Isono Teasers for September 2021: Gabriel leaves Abednego and his mother hanging

Isono Teasers for September 2021: Gabriel leaves Abednego and his mother hanging

Isono South African drama series introduces why you should not judge a book by its cover. There is always something behind the scenes, and you have to be open-minded to see it. For instance, characters like Mary and Gabriel will educate you on the subject of deceit and restitution. In a nutshell, the Isono teasers for September will help you familiarise yourself with some defining activities that shape the life of the main characters.

Isono Teasers
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Mary's vulnerability is revealed in the Isono teasers for September. However, she acts tough to ensure that the House of Grace does not fall even though it means stepping aside. Abednego's new business is not doing very well, and it is just one out of the many troubles he is facing at the moment. Find out how he manages the situation as you read through the highlights of the show.

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Isono teasers for September 2021

Gabriel has Mary under his control and uses it to pursue his goals for the House of Grace. What will end the separate dishonesty of both Simon and Esther? Watch the new episodes to find out.

Episode 195 - Wednesday, 1st of September, 2021

Title: The past bites

Hashmi plots dangerously against his enemies while Mary's conscience weighs her down. Finally, Makwande shares his opinion of Mary with her. Also, Phindile is heartbroken, and Lesedi helps her deal with it.

Episode 196 - Thursday, 2nd of September, 2021

Title: Dirty deals

Simon continues lying to keep his secrets. However, Millicent's lousy mouth endangers plenty of people. At the same time, Abednego gets a rare opportunity to defeat a foe, but a tempting offer from the enemy makes it difficult to decide.

Episode 197 - Monday, 6th of September, 2021

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Title: Abednego gets his vengeance

Millicent is inspired to continue participating in the Vosloo Beat Competition while Hashmi gets ready to run away.

Episode 198 -Tuesday, 7th of September, 2021

Title: Home with Mary

Abednego persuades Sarah to get in touch with a person she has been looking for for a long time. Meanwhile, Umpas is just settling into the Vosloo Beat Competition when trouble knocks.

Episode 199 - Wednesday, 8th of September, 2021

Title: Mommy issues

Gabriel leaves his mother and Abednego in suspense after discovering the reality of his parentage. Meanwhile, Simon increases his dishonesty about Noluthando.

Isono Teasers
Hashmi plots dangerously against his enemies while Mary's conscience weighs her down. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 200 - Thursday, 9th of September, 2021

Title: Problem child

Gabriel protects Mary when Abednego's gun disappears, while Simon puts his ghosts on a lifetime cruise. Finally, the HOG Kids are told that it is time to act mature.

Episode 201 - Monday, 13th of September, 2021

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Title: The living ghost

Makwande and Gabriel are unable to save someone from a deadly Mary.

Episode 202 - Tuesday, 14th of September, 2021

Title: Sleep tight

Mary is planning to douse the happenings in Siziwe. However, Gabriel has a different plan that will anger her.

Episode 203 - Wednesday, 15th of September, 2021

Title: Truth or dare

No one supports Mary, and it prompts her to leave the HOG forever. Meanwhile, Zakwe says that Mary is guilty of using the kids' money for her profit. Finally, Gabriel has Mary trapped, and she is forced to agree to his terms and conditions.

Episode 204 - Thursday, 16th of September, 2021

Title: Castaway

Esther gets into a bigger problem, and Gabriel rises into a new role at work. Elsewhere, Mary experiences life in a new dimension.

Episode 205 - Monday, 20th of September, 2021

Title: New world order

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Phindile is worried about Umpas, but Zakwe's efforts to assist fail woefully. Meanwhile, Mary is all alone in her troubled world. Besides, Gabriel is determined to see the House of Grace attain greater heights and better responsibilities.

Episode 206 - Tuesday, 21st of September, 2021

Title: It's not over yet

Abednego and Gabriel save a former associate from being assaulted, while Simon employs Zakwe in the tavern to aid business profitability, and an unwilling Umpas is involved. Finally, Mam' Lili sees her helpless friend in a church and decides to help with a shelter.

Episode 207 - Wednesday, 22nd of September, 2021

Title: New battles, old tricks

Gabriel is hellbent on playing the good guy, while Esther regrets her selfishness. Nevertheless, Mary manipulates her way out of a tight situation.

Isono Teasers
Mam' Lili sees her helpless friend in a church and decides to help with a shelter. GIF:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Episode 208 - Thursday, 23rd of September, 2021

Title: Security details

AB starts a new business halfheartedly, and Gabriel finds it challenging to adapt to the new situation. However, Siviwe's determination pushes him to do certain things, while Simon loses employees because of his arrogance.

Episode 209 - Monday, 27th of September, 2021

Title: Memories

A romantic date does not go as planned, whereas Abednego, Sarah, and Gabriel are not finding it easy to manage the House of Grace.

Episode 210 - Tuesday, 28th of September, 2021

Title: They took him

AB realises that acting straight is a difficult thing to do. Meanwhile, Umpas realise the dignity in labour. But, then, a hijack shocks most people, and Makwande is desperate to point an accusing finger at someone.

Episode 211 - Wednesday, 29th of September, 2021

Title: The heartbroken fiancé

Mary pushes Sarah and Gabriel to the wall. Meanwhile, Abednego is looking for fresh customers in his business, while Mary reconciles with Esther before telling everyone about her grievances.

Episode 212 - Thursday, 30th of September, 2021

Title: Nobody's fool

Esther finds it hard to assist Makwande and her mother simultaneously. Finally, Makwande persuades Tuswa to arrest Mary because he is sure about Mary's dishonesty.


Mary is in a world of her own. People have varying opinions of her, and most times, it is negative. She struggles with her conscience, but she must take drastic steps. In the process, she leaves the House of Grace after much pressure but decides to seek revenge from outside. She is the queen of deception and saves herself with this unique ability.


Abednego is out for revenge against an enemy and gets it. He works with a friend to rescue another friend and later started a business before realising how hard it is to get customers. Abednego discovers how hard it is to be honest while doing business. He still has other problems with the day to day running of the House of Grace and his associates. Will he compromise?

From these Isono teasers, it is incredible knowing that the drama show's storyline becomes more interesting. So, as the episodes broadcast on BET from Mondays to Thursdays at 9:30 pm, make it a date to watch. If you miss any day's show, the repeat version of each episode is available the following day at 18h00. Also, the omnibus is available from 9:30 am on Saturdays.

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