How to access your mylife UNISA account: Step-by-step guide

How to access your mylife UNISA account: Step-by-step guide

With more people enrolling in universities, it is important to have efficient systems that can comfortably handle a huge number of students. For this reason, many institutions of higher education are going away from papers and creating online systems to increasing efficiency. University of South Africa (UNISA) is part of the trend, creating a portal to help students access information. The mylife UNISA account allows students to access exams, newsletters, announcement, assignment marks, and so much more.

How to access your mylife UNISA account
How to access your mylife UNISA account. Photo: @unisa_southafrica
Source: UGC

All students are required to have the myLife email account since important information is posted on the account. The account is free to open and uses the Microsoft Office 365 platform. When you log in myunisa, you will discover that the account looks like an email account and is easy to understand. The myUNISA email is essential during your time at the university, therefore, the following steps are very important for you to activate and access the account for a smooth stay at the institution.

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How to set up mylife UNISA account?

How to access mylife UNISA account
How to access your mylife UNISA account. Photo: (modified by author)
Source: UGC

How do I make a myLife account? Before you can set up my life UNISA account, you need to have access to your myUNISA Student portal. Here is a straightforward detailed guide to follow when setting up the account.

  • Step 1: Go to the myUNISA student portal.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Claim UNISA Login.’
  • Step 3: Type in your student number and click 'Continue.'
  • Step 4: Fill in the personal information form (Surname, Full names, DOB, South African ID No/ Passport No/ Foreign ID. Enter either ID No or Passport No, not both) and click 'Continue.'
  • Step 5: Read through the terms and check the boxes and then click 'Acknowledge.'
  • Step 6: You will see a page showing your account details (mylife email address and phone number) and also an initial UNISA password. The password will be for both myUnisa and myLife email account.

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Your UNISA email address will be unique for every student, and your UNISA email address will follow the format

Accessing myUnisa my life account

mylife unisa login
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To log into myUnisa, go to My UNISA website, and then key in your student number and the initial password given in step 6. Click 'Login.' Note that the creation of your myLife email account can take an entire day (24 hours) after claiming your Unisa login.

How do I access myLife Unisa?

To access your myLife email account, you need to follow the following mylife login steps:

  1. Go to login or click on myLife email option on login page. The page will redirect you to Microsoft outlook.
  2. Enter your UNISA email provided in step 6 and UNISA mylife password.
  3. Click 'Sign in'. Simple!

Mylife UNISA login can also happen by clicking on the myLife Email Access on your student portal while logged in.

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NOTE: Make sure to log out your myUnisa email account when done especially when accessing through a public computer or device.

Activating myunisa password

How do I get my Unisa password? At times, 24 hours may have elapsed you have not received your password, or the password sent is not working. What do you do? You need to get to myUnisa login my admin login to change your password. Here are the necessary steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Go to myUnisa login. Enter your User name and password and click login.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘My Admin’.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Change Password’.
  • Step 4: Fill the form provided to update your password. The password will be for both myUnisa and myLife accounts.

It may take about half an hour (30 minutes) for new myunisa password to be active on your myLife services during peak seasons. However, if you still cannot log in to your account, send an email to and you will be assisted.

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Ensure you keep your myLife UNISA account credentials safe. The myLife account is a crucial part of the learning process at UNISA, so, it is mandatory that you have an account as soon as possible. Make sure to also log in to your myLife email account to check for new messages. If you have followed the above steps and it worked, kindly share your opinion in the comment section below.

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