These Streets Zee World series: full story, plot summary, cast, teasers

These Streets Zee World series: full story, plot summary, cast, teasers

These Streets Zee World is an interesting Hindi drama television series that has attracted many committed viewers since it premiered in 2018. Created by Palki Malhotra and produced by Cinevistaas Limited, the show's entertainment is part of why it is gradually topping the list of best Indian drama series.

These Streets Zee World
These Streets Zee World cast. Photo: @zeeworldafrica
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The Indian series has many fascinating scenes that keep the viewers' eyes glued to their television screen. Watching the show makes the body relaxed after a hectic day. The drama and suspense in each scene create a desire to know more about what happens next.

These Streets plot summary

These Streets Zee World series revolves around two young best friends, Shantanu and Puchki, who become best friends at a very young age. Shantanu gives her the name, Puchki, which he derives from his favourite snack, Puchka. Puchki can be described as a carefree little girl who is passionate about makeup and dancing.

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These Streets full story

Shantanu and Puchki first appear as favourite companions who are unfortunately isolated by time. When Shaan encounters Puchki as Asmita after several years, he ignores to recognize her. As a result, their companionship legitimately turns into a feeling solely after Shaan understands that the lady he believes is Asmita is his beloved companion Puchki.

Asmita constantly feels treasured by Shaan since she was his childhood best friend and not for the wonderful woman she has become today. When Shaan proposes to Asmita, he declares that Puchki is nothing more than just his friend. However, Asmita is the person he loves and hopes to spend the rest of his life with.

Asmita fails to disclose to Shaan how much she adores him even though she is entangled with another person. Later, Shaan is falsely accused, and at this point, Asmita goes from being a police officer to becoming a legal counsellor to save Shaan.

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During the occurrence, Shaan's knee is shot while Asmita is seriously injured. She bites the dust in Shaan’s arms and requests him to hide her death from Krishi. Devika is recruited to take up her place. Eventually, Devika becomes hopelessly charmed with Shaan, even though he does not acknowledge her partner.

These Streets cast

One of the things that make These Streets Zee World stand out and a must-watch for everyone is the careful selection of the cast members. The professionalism and expertise of the production crew are superb. Here is the list of the cast members are and what they are up to.

1. Vrushika Mehta as Asmita "Puchki" Shantanu Mazumdar

These Streets Zee World
Actress Vrushika Mehta posing for the camera. Photo: @ everythingzeeworld
Source: Instagram

Vrushika Mehta is an Indian actress and professional dancer born on 18th February 1994 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. She is known for playing the role of Sharon Rai Prakash in Channel V's Dil Dosti Dance. In These Streets, she stars Asmita, Arpita, and Shubhu's daughter.

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2. Avinash Mishra as Shantanu "Shan" Mazumdar

These Streets cast
Avinash Mishra posing for the camera. Photo: @ avinash_world
Source: Instagram

Avinash Mishra is an Indian television actor and model who was born on 9th December 1995. He is known for playing the role of Shantanu Mazumdar in Yeh Teri Galiyan. In the series, he stars Shantanu Mazumdar, Arindham and Chanda's son, and Asmita's husband.

3. Kiran Janjani as Arindham Mazumdar

These Streets plot summary
Kiran Janjani posing for the camera. Photo: Photo: @zeeworldafrica
Source: Instagram

Kiran Janjani is an Indian actor who works in Bollywood films and television shows. He is famous for his roles in Life OK's Hum Ne Li Hai- Shapath and Santoshi Maa. In the show, he stars Arindham Mazumdar, Ravindra's son, Nilambar and Moushmi's brother, Chanda's lover, Nivedita's husband, Shantanu and Hridoy's biological father.

4. Piyush Sahdev as Vikram Shekhawat

These Streets teasers
Piyush Sahdev posing for the camera. Photo: @everythingzeeworld
Source: Instagram

Piyush is an Indian television actor born on 12th March 1982. He was married to Akangsha Rawat in 2012, but the duo separated in 2017. He is known for starring Kabeer Tripathi (KT) in Zee TV's Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. In These Streets, he plays the role of Vikram Shekhawat, Asmita's second husband.

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5. Sonal Vengurlekar as Nandini Mazumdar

These Streets teasers
Actress Sonal posing for the camera. Photo: @sonal_1206
Source: Instagram

Sonal is an Indian TV actress who is known for acing different Indian shows. In the highly-acclaimed These Streets Zee World, she plays the role of Nandini Mazumdar, Shubhu's adoptive daughter and Asmita's adoptive sister.

The other cast members you will see in this show are:

  • Raymon Singh as Nivedita
  • Lavin Gothi as Hridoy
  • Rajvir Chauhan as Ashish
  • Akansha Sareen as Arpita
  • Sharhaan Singh as Shubhu
  • Anandi Tripathi as Chanda
  • Govind Pandey as Ravindra Mazumdar
  • Harsh Mittal as Nilambar Mazumdar
  • Renee Dhyani as Beauty
  • Shaynam Ladakhi as Murli
  • Lopamudra Das as Moushmi
  • Bharat Kamuvani as Bijoy
  • Shubhangi Latkar as Thaku Maa
  • Kinjal Pandya as Paromita
  • Ruchi Mahajan as Young Puchki
  • Ayaan Zubair Rahmani as Young Shantanu Mazumdar
  • Sejal as Dadi Bua
  • Pari Mistry as Chahat Shantanu Mazumdar

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These Streets teasers and theme song

The show's episodes started airing on 25th July 2018 on Zee World. So far, it has aired 411 episodes, all in season one. The teasers for different months have been released and are available on various online platforms.

Just like every other Indian or Hindi movie, These Streets theme song is in Hindi. It reduces tension while making viewers drooling. Even though you cannot hear the actual words, it is easy to understand flow with the rhythm.

These Streets Zee World is an Indian drama show that all soapie lovers will enjoy. The story is filled with drama and suspense and cuts across love, family and friendship. It will leave you yearning for more. Stay tuned for more updates on the show as more seasons are on the way.

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