Top 10 best house cleaning service providers in South Africa 2021

Top 10 best house cleaning service providers in South Africa 2021

Home cleaning professionals enable working parents and guardians to maintain hygiene in their homes without spending too much time taking care of their houses. They take care of the house for your sick, handicapped, or elderly family members while you are away studying or working. You will be surprised to know how affordable SA's cleaning services prices are. Who are the best house cleaning services providers in South Africa?

House cleaning services providers
Home grooming companies will lighten the cleaning and washing burden. Photo: @mohamed_hassan
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Since the house and commercial cleaning services providers enable people to save more time for family, work, business, leisure, and other activities, consider hiring these professionals at least twice a week. How much do cleaning services cost in South Africa? The average cost for regular domestic cleaning services is R50 to R2000 per hour for a once-off service.

List of cleaning companies in South Africa

Cleaning companies in South Africa create temporary employment for more than 100,000 South Africans. Mzansi has around 1,500 cleaning companies, and they charge an hourly rate. The cleaning services price list in South Africa considers factors like the home's size, its layout, how clean or dirty it looks, your location, and the type of washing required (regular or deep washing). Below are the ten best home cleaning companies in South Africa:

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1. African Corporate Cleaning

The company is located in Gauteng. Trust that they will do excellent work in your house, for they have been working for food industries for years. Imagine what they can do at your place if they can make an entire food manufacturing company sparkling clean. The African Corporate Cleaning company uses modern facilities like vacuum cleaners and carefully handle delicate furniture and other valuables.

2. Bathubatsu Cleaning

house cleaning services providers
These companies charge an hourly rate, and they also disinfect homes. Photo: @jeanvdmeulen
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Bathubatsu is the place to go whenever you need maid services in Johannesburg. It is part of the BMC Group, a company that has cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected homes, offices, and industrial premises in the city for over 32 years.

3. Elite Cleaning Team

The company was established in 1992 and now serves customers countrywide. They provide home and business area washing services. The Elite Team offers customized services.

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4. Extreme Clean

Paul Adams established it over 15 years ago to serve the residents of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Extreme Clean initially specialized in washing apartments after clients move out and before new ones move in.

Extreme Clean's customers are grateful that it began offering home grooming services. They use eco-friendly detergents and chemicals and apply advanced washing techniques using modern technology.

5. Lavender Toilet Hire

house cleaning services providers
They take care of odour, mould, cobwebs, dust, pests, and other undesirable things that make the house look unkempt. Photo: @Carsten Koall
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If odour comes out of your bathroom, no matter how clean you keep it, contact Lavender Toilet Hire to clean, decontaminate, sanitize, and disinfect it. Karen Halliday established the company in 2011 after 14 years of experience in sanitation and detergents' manufacturing. The company's employees have medical and HIRA approval, and it also sells organic home grooming products.

6. Mopps Cleaning Service

Mopps are doing commendable work in Cape Town. They specialize in traditional deep cleaning services and provide you with chemical cleaning and other advanced home grooming techniques upon customers' requests.

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7. PoolSquad

The company offers commercial and house cleaning services, although it was created for pool cleaning, buildings, repairs, and decorations. PoolSquad is the best at marbleizing and accessorizing swimming pools.

Contact them for top-notch cleaning services in Johannesburg. Their notable clients include Melrose Arch Hotel, The Holiday Inn Sandton, and Fire & Ice.

8. Supercare

Supercare was born in 1959 and won Kimberly Clark's Cleaning Company of the Year for three consecutive years. The company's headquarters in Johannesburg and their 14 regional offices are equally distributed countrywide.

9. SweepSouth

house cleaning services providers
These companies use eco-friendly detergents and are cautious of the amount of water and electricity they use while cleaning your home. Photo: @jeanvdmeulen
Source: UGC

The company operated in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. SweepSouth has featured and placed adverts on Mzansi's most-read websites and magazines like Cosmopolitan magazine, ENCA, Home & Leisure, and Fin24. The company is so prosperous that it has a mobile app for customers to book their staff.

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10. WeClean

Get cleaning services in Cape Town from the WeClean company. It was created in 2011 and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the Western Cape. These cleaners are popular in Sandak Lewin Trust, STA Travel, Old Mutual, and Prince Charles residential areas.

What is the going rate for house cleaning services? Contact as many companies as you want to assess the prevailing market price and hire the most affordable one. House cleaning services providers allow customers to negotiate their prices and give specifications regarding how they want the washing done.

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