Jess Brolin: age, ethnicity, girlfriend, childhood, family, movies, height, profiles

Jess Brolin: age, ethnicity, girlfriend, childhood, family, movies, height, profiles

Several families are taking the film industry by storm. Their parents set the pace in this field, and their children follow in their footsteps. One such family is that of the Brolin’s. The family has made a name for itself in the entertainment industry, thanks to their impactful works. This read will focus on one of the Brolin’s, the last born son, Jess Brolin.

Jess Brolin's biography
Jess Brolin (R) and his brother Josh Brolin (L) are sons of the veteran actor James Brolin. Photo: @joshbrolin
Source: Instagram

Jess Brolin is the son of the prominent actor James Brolin, who is known to have an extensive list of work credits. He has taken after the footsteps of his father and has worked on several projects himself. Keep reading as we unveil these projects and much more about this celebrity kid.

Jess Brolin’s profile summary

  • Date of birth: 7th February in 1972
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Jess Brolin’s age: 49 years
  • Mother: Jane Cameron Agee (Deceased)
  • Father: James Brolin
  • Profession: Actor, Director, and Producer
  • Jess Brolin’s siblings: Josh and Molly Elizabeth
  • Profession: Actor
  • Nationality: American
  • Jess Brolin’s height: 5’9”
  • Eye colour: Dark brown
  • Hair colour: Black

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Jess Brolin’s bio

One of the many things fans are always curious to know about celebrities is their ages. So, how old is Jess Brolin? He was born on 7th February in 1972 and is 49 years old currently.

Who is Jess Brolin’s mother? It is Jane Cameron Agee. Jane was an aspiring actress and wildlife activist. She had a ranch in Templeton where she raised wolves, chimpanzees, swans, mountain lions, and geese. Unfortunately, she died in 1995 in Templeton, California, in a car accident.

Who is Jess Brolin’s father? He is a renowned actor, producer, and director. Also, he is famous for projects such as Life in Pieces, Hotel, Westworld, The Amityville Horror, Else & Fred and Traffic.

Jess Brolin's filmography
Jess Brolin (R) has featured in several movies, the famous one being Black Scorpion. Photo: @joshbrolin
Source: Instagram

Who is Jess Brolin’s brother? It is Josh Brolin. He is the eldest and is also in the film industry. He is often cast as a policeman and has starred in blockbusters like No Country for Old Men, Milk, and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stanger.

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Jess also has a step-sister named Molly Elizabeth. She is the daughter of James and his second wife, Jan Smithers. She is younger than the two brothers as she was born on 28th November in 1987.

Jess Brolin as a child

You would expect Jess to have the best childhood, given that he was born in a famous family. However, it turns out that he had some problems. According to Jane Cameron’s IMDB profile, she once revealed that her last born Jess had numerous issues, and she probably was the cause.

He even attended a special school for emotionally troubled children to help alleviate his problems. However, it turns out that they got worse with time.


Jess Brolin’s parents seemed to have set the pace for both their children in the acting scene. However, although he cannot match his father’s prominence in the acting arena, he has done an excellent job and featured in several projects. Some of Jess Brolin’s movies include:

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  • Shadow Dancer (1997)
  • Enemy Action (1999)
  • Black Scorpion (2001)

Although we cannot tell of Jess Brolin’s net worth or earnings from his career, it is said that he inherited a six-figure trust fund in 1995 after the passing of his mother.

What happened to Jess Brolin?

Where is Jess Brolin?
In 2014, a video surfaced showing Jess Brolin going through public trash bins. During this time, he was reported homeless. Photo: @naijawapaz
Source: Twitter

Sadly, despite hailing from his Hollywood family, the actor was in 2014 reported being homeless. According to reports from Mirror, he lost his £500-a-month apartment in May 2011 and had shunned help from his family.

He allegedly slept in vacant lots just eighty miles from his father’s grand millionaire home. Even worse, he was spotted rummaging through public trash cans in Ojai, California, in what people assumed was a bid to look for food.

The video of the celebrity kid going through public trash came as a shock to many broke many hearts. His family acknowledged that it was a heartbreaking situation.

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However, after the video surfaced, it seemed that the actor vanished into thin air as he was never spotted again. So, where is Jess Brolin now? His father, James, revealed in a recent interview

However, after the video surfaced, it seemed that the actor vanished into thin air as he was never spotted again. So where is Jess Brolin now? His father, James, revealed in a recent interview with Parade that he lives in a mountain town.

He also disclosed that his son is running a charity organization and perhaps the happiest of his family members. In a way of supposedly trying to clear the 2014 incident, James also added that although he was pictured collecting cans and bottles out of the trash, it was all for charity as the money went to charity.

The life of Jess Brolin has been a rollercoaster. He has had his highs when starring in blockbusters and lows when he was allegedly homeless. Nonetheless, his father has acknowledged he is doing way better running a charity and is very happy. wishes him nothing but the very best.

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