Emperor Ashoka Glow TV: cast, plot summary, full story, theme, teasers

Emperor Ashoka Glow TV: cast, plot summary, full story, theme, teasers

Emperor Ashoka on Glow TV is an Indian historical drama about one of India’s most powerful ancient empires. The critically acclaimed series was first aired on Colors TV in 2016 and 2017, and South African fans can now watch it on Glow TV. Below is everything you need to know regarding the Emperor Ashoka serial.

Glow TV's Ashoka Samrat full story
Emperor Ashoka is a historical fictional drama on Glow TV. Photo: @azmatkhan1272
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Emperor Ashoka series revolves around the rise of one of India’s greatest warriors called Ashoka the Great, the third emperor of the Maurya dynasty. The storyline is based on real-life events that took place in ancient India between 268 and 232 BCE.

Emperor Ashoka plot summary

A young Ashoka impresses the reigning Emperor Bindusara without knowing it is his father. He later starts living in the palace and is trained in warfare. Despite hatred and opposition from his step-siblings and stepmothers, he eventually becomes emperor.

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Early in his reign, Ashoka is ruthless and selfish. He eventually decides to renounce war when his invasion of Kalinga Kingdom results in extensive deaths and destruction, leaving him traumatized. He then converts to Buddhism and spreads the religion’s principles of peace throughout the world. This earns him the moniker Ashoka the Great.

Chaktavartin Ashoka Samrat on Glow TV
Ashoka the Great was a fierce warrior. Photo: @jennyjeong786
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Emperor Ashoka full story

The period drama starts by introducing viewers to Magadha Empire, which is ruled by Emperor Bindusara Maurya. His stepmother, Helena, plans an attack to kill him and wounds him in the process. The ruler is healed by a Brahmin lady called Subhadrangi ‘Dharma’, and her skills elicits admiration from the Emperor.

Bindusara and Dharma tie the knot, and she conceives but prefers to live a simple life and does not go to live in the palace. The emperor’s third wife, Noor and her father, Mir Khorasan, launch an attack on Dharma and kill her father. Dharma gets out alive, but Bindusara believes she is dead. She later gives birth to Ashoka.

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Emperor Ashoka after 14 years

Ashoka resides with his mother, Dharma, in a hamlet. When Chanakya goes to Magadha streets, he meets the young boy and learns about his identity but promises Dharma to keep the truth from Bindusara and her son.

Dharma starts working as a royal physician while her son looks after horses. The young boy impresses the emperor, and they become close. The bond attracts hate from Sushima (Bindusara’s eldest son), his mum Charumita, Mir Khorasan, Helena and Justin (Helena’s son). All conspiracies against him do not work because he always impresses the emperor. Ashoka is also taught warfare by Akramak, a martial arts instructor.

Chaktavartin Ashoka Samrat on Glow TV
A young prince Ashoka would always impress the Emperor. Photo: @GlowTVza
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Emperor Ashoka’s house of wax

Helena, her dad Seleucus Nicator and Ujjain’s king plot to eliminate Bindusara’s household by setting a wax house on fire during Justin and Ujjain princess’s wedding. Chanakya learns about their plan and is kidnapped, but Ashok finds a secret tunnel and rescues him. After learning about the conspiracy, the prince finds a way to rescue the royals.

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An impressed Bindusara gives Ashoka the sword of Chandragupta Maurya and appoints him his personal bodyguard. The boy later finds out his true identity from an astrologer. The emperor takes him and his mother to live in the palace.

Sushima’s regency

Prince Sishima takes over when Bindusara goes on a conquest. The prince and his mother Charumitra rule ruthlessly and mistreat everyone, including Ashoka and his mother Dharma. To protect the people, Ashoka disguises himself as warrior Agradhoot.

Agradhoot and Sushima engage in battle, and the latter is severely wounded when Ahenkara, Sushima’s former fiancé, shoves a dagger through his stomach. Dharma manages to cure him. When Bindusara returns, Ashoka takes the blame and is arrested. He is later released when the truth is known.

The death of Chanakya

Ashoka’s foes who want to take over the throne team up to murder Chanakya and put the blame on Daastan. A frustrated Ashoka attacks Daastan, who admits that he had nothing to do with the murder before breathing his last.

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The capture of Takshashila

Ashoka sets out for Takshashila to put an end to a massive revolt and Kichak’s ruthless governance. Kichak used to be Bindusara’s warrior but betrayed him and captured Takshashila. He now has plans to invade Magadha and make himself emperor. The prince manages to kill him, thus freeing the people of Takshashila. He also falls in love with Kaurwaki, Kalinga’s princess and helps free her dad Jagannath.

Ashoka’s exile

Sushima is not happy when Ashoka is declared heir to the throne. Mir Khorasana, Selucus Nicator and his daughter Helena attack Pataliputra and hold Bindusara captive, but the prince manages to rescue him. Helena is arrested and later reveals to Ashoka the people responsible for Chanakya’s death.

An angry Ashoka sets out to kill everyone involved in Chanakya’s death, and his actions anger the emperor. He is banished from the kingdom and decides to go to Ujjain with his mother Queen Dharma and her newborn son, Vitashoka.

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After ten years

Ashoka is now referred to as Chand and is angry for revenge. He seeks to kill Sushima and is glad to learn that he will be participating in a wrestling competition. His mother and his younger brother Vit stop him from wrestling. The emperor sees them and recognizes them. He pardons Ashoka and asks them to return.

Ashoka and Chanakya’s grandson, Radhagupta, discover that Helena, now called Kondana, has been conducting slave trade for the last ten years. They manage to expose her, and Siamak is tricked into murdering her.

Chaktavartin Ashoka Samrat on Glow TV
Ashok was devastated after the deaths of Chanakya and his mother Dharma and was determined to finish their killers. Photo: @ColorsTV
Source: Twitter

Ashoka’s marriage

The emperor decides to get wives for his sons and invites several princesses. Ashoka ties the knot with Devi, although he loves Karuvaki. Jagannath’s disapproval makes him change his mind.

Ashoka’s revenge after the death of Dharma

Siamak tries to steal the royal stamp on the night of Ashoka’s wedding, but Dharma catches him. Sushima decided to murder her to rescue Siamak. The prince discovers Siamak’s necklace and kills him, thinking he killed his mother.

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Ashoka’s rise to become Maghadha’s emperor

Bindusara has a heart attack and dies after Sushima reveals to him Siamak’s real dad. The emperor’s son Justin had an affair with Noor, Bindusara’s third wife, and she conceived Siamak. Sushima later reveals to Ashoka that he is responsible for Dharma’s, Bindusara, and Chanakya’s deaths, thus angering him. Ashoka manages to kill him and is made Magadha’s third emperor.

Devi gives birth to Ashoka’s first son called Mahindra, and later a daughter called Sanghamitra. She later decides to leave the emperor when he starts acting selfishly.

Ashoka’s conversion to Buddhism

Ashoka attacks Kalinga Kingdom and manages to capture it. However, the extensive bloodshed during the war leaves him traumatized. As a form of repentance, he quits violence and dedicates his life to Buddhism. Emperor Ashoka's contribution to Buddhism and efforts to spread the religion's peace principles globally earned him the moniker Ashoka the Great.

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Emperor Ashoka theme song and teasers

The period drama’s opening theme is Ashoka Hai, Ashoka Tha. Here are the first Emperor Ashoka teasers on Glow TV.

Emperor Ashoka series cast

Chaktavartin Ashoka Samrat cast
The Emperor Ashoka series is made up to talented Bollywood actors and actresses. Photo: @ashoka.samrat
Source: Instagram

Emperor Ashoka, originally called Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, was created and written by Ashok Banker. The show is comprised of Bollywood’s greatest actors and actresses. Emperor Ashoka main cast members include the following;

  • Siddharth Nigam as young Prince Ashoka Maurya
  • Mohit Raina as a grown-up Samrat Ashoka Maurya
  • Kajol Srivastav as Empress Devi
  • Reem Sheikh as a young Princess Kaurwaki
  • Soumya Seth as Queen Kaurwaki
  • Pallavi Subhash as Head Queen Dharma
  • Sameer Dharmadhikari as Samrat Bindusara Maurya
  • Sumedh Mudgalkar as young Prince Sushim Maurya
  • Ankit Arora as grown-up Prince Sushim Maurya
  • Manoj Joshi as Acharya Chanakya

Emperor Ashoka’s cast with recurring roles include;

  • Suzanne Bernert as Rajmata Helena Maurya/Kondana
  • Dev Singhal as Prince Vitashoka Maurya
  • Prinal Oberoi as Empress Charumitra
  • Heena Parmar as Queen Chanda
  • Preet Kaur Madhan as Queen Subrasi
  • Ayaan Zubair Rahmani as Prince Dhrupad Maurya
  • Arhaan Behll as Samrat Chandragupt Maurya
  • Sumit Kaul as Prince Justin Maurya
  • Ankita M. Sharma as Queen Noor Khorasan
  • MD Faizan Khan as a young Prince Siamak Maurya
  • Abhiram Nain as a grown-up Prince Siamak Maurya
  • Tunisha Sharma as Princess Ahenkara of Ujjain
  • Jitendra Bohra as a young Acharya Radhagupt
  • Dakssh Ajit Sigh as a grown-up Acharya Radhagupt
  • Manoj Kolhatkar as Mahamatya Khallatak
  • Vikrant Chaturvedi as Mir Khorason
  • Tej Sapru as Seleucus I Nicator
  • Manoj Verma as King Jagannath of Kalinga
  • Alefia Kapadia as Queen Vasudha of Kalinga
  • Sachin Verma as Acharya Akramak
  • Rajesh Khera as Acharya Devrath
  • Yashashiri Masurkar as Princess Agnishika
  • Tapasya Nayak Srivasta as Queen Niharika of Ujjain
  • Shailesh Dattar as Amatya Ugrasain
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as Raja Keechack
  • Monica Sehgal as Rani Bahamani
  • Amit Behl as Amatya Rakshas and Bodheeshwara Thero
  • Sonal Parihar as Nirjhara
  • Praveen Kaur as Kasturi
  • Rumi Khan as Daastan
  • Harsh Khurana as Uttar
  • Anand Goradia as Agnibahu

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The award-winning Emperor Ashoka series brings out one of India’s most extraordinary histories in the most exciting way. With its interesting fictional twists and talented cast, the serial will keep viewers locked to the screen in eager anticipation of the next event.

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