T.D. Jakes net worth, age, children, wife, sermons, quotes, accused, worth

T.D. Jakes net worth, age, children, wife, sermons, quotes, accused, worth

T.D. Jakes is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest and most influential evangelists of the 21st century. There is never a dull sermon at The Potter's House church since the vibrant preacher pours out wise words about spirituality with a strong voice and a firm tone. T.D. Jakes does not support same-sex marriage but respects their civil rights. He also advocates for abstinence.

T.D. Jakes
T.D. Jakes is the founder of The Potter's House megachurch. Photo: @bishopjakes
Source: Instagram

Besides doing pastoral work, Dexter is a filmmaker, business mogul, and bestselling author. Singer Keri Hilson acts as Tiffanie Cooper in Lust: A Seven Deadly Sins Story. She falls in love with an ex-convict a few days before her wedding. The film is part of Dexter's 7 Deadly series.

T.D. Jakes' profile summary

  • Full name: Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr.
  • Famous as: T.D. Jakes
  • Date of birth: 9th June 1957
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Place of birth: South Charleston, West Virginia, USA
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Age: 64 years
  • Religion: Christian
  • Career: Televangelist, bishop, author, entrepreneur and filmmaker
  • Ministry: T.D Jakes Ministries
  • Church's name: The Potter's House
  • Type: Non-denominational
  • Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Parents: Odith and Ernest Sr.
  • Siblings: 2
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Serita Ann Jakes
  • Maiden name: Serita Ann Jamison
  • Children: 5
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Weight: 80 kgs
  • Net worth: $20 million
  • Twitter: @BishopJakes
  • Instagram: bishopjakes
  • Facebook: T.D. Jakes Ministries
  • YouTube: T.D. Jakes

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T.D. Jakes' biography

T.D. Jakes' age is 64 years, for he was born on 9th June 1957. People knew him as "the Bible boy" but doubted he could preach because of a slight lisp.

T.D. Jakes
His DNA shows that his ancestors were from the Igbo community of Nigeria. Photo: @bishopjakes
Source: Instagram

Thomas Dexter's family

The preacher's father died of kidney failure in 1973. He is the youngest child of Odith (teacher) and Ernest Sr (businessman). They gave birth and raised Jakes in South Charleston, West Virginia, USA, with his two siblings.

His DNA traces his African ancestry to the Igbo of Nigeria. T.D. Jakes' wife is Serita Ann Jakes. They met when a church in Serita's neighbourhood invited him and got married in 1981.

Thomas Dexter's children are Sarah, Jermaine, Cora, Thomas Jakes Jr., and Jamar. He has grandchildren, and the entire family lives in Dallas.

Sarah sometimes preaches in her father's church. The mother of six is also the wife of author and pastor Touré Roberts. They got married in 2014.

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What happened to T.D. Jakes' son?

The 29-year-old Jermaine Jakes was charged with indecent exposure at Kiest Park. According to the police's affidavit, Jermaine walked up to an undercover Dallas cop with unzipped pants on the night of 3rd January 2009. He made eye contact with the detective while touching himself inappropriately.

T.D. Jakes
The televangelist and his wife started their church at a storefront with only ten members. Photo: @Earl Gibson III
Source: Getty Images

Thomas Dexter's career life

How did T.D. Jakes start his ministry? His first sermon was in 1976. Dexter was ordained in 1979 and established the Temple of Faith Church in Montgomery, West Virginia, in 1980. He also worked at Union Carbide.

Does T.D. Jakes have a degree?

In 1985, he graduated from Friends International Christian University with a degree in biblical studies. Dexter then earned a biblical studies masters degree and a doctorate in 1990 and 1995, respectively.

He became an ordained bishop in 1987 and ventured into televangelism in 1993. Dexter hosted a TV show on TBN before landing another deal on BET in 1994.

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The preacher established TDJ Enterprises in 1995 to produce films and books. Dexter relocated his church and family to Dallas in 1996 under a new name, the Potter's House.

T.D. Jakes
In 2014, Jakes gifted pastor Dewey Smith for serving at Greater Traveler's Rest Baptist Church for 35 years. Photo: @Marcus Ingram
Source: Getty Images

In 2000, he was a keynote speaker at the National Council of Black Mayors' conference. CNN mentioned Dexter as America's Best Preacher in 2001.

In 2009, Dexter led the morning service before President Barack Obama's inauguration. Watch T.D. Jakes' sermons on YouTube, Facebook Live stream, and SermonsLove. There are hundreds of uplifting quotes from the preacher about faith, life, and more.

Thomas Dexter's books

Dexter's album A Wing and a Prayer won a Grammy award in 2003. The preacher has published over 30 books. Some of them are:

  • Why? Because You Are Anointed
  • Promises from God for Single Women
  • Loose That Man and Let Him Go!

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T.D. Jakes' movies and TV shows

T.D. Jakes talk show was on OWN for only six months. Dexter hosted the Get Ready weekly TV and radio show from 1995 to 1996. The preacher also created Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story. It is about Gabrielle Flores (Rose Rollins). Her half-sister tries to steal her life. In the 2018 Faith Under Fire, Antoinette Tuff (Toni Braxton) tries to stop a teen from firing a gun in school.

T.D. Jakes
His daughter, Sara, and her husband are dedicated preachers. Photo: @Cooper Neill
Source: Getty Images

Where can I watch T.D. Jakes 7 Deadly? Visit the Lifetime website or app. Dexter promises to do more films in future. His other films include:

  • Heaven Is for Real
  • Winnie Mandela
  • Faith Under Fire

How much is T.D. Jakes' net worth? His assets are worth $20 million. Does T.D. Jakes give charity? The T.D. Jakes Foundation in Dallas raised over $10 million in 2020.

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What is TD Jakes accused of?

Tim Challies published an article about Dexter being a modalist, but the preacher refuted the allegations. Theological teachings consider modalism false teachings because they disregard what the Bible says about the Holy Trinity.

The scandals T.D. Jakes and his family faced in the past prove that no one is perfect. His sermons are informative and entertaining. The preacher drives the point home before leaving the pulpit.

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