Top 20 profitable Kasi business ideas (lucrative township businesses)

Top 20 profitable Kasi business ideas (lucrative township businesses)

Kasi business ideas have lifted millions of South Africans from grass to grace. If Rome was not built in a day, why are you ashamed of taking baby steps? Your Kasi is not too small for you to establish a business. So, if you are wondering, "what can I sell at Kasi?" Below are the 20 most profitable Kasi business ideas.

Kasi business ideas
Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich. H. Ford quote. Photo: @moneyafrica (modified by author)
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Kasi is a neighbourhood within or near a city occupied by black South Africans. Your financial position should not prevent you from building a multi-billion business empire because there are many untapped money-making opportunities in the country. Ask yourself, "what can I do with R1000?" Join us as we find out more in this fact filled article.

Top 20 Kasi business ideas in South Africa

Small Kasi business ideas require as little as R1000 to begin. Foreigners are taking advantage of these small business ideas in South Africa to thrive. It is not time to chase away the foreigners but join hands and make as much money as you can. So, what are the most successful small businesses? Here are 20 business opportunities in South Africa that are worth your time and money:

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1. Catering services

Catering is easy to start, especially if you have kitchen appliances. Baking cakes is one of the best Kasi food business ideas. Create a list of recipes you believe people can order in bulk. Estimate the business capital by making an inventory of supplies. Start cooking in their client's homes without a team of staff. Save the money for future expansion like hiring staff, branding, buying equipment, and more.

2. Graphic designer

Companies are hiring independent graphic designers instead of placing them on full-time contracts. If you already have graphic designing skills, buy a scanner, computer, printer, and other essentials. Get the licenses and display your samples and contacts on social media.

3. Laundry services

Kasi business ideas
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Provide laundry services from the clients' homes to evade the cost of renting a business building and buying washing machines and supplies. You can also do the laundry the traditional way. Hire people, assign them to different homes and pay them commissions.

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4. Babysitting

When your boss assigns you to a laundry client, request cooking, babysitting, and other jobs to make extra money. Alternatively, quit and start a daycare in a safe environment and with a team of trustworthy staff or business partners.

5. Nanny agency

Instead of a daycare, why not start a nanny agency? Setting up and running a daycare needs more capital than a nanny agency. Register your nanny agency with the government and start connecting job seekers to employers.

6. Vertical gardening on balconies

Vertical gardening on balconies is one of the best business ideas in South Africa since people want organic vegetables instead of GMO crops. Start vertical farming on your piece of land and sell the vegetables. Help rentals' tenants start vertical farming in their balconies by working as a consultant. You can also sell the equipment, seeds, and other vertical farming supplies or be a broker.

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7. Gym, sports, and recreational centre

Kasi business ideas
What can I do with R100,000? You could start a gym or read the article for much more options. Photo: @Luciano Rossi
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What business can I start with R100,000? Spend the money wisely on a gym, sports, and recreational centre. Get a fitness instructor certificate before starting any of these businesses. Alternatively, hire professionals to handle your customers.

8. Freelance fitness instructor

Become a freelance fitness instructor. Train clients from their homes, at the park, etc. Open a YouTube channel and sell fitness manuals on social media.

9. Lawn care

The landscaping business is growing rapidly. Gone are the days when people left their lawns unattended. Homeowners want manicured lawns, and estates have strict landscaping policies.

10. Bartering and reselling

People walk in homes and rentals, collecting items that families no longer use free of charge. Some collectors will give you items of lesser value in exchange for your items. They then recycle them or sell them as they are at a profit. Greedy ones make as high as 100% profit.

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11. Pet grooming

Kasi business ideas
Your love for animals could be earning you moolah! Photo: @Annette Riedl
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Pet grooming is one of the best township business ideas you can ever invest in. You are assured of a steady market because Mzansi loves pet culture. Start an independent pet grooming business or add it to your local veterinary clinic.

12. Pet training

Grooming and training pets are different businesses, but you can also merge them. Training pets pays more than grooming. The owner of an untrained pet risks paying heavy damages if it hurts someone or destroys property.

13. Moving services

Relocating from one apartment to another is stressful. People need trustworthy movers. Hire a truck and labourers and start your movers' company. If you own a bakkie or van, what are you waiting for?

14. Storage units

Some people have more than enough items to fit in their new homes. They keep extra items in storage units until they create a room, find buyers, or donate them. Your storage unit business does not need expensive storage equipment if you do not keep delicate items like electronics.

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15. Delivery services

Businesses inside and outside your Kasi need delivery people. Hire delivery people who have motorbikes or trucks to avoid repair, maintenance and lisence costs.

16. Commercial shelves

Kasi business ideas
Boutique shelves for renting. Photo: @marketplace
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People rent business premises like boutiques, install shelves, and rent them out to multiple people. The tenants contribute towards the salaries of sales professionals working for them. If you are good at financial accounting, this option may be the one!

17. Interior home decoration

Do you have an eye for quality and attractive decoration items and styles? Your destiny lies in home interior decoration. Most home décor professionals use DIY tips to decrease business' operation costs and increase profits.

18. Plumbing

Homeowners seek minor plumbing repairs regularly and renovate the systems after two to three. More investors will build business premises and homes in your Kasi. All of them need plumbing contractors and repair services.

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19. Car wash and repair

Kasi business ideas
A worker cleaning a car. Photo: @ Boniface Muthoni
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Have you noticed how more people in your Kasi are buying cars? They need a car wash and repair shop in the neighbourhood where they can pop in anytime to check on the work's progress. You can set up a side coffee and small meal shop for your customers while they wait as well.

20. Beauty centre

Beauty centres contribute a significant percentage to Mzansi's economy. Start with basic hairdressing services and gradually expand to manicure, facials, massage, and more services.

Most of these profitable Kasi business ideas are easy to establish. All they need is your commitment and determination. Do not expose your plans to people who will discourage you. We wish you only the best in your endeavours! Let us know how it goes.

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