Isono teasers for November 2021: Sarah makes the ultimate sacrifice

Isono teasers for November 2021: Sarah makes the ultimate sacrifice

The twisted world of Isono gets more twisted this November as the characters continue to deal with deadly secrets, betrayal, murder, and revenge. After striking a deal with the devil to rescue her son, Sarah ends up making the ultimate sacrifice. Is Mary behind her misfortune? Find out more from the following Isono teasers.

Isono teasers for November 2021
Gabriel struggles to heal from the murder of his parents. Photo: @DStv
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Isono (The Sin) is BET Africa's first original telenovela that follows the life of Gabriel, Mary's adopted son. His adoptive mother is revered by the community as a philanthropic individual, but under the disguise are dark secrets of child trafficking and murder. Gabriel knows everything that goes on behind the curtains but is in a dilemma on whether to expose Mary's evil deeds or be loyal and grateful for what she has done for him.

Isono teasers for November 2021

Gabriel is yet to find the peace he longs for as he struggles to heal from the murder of his parents. So, how do things turn out for him in the upcoming episodes of Isono on BET Africa? Here are the teasers of what is coming up.

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Isono teasers for November 2021
Umpas makes a costly blunder in Isono November episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
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1st November 2021, Monday: Episode 229 (Secrets and Lies)

Mary comes across a painful truth while Umpas makes a careless mistake that will cost him a lot. Elsewhere, Sarah has the best way to deal with the situation.

2nd November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 230 (Moses takes the lead)

Mary attempts to make use of the media to expose a particular foe, but everything backfires on her. Makwande finds out about the disturbing secret that Fenya has been keeping while Umpas' gin connect turns out to be full of unexpected incidences.

3rd November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 231 (Dancing with the devil)

Mary has found someone who compliments her in the selfish Moses. Makwande fails to get a place for Fenya at the House of Grace, but it seems Fenya has other plans.

4th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 232 (New plans, old tricks)

Sarah does the unimaginable to ensure her son is rescued. Elsewhere, Mam'Lilli manages to save the day while Makwande decides to go on a social media rant to ensure his point is understood.

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Isono teasers for November 2021
Makwande learns about Fenya's dark secret. Gif:, (modified by author)
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8th November 2021, Monday: Episode 233 (Skeletons without a closet)

Simon and Mary want Tuswa to expose a body and claim that Gabriel is behind the incident. Meanwhile, Fenya's secret family member is the reason for his web of lies and dishonesty.

9th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 234 (How are you going to fix this?)

Tuswa and Gabriel encounter a shared foe. On the other hand, Fenya's plan does not produce the expected results, while Esther catches up with an acquaintance from the past.

10th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 235 (Uncovered)

The plan that Gabriel has been working on fails while Lili battles in her new role. Mary receives a unique present from Simon.

11th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 236 (Paper dolls)

Mary does not enjoy her big moment till the end when it is hijacked while Mam Lili struggles to express the truth. Later, Simon is put in his place when it is made clear that he is not as important.

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Isono teasers for November 2021
Makwande wants revenge for the murder of his parents. Gif:, (modified by author)
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15th November 2021, Monday: Episode 237 (Troubled past)

Mary attempts to go after Sarah and Gabriel again, but Simon is the one who ends up making things work for her. Esther finds out terrible truths regarding Makwande while Mam'Lili receives her makeover.

16th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 238 (Things that go bump in the night)

Gabriel prevents Sarah from letting out her anger while Makwande receives disturbing news from Esther. Elsewhere, Mam'Lili is terrified after finding out the things being sold by Loyiso.

17th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 239 (Mum's the word)

Sarah loses her life while Makwande and Esther decide to set their differences aside. Meanwhile, Phindile has her eyes set on Loyiso.

18th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 240 (One mother standing)

It seems Simon has overstepped his boundaries. Mary makes up her mind to pull him away from the public eye.

Isono teasers for November 2021
Mary decides to remove Simon from the spotlight when he goes too far. Gif:, (modified by author)
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22nd November 2021, Monday: Episode 241 (Acceptance is learnt)

Gabriel grieves and later feels at peace when he discovers a crucial aspect regarding his past. Elsewhere, Makwande gets very angry when he spots the person accompanying Esther. Mam'Lili cooks up a storm without perceiving that she went off the brief.

23rd November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 242 (We all fall down)

Things do not turn out great when Gabriel meets the social worker while Esther attempts to assist Makwande, but things get more complicated. On the other hand, Umpas finds out that things are not as they appear to be when he tries to deal with Loyiso.

24th November 2021, Wednesday: Episode 243 (The longest shadows)

Makwande and Gabriel continue to be negatively affected by the murders of their parents. Gabriel struggles to get over the incident, while Makwande wants the people responsible to pay.

25th November 2021, Thursday: Episode 244 (Surprise!)

Simon gives Mary a unique present when he comes back, and she decides to utilize the gift to her advantage. Later, Makwande confronts Mary with the truth. The children prepare a surprise date for Mam'Lili, but it turns out that this surprise is not what they were looking forward to.

29th November 2021, Monday: Episode 245 (She can't be trusted)

Gabriel is talented at his new job. Elsewhere, Loyiso makes Mam'Lili unexpectedly happy.

30th November 2021, Tuesday: Episode 246 (Game on)

Gabriel finds out that an individual he loves is back in town, but the news do not thrill him. Mam'Lili expresses her true feelings regarding Loyiso but later messes up with him again.

Isono teasers for November 2021
Gabriel is not excited about the return of someone he loves. Gif:, (modified by author)
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What happens to the Isono cast members?

BET Africa's Isono has a great line-up of episodes this November that promise to elicit mixed feelings from viewers. Mary continues her antics of keeping a clean pubic figure but does the unthinkable behind her impenetrable mask. Here is a look at what happens to some of the show's characters in Isono November episodes.


She tries to use the media to expose a particular enemy, but her plan backfires, and she later decides to go after Gabriel and Sarah one more time. She removes Simon from the public eye when she feels he has gone too far. When will the public finally discover her true monstrous colours?


He discovers an eerie secret about Fenya and then tries to get him a place at the House of Grace. He later reconciles with Esther and vows to seek revenge for the murder of his parents. Later, he tries to confront Mary with the truth. How will he outsmart the culprits to ensure they pay?


His plan does not go as expected as Mary tries to go after him and Sarah one last time. He finds it hard to forget the murder of his parents. Later, he is not excited when he learns that an individual he loves is back in town.

Are you excited about the upcoming episodes after going through the above Isono teasers? The local show airs on BET Africa from Mondays to Thursdays at 9.30 p.m. Isono is repeated from Tuesdays to Fridays at 6.00 p.m. You can also catch the omnibus on Saturdays from 9.30 a.m. on the same channel.

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