eXtra Mucize Doktor (Dokter Ali): cast, plot summary, release info

eXtra Mucize Doktor (Dokter Ali): cast, plot summary, release info

Medical drama series are a new fascination. Apart from entertaining, they shed light on the ins and outs of the medical field that most people do not get to experience. As a result, eXtra Mucize Doktor might be the show you ought to binge on.

Mucize Doktor Netflix
eXtra Mucize Doktor (Dokter Ali): cast, plot summary, release info. Photo: @Mucize Doktor
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In August 2021, eExtra added Mucize Doktor to its program line-up, and the series changed the game for most viewers. Apart from its captivating storyline, the show has the most talented actors pulling the most despicable stunts. If you have not jumped onto the bandwagon, you should check out these details of eExtra Mucize Doktor.

Mucize Doktor profiles

  • Name: Mucizze Doktor
  • Mucize Doktor Wikipedia English: Miracle Doctor
  • Format: TV series
  • Genre: Medical drama
  • Adaptation: Good Doctor
  • Scriptwriter: Pinar Bulut, Onur Koralp
  • Lead role: Onur Tuna, Taner Ölmez, Sinem Üns
  • Country: Turkey
  • Setting: Istanbul
  • Language: Turkish
  • Number of seasons: 2
  • Number of episodes: 64
  • Channel: FOX

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eXtra Mucize Doktor

Dokter Ali is one of the most successful Turkish series and has an excellent rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDB. Its production started in 2019, and so far, it has two seasons out. It first aired on FOX, and the second season came out in May 2021.

Mucize Doktor summary

Mucize Doktor is a remake of Good Doctor. It features the story of an assistant surgeon who suffers from savant syndrome and is rejected by his father when he is young. He faces rejection from his step-sister, although his colleagues adore him.

Ali gets attached to Nazli, although Nazli does not pay as much attention to him. She is interested in Ferman, although she is afraid of getting heartbroken.

Mucize Doktor cast

Apart from the engrossing plot, Mucize Doktor became a fan's favourite since it featured Turkey's most talented figures. These are the cast members and their significance in the show's plot.

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Taner Olmez as Ali Vefa

A Miracle Doctor
Taner Olmez as Ali Vefa. Photo: @Stirile Kanal D
Source: Facebook

Dr Ali Vefa, born in a provincial town, suffers from savant syndrome; hence his father rejects him. He has an older brother who protects him, and thanks to Adil Hodja, he secures an orphanage where he grows up. Adil also keeps the promise he made to Ali's brother and supports Ali in his pursuit to become a doctor. Ali Vefa graduates from medical school and tops his class.

Ali gets into the new phase of his life, hopeful of making new friends and touching people's lives as an assistant surgeon. He gives hope to the people he interacts with, and at the hospital, he meets his colleagues who become family. They help him forget about his disability.

Onur Tuna as Ferman Eryiğit

Onur Tuna as Ferman Eryiğit
Onur Tuna as Ferman Eryiğit. Photo: @Imi plac serialele turcesti (Kanal D)
Source: Facebook

Ferman is in his 30s and is the hospital's main surgeon. Adil Coca raised Ferman, and unlike his colleagues, he is distant and wears a cocky facade. He has a soft heart, although he is keeping a secret; hence, his colleagues never get to encounter his warm persona.

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Everyone in the hospital respects Ferman, and some are afraid of him. He seems to have everything figured out, a successful career and a gorgeous girlfriend, Beliz. He adamantly refuses Ali being taken to the hospital, although what happens in the future is beyond his control.

Sinem Unsal as Nazli Gulengul

Sinem Unsal as Nazli Gulengul
Sinem Unsal as Nazli Gulengul. Photo: @Posta.com.tr
Source: Facebook

Nazli is a surgical assistant in her 20s and is Ali's first love. She is one of the hospital's most promising surgical assistants, although the trauma from her past makes it difficult for her to trust men.

Even though she is in her 20s, she has little experience in the dating world. Mucize Doktor cast Nazli is afraid of getting disappointed by men. However, when she meets Ferman, they fall for one another, and when she discovers he is in a relationship with Beliz, she sticks around as a friend.

Hazal Turesan as Beliz Boysan

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Hazal Turesan as Beliz Boysan
Hazal Turesan as Beliz Boysan. Photo: @David Oriol Vinacua
Source: Facebook

Beliz Boysan is in her 30s and is living the life of her dream. She is a lawyer and the owner of the hospital. Despite her beauty and wealth, Beliz is a humble and noble woman who hates cheap snobbery.

Seda Minister as Ferda

Ferda is Adil's daughter, whom he has not seen in ages. She relocated to the United States with her mother when she was little. Her mother is an American dancer. Ferda struggles to make friends since she is afraid of being abandoned. She grows up knowing her father rejected and left her.

Ferda is Ali's sister, and she is angry at him. She believes her father abandoned her and raised Ali! Therefore, she is in constant competition with Ali.

Murat Aygen as Tanju Korman

Murat Aygen as Tanju Korman
Murat Aygen as Tanju Korman. Photo: @Murat Aygen
Source: Facebook

Tanju is in his 40s and is a general surgeon. Despite being one of Turkey's most successful surgeons, he has a laid-back personality and believes he is not getting the respect he deserves. Despite his success, he craves Adil Hodja's attention and wants to take over from him as the chief physician.

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These are the other Mucize Doktor actors who will be gracing your screens:

  • Ozge Ozder as Kivilcim
  • Reha Ozcan as Adil
  • Bihter Dincel as Selvi
  • Hayal Koseoglu as Acela
  • Firat Altunmese as Demir
  • Korhan Herduran as Gunes
  • Merve Bulut as Gulin
  • Adin Kulce as Child Ali
  • Ipek Cicek as Kubra Sinto

Mucize Doktor release date

The series' first season aired in 2019, while the second came out in May 2021. So far, the series has sixty-four episodes. If you were wondering about the Mucize Doktor season 3 release date, it has not been confirmed whether the show will have a third season.

Mucize Doktor started airing on eExtra in August 2021. You could catch the show's episodes on the EVOD app.

These details about eExtra Mucize Doktor explain why the series is worth checking out. If you recently found out about the show and are unsure where to check it out, use the EVOD app to catch up with previous episodes. You will be in for a bumpy ride.

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