Bihaan accidentally hits his brother. Vasundhara blackmails Bihaan into marrying Thapki when she finds Dhruv unconscious in his room.

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Thapki discovers what Vasundhara did and files for divorce three months later. Bihaan objects because he has fallen in love with her. Meanwhile, Vasundhra convinces Dhruv to marry Shraddha.

Vasundhara discovers Shraddha's ill character and regrets mistreating Thapki. Meanwhile, jealousy fills Dhruv's heart when Thapki begins to love Bihaan. Thapki and Shraddha save Bihaan when Dhruv tries to kill him.

Bihaan later stops Dhruv from forcefully marrying Thapki. Bihaan's birth mother, Kosi, and step-father, Naman, suddenly show up. He ignores his wife's warning about their intentions. They want him to donate his kidney to their son Janardhan, knowing that Bihaan was born with one.

Kosi falsely claims Thapki intends to kill her to get her out of the way. Bihaan believes his mum and chases his wife out of the house. Before leaving, she writes a note to inform him about her pregnancy, but Sankar hides it and marries Bihaan.

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Thapki loses the pregnancy in a road accident and returns to Pandey two years later as Vaani Oberoi. Her business associate, Kabir Katyal, is helping her get back at Bihaan to burn down Neha's house (Thapki's sister).

A Touch of Love
The first season's creative director was Harshad YP. Photo: @bookmytv
Source: Twitter

Kosi swears to harm Thapki when Bihaan and Dhruv throw her out of the mansion. Thapki and Kabir later discover that Kabir did not hurt Neha. Vasundhara and Neha help her compel Sankar into confessing how she planned the accident.

Bihaan remarries his ex-wife while Dhruv divorces Shraddha and marries Thapki's other sister Aditi. Unfortunately, he impregnates his wife and ex-wife. Sankar and Kosi return for vengeance when Thapki is pregnant.

Sankar fakes her death and frames Bihaan for murder. She then forces Thapki to divorce him for his freedom. She agrees and lies to the family that her twins, Tina and Bani, are Kabir's children.

Sankar almost kills Tina, but Bihaan saves and adopts the girl, unaware she is his daughter. Aditi later exposes Shraddha and Sankar's alliance to Bihaan. Meanwhile, Thapki and Kabir relocate to Agra with Bani. Everyone assumes Tina is dead after looking for her for months.

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Shraddha hits Aditi and Bihaan with her car to stop them from telling Thapki the truth. As a result, Aditi dies while Bihaan loses his memory.

Shraddha and Sankar mistreat Tina and give Bihaan the wrong medicine to erase his memory forever. Finally, they send Tina to a boarding school in Agra, where she makes friends with Bani.

A Touch of Love
The actors who played the main characters in season 1 will also play in the second season. Photo: @theEdgyMind
Source: Twitter

Thapki, now a crime investigation journalist, meets Tina at Bina's school, but her children cannot recognize each other. She returns to Pandey Niwas after learning about Bihaan's amnesia and helps him regain his memory.

Shraddha escapes while Bihaan, his wife, and their daughters get Sankar arrested. She later pretends to be Thapki and sets up an arranged marriage between Bani and Amma Mai's son. However, the bride's parents call off the engagement upon discovering the groom's family is a gang.

Amma's son kidnaps Bina, and Amma almost shoots Thapki. However, Bihaan jumps in and takes the bullet. His wife tries to hold him, but he falls off the cliff to his death. The police arrest Amma while Bina is angry at her mum for not protecting her dad.

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Bani leaves home and finds refuge in Kosi's house. Meanwhile, Vasundhara saves Thapki from her kidnapper, Shraddha. Fifteen years later, Kosi manipulates Bina into hating her mother.

Samar Kapoor is engaged to Tina, while Manav Khanna plans to marry Bina. Thapki requests Aryan, Manav's older brother, to be Tina and Bina's father figure on their wedding day since he resembles Bihaan. Unfortunately, Bani marries Samar while Tina marries Manav.

The police arrest Kosi for interchanging grooms on their wedding day. Thapki's estranged sister, Mohini, shows up as Lovely. She is a bar dancer impersonating Thapki. Mohini apologizes for kidnapping her sister and Bani.

A Touch of Love
The production team has kept information about season 2's storyline a secret to surprise the viewers. Photo: @GlitzVision_USA
Source: Twitter

Tina and Vasundhara blame Thapki for every pain in Bani's life. However, they forgive her when Bani explains the truth. The entire family is happy when Aryan marries Thapki.

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