70+ African braids hairstyles in 2023: unique hairstyles to elevate your look

70+ African braids hairstyles in 2023: unique hairstyles to elevate your look

Braids hairstyles are the ideal low-maintenance hairstyles. These hairstyles are beautiful, versatile, and have remained fashionable for decades. They reduce hair breakage and are a great low-manipulation style. Discover trendy African braids hairstyles in 2023 from this article.

Unique African braids hairstyles
Unique African braids hairstyles. Photo: @Czas Hairstyles, @braidsforwomen, @hairbyeusy, @Hairbyruee, @Rosalia's salon and beauty parlour (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Many people prefer braids hairstyles because they last long, usually between one and two months. Hairdressers in the modern world are also very creative. They can create unique looks that will make you the center of attention in a crowd.

70+ best braid hairstyles for black women and children

Are you looking for ideas for African hair braiding styles with pictures? If so, we have you covered. Below are images of over 70 hairstyles you should try this year.

Easy braided hairstyles

African braids hairstyles
Easy braided hairstyles. Photo: @aliciabyoseme, @Czas Hairstyles, @braidsforwomen (modified by author)
Source: UGC

You can have cornrows in different sizes. The thin or small sizes are ideal for children at school, college students, and working ladies. They take longer to braid but also last longer than large-sized cornrows.

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Large-sized cornrows are for children and adults who have time to redo their hair after about a week or two. You can save time by braiding your children in thin or small sizes during school days and having them do large braids during the holidays.

Straight-back hairstyles for 2023 in South Africa

braids hairstyles 2023
Elegant straight-back styles. Photo: @rhu.lani, @sharonbeautypalour, @styledbyliyaa, @wigsbysharon, @enhanced_by_dee, @the_hair_cave, @braidssbytink, @blackmagic_styles (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Straight-back looks have been worn for hundreds of years. In some African countries, this is the most common look for school-going children for uniformity. Unlike before, when straight-back styles were bland, today's looks are versatile and creative.

Qualified stylists can also play around with various patterns to make them more elegant. For example, they can create a flower, wavy, or zigzag design. You can also alternate between thin and thick lines for a classy look.

Half braids and half cornrows

Half braids and half cornrows
Half braids and half cornrows. Photo: @Topafricanhairstyles, @Brittaney Crews, @anointed braiders, @hairbyeusy, @RUAI Ladies Beauty Center, @Hairbyruee (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Half braids and half cornrows as become very popular in 2023. Most ladies wear this style because raids will not fall on their faces. At the same time, they get to enjoy the long hair extensions falling on their backs.

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There is so much you can do to make the style unique. Play around with different cornrow designs on the forehead. You can cut the extensions and burn the ends with a candle or lighter to create a bob-cut style.

You can also hold the extensions of the cornrows in a bun and let the rest hang on your shoulders, curl all the attachments, or add beads at the end.

Box braids hairstyles in 2023 (with pictures)

braid hairstyles for black women
Elegant box braids for 2023. Photo: @blackazevedo, @nay.afrohaiir, @boxbraidsdivulgacao, @kissel_beauty_palour, @coditeafro4u, @blessedbyfo, @by.miamor, @braidsbyjessy (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Box braids can prevent traction alopecia. The hair is sectioned into neat boxes before braid extensions are added to this look. The result is a fantastic look that you can style as you desire.

When an expert installs this style, it can protect against breakage. Knotless installation is preferred because it protects the ends from breakage and other environmental factors.

Single bun hairstyles in 2023 in South Africa

braids hairstyles 2023 pictures
Elegant single bun styles to try in 2023. Photo: @rekkysignature, @mercies_mobile, @mayken93, @ghanahair, @ghanaianhair, @carelesshaiir, @mercies_mobile, @mavishair (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Straight-up looks are ideal for people who do not like long hair hanging off their faces or backs. These styles are fantastic for all age groups and can be done in cornrows, two-strand twists, or three-strand braids.

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The straight-up hair looks have been featured in many articles showcasing African hairstyle photos in 2023. You can have your up-do look in a bun. Alternatively, you can allow the hair to hang off your back.

Easy braided hairstyles with beads in 2023 (with pictures)

African braids Hairstyles
Beaded looks for 2023. Photo: @vadiahub, @shopdaphnese, @naturalhairspirations, @bb_beyond_beauty, @kinkycurls_salon, @jena_braids, @ghanaianhairstyles, @ornicshairandbeautysalon (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Beads have been used to accessorize hairstyles for a long time. They add personality and uniqueness to your final look and are ideal for people of all ages. Today, we have beads made from different materials, including plastic and wood.

If you want to go all out, you can use African-themed beads. These are ideal for artistic people who do not necessarily have office jobs. If you have an office job and wish to use beads, you can use toned-down colors and avoid using too many beads.

Side-swept African braids hairstyles

Easy braided hairstyles
Side-swept looks to try this year. Photo: @stylesbyshunda_, @tangie_perfectionist, @nicky_beautybraids, @mirah_stylez_, @mazanibraids, @_itslai2you, @theinneruhair, @memes_styles (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

You will find various side-swept styles if you search for braids and hairstyles in 2023 online. The side-swept style adds some uniqueness to the upper area of the face. It is flattering on round faces.

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The look breaks the monotony of straight-back or straight-up styles. Some popular options include alternating between thin and thick cornrows and making floral or wavy patterns. You can tie the extensions in a neat side bun if they feel a little bulky.

Bold-colored braid hairstyles for girls

Long braids hairstyles
Bold-colored styles for 2023. Photo: @hair_slayed_by, @natalina_yemane, @expressbeautyy, @hair_by_estherrr, @cryscrowned_em, @braidssbyemily, @ghanaianhairstyles, @allenhair_gh (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

In the contemporary world, people are bolder and freer to express their authentic selves. Some people love bold colors, while others would prefer neutral ones. If you would love to express yourself using your hair, you can go for bold-colored braids.

You can use multiple colored extensions at the same time. Alternatively, you can pick a single bold color. Ensure the choices you make represent who you truly are. If you wish to add some color but not too much, consider picking ombre extensions. Multi-colored braid hairstyles for girls are likely to stay in fashion for decades to come.

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Feed-in braids for women of color

Braid Hairstyles for girls
Feed-in looks for 2023. Photo: @angelselah_hair, @shay_styles, @leviansbeauty, @manetainedby_kp, @ferraribraids, @fire_braids_twists, @kstyles_beauty, @_culturebeauty (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Feed-in braids are fantastic for anyone looking for quick and protective hairstyles. Besides, they look neat and have an attractive pattern. The above looks can be worn at any time of the year, but they are ideal for the warmer months.

Before installing feed-in cornrows or twists, beware that your styling expert will have to apply a bit of tension to maintain the neatness required. This means that they may not be ideal for persons with sensitive scalps.

Braids hairstyles for kids

African braids hairstyles for kids
African braids hairstyles for kids. Photo: @braidsforwomen, @Glory Fashion, @fashionbeautykids, @Hairstyles for kids & Women, @hazelnatostyle (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Children love beards and curls. You can use a few beads or lots of them, depending on the child's preference. You should be careful not to use overly heavy ones.

The weight will pull the braids downwards and add pressure to the scalp. As a result, the child might experience headaches from carrying too much weight on the head.

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Knotless braids hairstyles

unique braids hairstyles
High-bun knotless braids hairstyles. Photo: @blackbeautybombshells, @Alliance Braids (modified by author)
Source: UGC

These looks can be installed in micro, medium, or chunky sizes. Chunky sizes look appealing and require the least amount of time to install. However, they may not last as long as micro and midi sizes.

braids hairstyles
Knotless braids hairstyles. Photo: @zaineeysblog, @Rosalia's salon and beauty parlour (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Besides the size, you can also vary the length depending on the extensions you choose. You can pick a log or short extensions. If you are bold, you can use different colored extensions. The are multiple looks to play around with every day.

African braids hairstyles
Knotless braids hairstyles. Photo: @Protective Hairstyles & Tips, @HairbyEussy (modified by author)
Source: UGC

These looks take little time to install and involve low manipulation of the natural hair. They also last as longer than regular cornrows. Wash your hair after every three weeks and moisturize the scalp when the braids are dry.

Who had braids first?

Braiding began in Africa among the Himba people of Namibia around 5000 years ago.

What is the African braid hairstyle called?

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Most people call African braid hairstyles cornrows or canerows, even though they come in different styles. People use beads, curls, bold colors, and hair extensions with different textures to create unique designs.

What are the names of hair braids?

There are hundreds of thousands of hair braids styles. Some of them are box braids, twists, bob-braids, Ghanaian lines, knotless braids, single-bun cornrows, high-bun cornrows, all-back cornrows, twin-bun cornrows, triple-bun cornrows, zigzag cornrows, half braids and half cornrows, beaded cornrows or braids, etc.

Which braids will last long?

All thin/micro and medium-sized braids and cornrow styles last longer than large ones.

Which braids are trending?

Feed-in hairstyles and beaded braids are in fashion in 2023.

What is the most popular type of braids?

The twists, box braids, and crochets are the most popular braids in 2023.

What types of braids are in style in 2023?

This year's most stylish African hairstyles are feed-in hairstyles, multi-colored styles, and beaded styles. They are ideal for different occasions, children and adults.

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What is the best hairstyle for braids?

Choose a style that matches the shape of your head and makes you happy. You should consult your dresser to guide you in choosing an appropriate look.

African braids hairstyles are low maintenance and long-lasting. People invent more styles every year, thus adding to the vast collection of braid styles already available.

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