Ilhan Omar: net worth, age, children, husband, office, salary, career, profiles

Ilhan Omar: net worth, age, children, husband, office, salary, career, profiles

Ilhan Omar of the Diplomatic Party has received much public criticism by the likes of Donald Trump for allegations of anti-Semitic conduct. The issues in Israel seem to have divided the masses. Omar, along with the other members of The Squad, has taken a pro-Palestinian stand. However, with her introduction of the MEALS Act and numerous bills, she has made significant changes for her country. has more to share on her contribution to American politics.

Ilhan Omar: net worth, age, children, husband, office, salary, career, profiles
Ilhan Omar discusses the Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act which aims to institute a nationwide cancellation of rents and mortgage payments during the pandemic. Photo: Drew Angerer
Source: Getty Images

This Somalian-born Kenyan-refugee ended up as a successful congresswoman representing Minnesota in the US House. The lack of enforced gender roles gave Ilhan the confidence to voice her political opinions. Find out more about her rise to success.

Ilhan Omar's profile

  • Full name: Ilhan Abdullahi Omar
  • Nickname: "The Squad" (with Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman and ‎Cori Bush)
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of birth: Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1982
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Ilhan Omar's age: 39 in 2021
  • Ilhan Omar's nationality: Somalian/American
  • Ilhan Omar's ethnicity: Black
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Ilhan Omar's children: Isra, Adnan and Ilwad
  • Ilhan Omar's spouse: Tim Mynett
  • Height: 1.67 m
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Ilhan Omar's education: Degree in Political Science and International Studies from North Dakota State University
  • Occupation: Politician
  • Ilhan Omar's office: Representative (Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labour Party)
  • Net worth: Approximately $3 million in August 2021
  • Instagram: @ilhanmn
  • Facebook: @IlhanMN
  • Ilhan Omar's Twitter: @IlhanMN

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Ilhan Omar
"The Squad" consisting of Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman and ‎Cori Bush in Washington DC. Photo: @aoc/Instagram
Source: Instagram

Ilhan Omar's biography

The last born of seven children, Ilhan was left motherless at the age of two in Mogadishu in Somalia. In 1991, during the Somalian Civil War, the family was forced to become refugees in Kenya for four years before escaping to America.

"It was the first time I understood what hunger would feel like, what death looked like."

The Minnesotan resident was granted US citizenship in 2000, during which time she became passionate about politics while translating for her grandfather at Democratic Party meetings.

Ilhan Omar's husband

In 2002 she wed her childhood sweetheart, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, and the couple had a daughter, Isra, and son, Adnan, before they split six years later. After the separation, Ilhan claimed to have "a Britney Spears-style meltdown," during which she shaved her head and eloped with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009. Her marriage to this British citizen ended in 2011 with a religious divorce. Wild speculations were made questioning if Elmi was, in fact, one of Ilhan Omar's siblings.

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Her third child, Ilwad, was born in 2012 after Omar reunited with Ahmed Hirsi whom she remarried in January of 2018, but unfortunately, they separated again a year later.

Tim Mynett has called Omar his wife since March 2020, although his ex-wife made allegations that their relationship started under adulterating circumstances. Mynett met the congresswoman while working for her as a political consultant.

Ilhan Omar
Ilhan Omar participates in a "Strike for Black Lives" demonstration to advocate for the passage of the HEROES Act in Washington, DC, 2020. Photo by Sarah Silbiger
Source: Getty Images

Ilhan Omar's career

Omar was elected to the House of Representatives of Minnesota in 2016. Her campaign for this seat was chronicled in the documentary Time for Ilhan. Omar became the first Somali-American woman to be elected into the Minnesota House.

In 2018, she was elected to represent Minnesota's 5th district in the US House. Ilhan Omar's district map comprises most of Minneapolis, and her arrival into Congress resulted in the end of the 181-year-old ban against head-coverings, including hijabs, with respect for her Muslim culture.

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Ilhan Omar
'Jews United Against Zionism' leader Rabbi Dovid Feldman defended Omar through freedom of speech, adding that anti-Zionism must be distinguished from anti-Semitism. Photo by Yasin Ozturk
Source: Getty Images

She has since then been very vocal about her political views within the Democratic Party. However, she has also been labelled as anti-Semitic on several occasions in her stand against pro-Israel lobbying. In her defence, the congresswoman stated that:

"[one] should not equate anti-Semitism with legitimate criticism of the right-wing, Netanyahu government in Israel"

Omar, along with fellow Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, openly supports the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which campaigns for a complete boycott of Israel for its conduct against Palestinians. Former President Trump continuously and publically clashed with the Somalian-American congresswoman. As a result, Ilhan Omar's Text Bank was set up to raise funds and campaign to keep the vocal politician in Congress.

Ilhan Omar's books

"This is What America Looks Like: My Journey from Refugee to Congresswoman", was released in 2020. It delves into her middle-class childhood in Somalia before we follow Ilhan's career to success following her immigration to America. Many readers have, however, criticised the lack of personal information provided in this biography, which seems to be more focused on her political success.

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Ilhan Omar's MEALS Act

The Somalian born congresswoman instated this Act during the pandemic to alleviate the stress on households when it came to feeding their children. Therefore, the MEALS Act allows for specific exemptions to establish school food plans in conjunction with the COVID-19 Child Nutrition Response Act. This programme was recently extended to 30 July 2022 and will feed another 20 million American children free of charge.

“Millions of families are still struggling from the fallout of this pandemic and this action will ensure children have the nutrition they need to succeed for another year. As someone who experienced child hunger in a refugee camp and know firsthand the devastating consequences it can have—this issue is deeply personal.”
Ilhan Omar
U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar tears up as members of Congress hold a moment of silence for the 600,000 American lives lost to COVID-19 in 2021. Photo: Drew Angerer
Source: Getty Images

Ilhan Omar has undoubtedly created waves in her time in Congress. She confidentially stands her ground regarding her pro-Palestinian advocacy and refuses to be intimidated by "bullies" such as Donald Trump. Whether or not you agree with the politics, one cannot doubt that Omar is a fierce and passionate woman.

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READ ALSO: Trump blasted for 'racist, xenophobic' comments over congresswomen

As previously mentioned by, former President Donald Trump clashed with Ilhan Omar regularly, with their conflict often finding its way to Twitter. It seems that the Somalian born US congresswoman has not been accepted as an American by Trump.

In a public statement aimed at The Squad, Trump demands that the ladies return from whence they came, in line with his anti-immigration policies. has all the insights into this story.

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