Top 60 high-demand products to sell from home in South Africa 2024

Top 60 high-demand products to sell from home in South Africa 2024

The rise of online shopping platforms has made conducting home-based businesses extremely easy. If you are looking for the best way to make money selling items online, you can opt for a home-based business. You can create a virtual store to coordinate orders and sales. Discover the top products to sell from home in 2024.

products to sell from home in SA
A woman in a green top and eyeglasses is smiling as she uses a laptop. Photo:, @Andrea Piacquadio (modified by author)
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You need a computer or smartphone, a stable internet connection, and some capital to start your home-based business. One of the most common models for online businesses is drop-shipping. With this, you do not necessarily have to maintain physical stock. Discover the best products to sell from home in contemporary South Africa.

Top products to sell from home: products with high demand in SA

The idea of a home-based business will certainly come up when trying to figure out how to make money fast in South Africa. Here is a look at the best products to sell for a small online business.

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1. Handmade scented candles

If you are looking for handmade product ideas to sell, consider selling homemade scented candles. Scented candles are extremely popular during all seasons, making them one of the top 10 products to sell from home in South Africa today.

You can buy wax and essential oils to create custom-made candles. Alternatively, you can buy them at wholesale prices and resell them for a profit.

2. Online courses

Did you know you can create an online course within a short period? This is a low-production cost idea, meaning the majority of the profit goes directly back to you. You must identify a niche in your area of expertise before creating a course.

3. Travel tumblers

Stainless steel travel tumblers are among the best products to sell from home in South Africa. They are useful whenever people travel for work and pleasure. They are great to sell as merch if you have a big audience looking to purchase from you. You can brand them to increase their selling price.

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4. Printable art

One of the unique things to sell online is printable art. The best thing about this is that the profits are much higher because the production and delivery costs are extremely low. All you need to do is send your customers pieces of art in soft copy for them to print and frame.

5. Office supplies

products to sell from home today
Various office supplies on a white surface. Photo:, @cottonbro studio
Source: UGC

Most small, medium, and large enterprises are going digital. They are digitising their procurement processes and doing things online. Even so, office supplies remain among the high-demand products to sell in South Africa because they are a must-have for offices and businesses to run smoothly. You can purchase the supplies in bulk and sell them for a profit.

6. Stickers

Stickers are a popular item to sell. If you are creative and looking for DIY products to sell from home, you can buy an at-home sticker maker. Use it to create unique stickers that will sell more.

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7. Pet toys

Many South African homes have pets. Pet owners have a budget for their pets' health insurance, food, and other essentials. This new trend has created a demand for pet toys, which you can sell online.

8. Matcha tea

Numerous SA people have become health conscious in recent years. Matcha tea, a finely ground powder from specially grown and processed green tea leaves, is traditionally consumed in East Asia.

It is high in antioxidants and has numerous health benefits for your body and brain. It is quite popular and one of the most profitable products to sell online in SA.

9. Athleisure/ sportswear

Athleisure/ sportswear has become quite fashionable in South Africa because more people are into physical fitness. If you are looking for things to sell to start a business, consider comfortable and stylish athleisure products.

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10. Sofa beds

Sofa beds have been on the market for many years. They have become quite popular among South African renters because they save space and money for those on a budget. You make or buy cheap, middle-priced, or even high-end sofa beds to cater to all income groups.

11. Keycaps

products to sell from home in SA
Keycaps with blue lighting for laptops. Photo:, @John Petalcurin
Source: UGC

There are many gamers and Twitch streamers in present-day South Africa and other parts of the world. These people often need customised keyboards complete with keycaps. Keycaps are the plastic coverings that sit on top of your key switches, and they are in demand in 2024.

12. Portable blenders

Staying fit and healthy is increasingly important to consumers. Many people want healthy smoothies on the go. As a result, the demand for portable blenders is at an all-time high. These products are among the best things to buy and sell in bulk in South Africa.

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13. Adult products

Adult products have become much less stigmatised over the past decade. There is an emerging sexual wellness trend among men and women. As a result, adult toys are selling well. Beware that you should not sell them to minors.

14. Photography and videography equipment

The rise of YouTubers and social media users and influencers has led to an increased demand for videography and photography equipment. These include cameras, lenses, tripods, and lighting equipment, among others.

15. Gaming mice/ mouses

PC gamers have increased in the last few years. They are a huge target market for gaming mice/ mouses. Every PC gamer needs a good gaming mouse. There are different types of gaming mice/ mouses for different types of gamers. You can stock them all.

16. Hair wigs

Hair wigs have become increasingly popular. There is plenty of room in the market for new sellers. To be successful, try focusing on a specific market segment. Hair wigs are among the top wholesale products to sell from home in South Africa because they do not take up too much space.

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17. Yoga mats

top products to sell from home
A black woman practising yoga on a black yoga mat. Photo:, @Mart Production
Source: UGC

Yoga mats are one of the products that are always in demand because people want to keep fit. While they are already sold in tons of fitness retail stores, there is still room in the online market for more sellers. Many people are looking for high-quality yoga mats.

18. Resistance bands

One of the most sought-after fitness aids in 2024 is resistance bands. They offer a more affordable alternative to weights for resistance training and are easier to use in small spaces. Resistance bands are among the cheap products to sell in South Africa.

19. LED lights

LED lights have grown in popularity because they are more energy-efficient than other lighting options. There are various types of LED lights in the market, from light-up sneakers to solar-powered lights, fairy lights, and LED light strips. You will not lack a market for these products.

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20. Gardening supplies

Gardening is a hobby for many South Africans. People in urban areas are embracing micro-farming. You can stock flower pots, water cans, seeds, bulbs, fertilisers, and other types of gardening supplies for these people.

21. Art supplies

Art represents an extremely wide industry. You can consider selling items such as watercolours, paintbrushes, crayons, canvas materials, and frames. You might also want to venture into pricier, rare art supplies for better returns.

22. Auto accessories

products to sell from home today
A shop with various auto supplies. Photo:, @Mike van Schoonderwalt
Source: UGC

The automotive industry has led to the growth of numerous other industries centred on manufacturing, distributing, and installing auto accessories. Common auto fast sellers include tires, GPS trackers, dash recorders, smart keys, and phone holders.

23. Baby products

Baby products are often said to be an entire industry of their own. You can sell numerous items if you decide to venture into this massive industry. Great baby products include diapers, formula, baby clothes, and baby skincare products.

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24. Handbags and totes

Regardless of how much the fashion industry changes, handbags and totes are always in fashion. Look into the types of bags that are currently trendy, or try some vintage pieces. Either way, you will have customers if your bags are high quality.

25. Beach blankets and towels

If you live near a beach, selling beach blankets and towels is among the best businesses you can run from home. These items are often in demand by people visiting the beach and looking to relax after a dip in the ocean. Your storage should be within reach to facilitate quick deliveries.

26. Bedding items

The bedroom is one of the most important spaces in any home. This room is often synonymous with rest and relaxation. This explains why a lot of people invest heavily in bedding items such as bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and duvets.

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27. Belts and ties

Belts and ties are the hallmarks of a formal male dress code. Quality belts and ties are easy to sell from home because they occupy little space and can be easily packaged and shipped.

28. Blue light glasses

Blue light has been said to cause all sorts of problems, including poor sleep. This has led to increased demand for blue light glasses as people look for a way to prevent the harmful effects of this light. The increased demand makes this a potentially high-return business.

29. Books

products to sell from home in SA
Book shelves full of books. Photo:, @LubosHouska
Source: UGC

While smartphones and computers have grossly affected people's reading culture, there is still a significant number of people who still read. You can choose to sell hard copy books or the more modern eBooks.

30. Children's toys

Toys are central to children's entertainment and development. They come in a wide range of forms and sizes. Feel free to research the best and most entertaining or educative toys and sell them from the comfort of your home.

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31. Coffee mugs

Who doesn't love a unique, customised coffee mug? There are virtually countless ways you can customise these mugs and sell them to your clients online.

32. Computer accessories

As the world becomes more and more interconnected each day, computers continue to play an integral role in most people's lives. Unfortunately, like other machines, computers break down occasionally, requiring a change of parts.

Selling computer parts and accessories is a potentially profitable business. Besides the excellent individual sales, these accessories are also among the best wholesale products to sell from home in South Africa.

33. Electronics

The consumer electronics industry is massive, fueled by recent developments in technology. Some of the best-selling electronic products in this category include smartphones, wireless speakers, and cameras.

34. Small home exercise equipment

As people look for ways to keep fit and reduce lifestyle diseases, the demand for small exercise equipment keeps rising. Items such as barbells, kettlebells, weights, skipping ropes, dumbbells, and tension ropes are among those in high demand.

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35. Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers are perfect for people who exercise outdoors. These little pieces of tech can measure one's fitness using numerous pointers such as blood oxygen level, calorie loss, heartbeat rate, etc.

Additionally, the small size of fitness trackers makes them some of the easiest products to sell online from home.

36. Greeting cards

A greeting card is a piece of card stock, often with an illustration or photo, made of high-quality paper and that features an expression of friendship or another sentiment. You can make and sell them from home. Alternatively, you can buy them in bulk from a printing company and sell them for a profit.

37. Haircare products

The hair care industry has grown quite tremendously in the last few decades. As a result, there are numerous hair products designed for men's, women's, and children's hair. You can choose to focus on one of the three products or all of them.

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38. Indoor plants

products to sell from home in SA
A variety of indoor plants on a white table. Photo:, @milivigerova
Source: UGC

Indoor plants serve different purposes. Some of the most common include scents, aesthetics, and insect repellence. Whatever the reason, indoor plants are in high demand.

39. Jewellery and fashion accessories

Accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are all designed to enhance one's look. You can specialise in a specific jewellery and accessories line or deal in all of them. Unique handmade jewellery sells well in SA.

40. Puzzles and board games

Puzzles and board games range in type and complexity. Some of the common ones include Monopoly, Chess, Draughts, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, and Jenga.

41. Scarves

Scarves are among the most versatile clothing items. They can be worn with almost anything, making them quite handy, especially in places with erratic weather. High-quality and unique scarves tend to sell fast.

42. Shapewear

Shapewear refers to an undergarment designed to create a smooth silhouette and sculpt your figure to highlight your natural curves, especially when wearing tight-fitting clothing. Shapewear items are often in high demand for fashion-conscious women.

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43. Skincare products

Some top skin care products include makeup removers, lotions, face and hand creams, and sunscreen. When learning how to sell beauty products from home, consider essential factors such as price, brand strength, effectiveness, and ratings in major online stores.

44. Smartphone accessories

In the modern-day world, where most people have smartphones, phone accessories have become essential. From audio accessories to chargers and phone covers, these items enhance smartphone usage.

45. Spices

products to sell from home in SA
Spoonfuls of spices on a wooden table. Photo:, @mattyphotographyy
Source: UGC

From the tantalising scent to the mouthwatering taste, spices play a huge role in people's culinary experiences. You can have a vibrant online business selling spices.

46. Wellness supplements

Wellness supplements are products designed to enhance a person's diet through consumable pills, powders, liquids, or capsules. These often vary in composition and intended results. Most South Africans use wellness supplements to improve their health.

47. Customised t-shirts

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The customised t-shirt business has been around for years now. T-shirts are pretty much the epitome of casual wear, making them quite easy to sell to the huge market of people who prefer casual dressing to formal ones.

48. Wall art

Wall art includes wall mounts, canvas prints, artistic clocks, and watercolour paints. You can stock these in different sizes and sell them from the comfort of your home. Ensure your wall art is well-framed and easy to maintain.

49. Traditional wristwatches

Most people today rely on their smartphones to tell time. Even so, the conventional watch is still quite functional, both as a time and fashion accessory. Watches vary greatly in design and pricing, making this a potentially great business venture.

50. Water bottles

uniquen products to sell from home
Stainless steel and blue water bottles on a wooden shelf. Photo:, @NatureFriend
Source: UGC

Water bottles have become a common sight in most offices, classes, and hiking trails. They come in different materials, e.g., glass, metal, and plastic, and different sizes. Note that most water bottles should be for room-temp or cold water, not hot.

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51. Table runners

A table runner is a soft furnishing designed to completely replace or complement a table cloth. Table runners are designed to run across the table vertically or horizontally. These items have become common in South African dining rooms.

52. Power tools and accessories

DIY projects have become common hobbies, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the demand for power tools and their accessories is high.

53. Curtain and drape rings

A curtain ring is a small clip for suspending a curtain. It holds up different curtains, including shower curtains. Unique and strong curtain and drape rings will sell fast in SA.

54. Adjustable car cup holders

While most cars come fitted with cup or bottle holders, not all cups or travel tumblers fit well in the premade slots. You sell adjustable car cup holders that allow travellers to use bottles, cups, and tumblers of all sizes without worrying about spills.

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55. Humidifiers

products to sell from home today
A white humidifier on top of a wooden plank of wood. Photo:, @furkanfdemir
Source: UGC

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air. This prevents dryness that can cause irritation. Humidifiers are devices that add moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body.

56. Fragrances/ perfumes

Everyone wants to smell good. As a result, the demand for fragrances and perfumes is high. Starting a perfume business combines artistic personal expression and business know-how, and if approached correctly, it can result in an excellent profit margin.

57. Hand sanitisers

People have become conscious about germs and viruses since the Covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of people keep hand sanitisers within reach. As a result, the demand for hand sanitisers is quite high.

58. Smartwatches

A smartwatch is a mobile device with a touchscreen display. It keeps you updated without you having to whip out your smartphone. The demand for smartwatches is high in SA.

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59. Sofa covers/ slipcovers

Sofa covers or slipcovers are removable, fitted covers that are secured around pieces of furniture. Besides updating old furniture and changing the feel of your space, they allow you to be worry-free when it comes to kids and pets.

60. Neck pillows

products to sell from home in SA
Colourful neck pillows against a light blue background. Photo:, @Max Rahubovskiy
Source: UGC

Quality neck pillows offer good cervical support and help relieve neck pain and improve rest. Neck pillows come in a variety of materials, e.g., memory foam, cotton, and synthetics that can wick away heat and sweat.

How to sell products online from home

Are you trying to figure out how to sell products from home? Here is a brief look at the basic steps involved.

  • Find your preferred products
  • Identify your niche market
  • Conduct market research
  • Create buyer personas
  • Brand your business
  • Build your e-commerce website
  • Set up processes for payment, shipping, and staying in touch
  • Create high-quality product content
  • Promote your products

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What is the most in-demand product today?

The demand for a product is determined by numerous factors, including its immediate need, appeal, trends, and pricing. Some easy-to-sell items include personalised gifts, candles, jewellery, and clothes.

What homemade products sell the best?

Some common products to make and sell include wooden toys, greeting cards, hair accessories and hand-stitched pieces of clothing.

What should you start selling at home?

You should start selling things you feel are in demand and know about. Before starting an online business, do some research to avoid making poor decisions.

What goods are sold most online?

Some products that sell the most and have attractive profit margins include television accessories, beauty products, and jewellery.

What's a good product to sell from home?

Some good products to sell from home are resistance bands, photography equipment, gardening supplies, and gaming mice. You can find more in the sections above.

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There are numerous products to sell from home today. In the present-day, home-based businesses have been on the rise as more and more people embrace e-commerce platforms.

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