New Glow TV serial! A Touch of Love Teasers for September 2021

New Glow TV serial! A Touch of Love Teasers for September 2021

The Cost of Love on Glow TV aired its season finale on 13th September 2021, and the broadcaster premiered a more fascinating replacement, A Touch of Love, on 14th September. The new show originally aired on Colors TV as Thapki Pyaar Ki between 2015 and 2017 and was one of the most-watched Indian serials at the time. Below are A Touch of Love teasers for the premiere episodes.

A Touch of Love Teasers
A Touch of Love premiered on Glow TV on 14th September 2021. Photo: @GlowTVza
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What is the story of Thapki Pyaar Ki? The new Glow TV serial narrates the tale of Thapki, a girl who is ridiculed by society because she stutters. Her nature scares men away, and she has a hard time finding a suitable husband. She later meets Dhruv, a media magnate who is impressed with her work and falls in love with her. However, she faces another obstacle when Dhruv’s mother Vasundhara disapproves of their marriage.

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A Touch of Love teasers for September 2021

In A Touch of Love September episodes, Thapki is happy when she receives a wedding proposal from Diwakar’s folks. However, Diwakar is ashamed to be associated with a stuttering woman and calls off the wedding. How does Thapki handle rejection?

A Touch of Love Teasers
A Touch of Love on Glow TV narrates the tale of Thapki, an intelligent girl with speech impairment. Gif:, (modified by author)
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14th of September 2021, Tuesday: Episode 1

Thapki and her dad receive an invitation to a match-making convention, but no one wants her because of her stuttering. Thapki tries to cheer up her folks, who are not pleased with the treatment their daughter receives. Will she ever get someone who loves her the way she is?

15th of September 2021, Wednesday: Episode 2

Diwakar’s parents give Thapki a wedding proposal, and Thapki is happy. However, Diwakar is not attracted to her. His folks persuade him to make Thapki his wife because other girls hate him for being short. After negotiations, the wedding preparations begin, but Thapki’s parents are later shocked to spot an enormous bill for candy.

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16th of September 2021, Thursday: Episode 3

Thapki is pleased with her wedding dress but is sad at the same time because her father will struggle to raise the finances to purchase it. Later, Diwakar does not want Thapki to meet his buddies because he will feel humiliated by her stuttering. However, his acquaintances are determined to take the two out for dinner. How will they react when they see her?

17th of September 2021, Friday: Episode 4

Diwakar’s buddies are mean to the couple due to Thapki’s nature, and her father tries to console her. Despite loving high heeled shoes, Thapki cannot wear them to ensure Diwakar is not taunted for being short. Will she receive the same kind of support from Diwakar?

20th of September 2021, Monday: Episode 5

The wedding day has arrived, and Thapki is happy, but Diwakar is not. Later, when the ceremony is underway, Diwakar embarrasses Thapki due to her nature and does not make her his wife. How will Thapki be affected by the groom’s behaviour?

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21st of September 2021, Tuesday: Episode 6

Diwakar’s folks return to ask Thapki’s parents to repay for the losses they suffered organizing the marriage ceremony. They turn a blind eye to the fact that it is their son who ruined the celebration.

A Touch of Love Teasers
After being rejected by Diwakar, Thapki starts working at a media company. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

22nd of September 2021, Wednesday: Episodes 7 and 8

Thapki is involved in an accident near the office where she has come for a work interview. Later, she discovers that she is required to give an audition and not do an internship.

The audition goes horribly wrong. Will the outcome kill her determination?

23rd of September 2021, Thursday: Episodes 9 and 10

Thapki is placed in charge of ensuring her seniors at the workplace get tea and coffee. Her workmates cannot stop making fun of her stuttering.

Thapki ends up drinking the coffee she purchased for Dhruv and he questions her about the same. Later, she is asked by Poonam to go to the place of worship.

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24th of September 2021, Friday: Episodes 11 and 12

Thapki is getting ready to head to the interview, but Sakshi asks her to organize the file room. Meanwhile, Dhruv receives orders from manager Priya Chadha to ensure the interview starts soon. Will Thapki reach on time?

Thapki makes up her mind to prepare a meal for her and Dhruv. She later gets scared when she spots a cockroach.

27th of September 2021, Monday: Episodes 13 and 14

Thapki is looking for the chip with the documentation of Priya’s interview but remembers that it was frizzled with potato chips. On the other hand, Dhruv should be celebrating his birthday but instead spends the day having an argument with his dad.

Thapki and Peon get an engineer to assist them in reclaiming the chip. Meanwhile, Sakshi is aware of the chip and lets Dhruv know about it. Will they manage to recover the interview?

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28th of September 2021, Tuesday: Episodes 15 and 16

Sakshi asks Thapki to place the cake on Dhruv's face. What will be his reaction?

Thapki tries to seek forgiveness from Dhruv but instead makes him more irritated. Poonam advises her to take sweets to Dhruv and his employees to gain their forgiveness.

29th of September 2021, Wednesday: Episodes 17 and 18

Dhruv and the employees set out to document a deadly news story. A frightened Sakshi informs Dhruv that she cannot join them while Thapki is excited about the adventure and asks Dhruv to let her do the documentation. Can she handle it?

Thapki handles the work well, thus pleasing Dhruv and the workers. Sakshi is not happy that Thapki did a great job and tries to make her look bad in front of Dhruv. The latter believes Sakshi and demands an apology from Thapki.

30th of September 2021, Thursday: Episodes 19 and 20

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Poonam makes Thapki aware of the troubles that Krishnakanth had to go through. She is overcome with emotion as she cries her heart out.

Badki ruins Vasundhara’s cellphone while preparing a meal. Meanwhile, Thapki gets dessert from Dhruv as they celebrate the success of the sting operation.

A Touch of Love Teasers
Thapki remains positive despite being mocked for stuttering. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to A Touch of Love cast?

Glow TV’s soapies are carefully selected to resonate with viewers tastes. A Touch of Love series is not going to disappoint as it narrates a never heard before love story. Here is a summary of what happens to the main characters in A Touch of Love premiere episodes.


After being turned down at a match-making event due to her stuttering, she receives a marriage proposal from Diwakar’s parents. She is happy and ready to become Diwakar’s wife, but he feels humiliated by her nature. He calls off the wedding, and a heartbroken Thapki decides to look for work. She starts working at a media organization with Dhruv and tries to stay positive despite getting mocked by colleagues.

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His parents want him to marry Thapki because other girls do not want him for being short. Thapki accepts him for who he is, but he does not offer her the same support. On the day of the wedding, he refuses to marry her due to her speech problem. After heartbreaking Thapki, his parents demand to be repaid by Thapki’s folks for the losses incurred during the wedding preparation.

Lovers of Indian soapies will have an adventurous experience with the new show, as seen from the above A Touch of Love teasers. The new show airs on Glow TV from Mondays to Fridays at 6.00 pm. Repeats air from Mondays to Fridays at 1 pm, and you can also catch the omnibus on Sundays from 2.30 pm.

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