King of Hearts teasers for August 2021: Roshni and Sid's engagement

King of Hearts teasers for August 2021: Roshni and Sid's engagement

Zee World's King of Hearts (Jamai Raja) promises to revolutionize your home entertainment in August. Shiv spots Misha slipping away from Roshni and Siddarth's engagement ceremony. She meets someone she secretly talks to over the phone. On her way back, some thugs kidnap her. Keep reading the following King of Hearts teasers for more juicy spoiler alerts.

King of Hearts teasers
King of Hearts' lead characters, Roshni and Sid. Photo: @tellybuzz
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King of Hearts full story on Zee World revolves around Sid and Roshni’s romance. Roshni’s mother, DD, does not like Sid at first, while his mother and sister plan to get him another bride. How will things turn out at the end?

King of Hearts teasers for August 2021

The rebroadcast of King of Hearts on Zee World is just as entertaining as when the show initially aired on the channel. What will happen this August? Here are the teasers on what to expect in the upcoming episodes of King of Hearts.

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2nd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 94)

Today is Yash and Sam’s wedding day. People are thrilled to see a cheerful and excited Sam.

3rd August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 95)

Durga gets heartbreaking information. She is facing a financial crisis and has nothing to ensure that her family is okay. On the other hand, Roshni and Sid’s actions come as a shock.

4th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 96)

The decision that Sid made is starting to catch up with him. He is involved in an accident, and Roshni goes to rescue him. Roshni realizes that she has immense love for him.

King of Hearts teasers
In the upcoming King of Hearts episodes, Roshni and Sid still love each other. GIF:, (modified by author)
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5th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 97)

Siddharth’s grandmother is determined to reunite Roshni and Sid. Meanwhile, DD regains her expensive property and belongings, but the plan does not unfold as expected when she finds out someone is stalking her.

6th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 98)

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9th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 99)

Roshni discovers that her father did not die. Later, DD opens up to her regarding the past and why she failed to tell her the truth regarding her dad.

10th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 100)

Siddharth promises to ensure that Roshni reunites with her dad. Later, Roshni finds out that Shiv lied about his memory loss. What will she do?

11th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 101)

Sid requests Roshni to allow him to prove that DD never stopped loving Shiv. She lets him know that DD still has feelings for Shiv.

12th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 102)

Kritika informs Simran that she has the best plan to ensure Roshni is eliminated for good. Meanwhile, Shiv has returned to the house, but DD does not want to talk to him.

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13th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 103)

Siddarth has not given up on trying to ensure that DD and Shiv rekindle their romance. Elsewhere, Kritika makes Simran aware that she switched the files since someone is watching them.

16th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 104)

When DD's life is in danger, the person she has been avoiding saves her. DD's mother discovers that Shiv fakes a memory loss. Roshni ruins Kritika's plan to kill Sid's grandmother.

King of Hearts teasers
Roshni begs Sid to rescue her mother. GIF:, (modified by author)
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17th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 105)

DD tells her mother she feels life gave her another chance to find happiness. Since Roshni is out of the picture, Kritika and Simran want Siddharth to remarry as soon as possible.

18th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 106)

Shiv and Sid's plan backfires when DD sees her photograph in Shiv's wallet. DD then partitions the mansion into two to avoid meeting Shiv.

19th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 107)

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Sid still manages to make DD and Shiv meet even after DD partitioned the house. He later assures Roshni that he will fight for their love.

20th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 108)

Shiv explains to Roshni and Sid that DD would love to attend the award ceremony but has stage fright. Roshni controls her jealousy when Misha arrives at the event.

23rd August 2021 (Monday – Episode 109)

Kritika lowers Roshni's self-esteem by feeding Misha with lies about her. The award ceremony turns into chaos when Kesar gives DD strange medicine.

24th August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 110)

DD blames Shiv, Roshni, and Sid for allowing chaos to happen at the party. Meanwhile, Kritika uses Roshni's vulnerability against her.

25th August 2021 (Wednesday – Episode 111)

Yash's niece and nephew mistreat Samaira, while Kritika creates an argument between Roshni and Sid. Misha later tells Sid the truth about Simran and Kritika.

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26th August 2021 (Thursday – Episode 112)

Sid's grandmother and Misha ruin his romantic surprise for Roshni. Will he notice Misha's strange character and ill motives?

27th August 2021 (Friday – Episode 113)

While Siddharth risks everything to reconcile Shiv and DD, Misha helps Roshni establish what made Sid divorce her.

King of Hearts teasers
Sid rescues Roshni's mother, DD, from danger. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

30th August 2021 (Monday – Episode 114)

Misha sneaks out of Roshni and Sid's engagement ceremony to meet the anonymous man she has recently been calling. Some men kidnap her on her way back to the ceremony.

31st August 2021 (Tuesday – Episode 115)

Durga confides in her mother how paranoid she was about the engagement. Meanwhile, Shiv notices that Misha is missing. He later spots her doing something that makes him believe she has wicked intentions towards the family.

What happens to the King of Hearts characters?

King of Hearts’ rebroadcast on Zee World reminds fans about Sid and Roshni’s magical romance. What will happen to the King of Hearts cast in August 2021? Here is a summary of what to expect.

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Sid's grandmother and Misha spoil the romantic evening surprise he had for Roshni. However, he does not consider it a red light. Misha creates a misunderstanding between him and Roshni later.


Misha knows how to play with Sid and Roshni's minds. She wins their trust by exposing Simran and Kritika. The lady later helps Roshni figure out why Sid annulled their marriage. No one suspects her ulterior motives.

As revealed by the above King of Hearts teasers, Siddharth does all he can to ensure that DD and Shiv are together again. Will his plan work? Tune in to Zee World from Mondays to Fridays at 5.00 p.m. to know how the drama unfolds.

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